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When You Lose Weight
Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
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Anime Comedy: Please be this baby's mother [Beelzebub]
Anime Comedy: Please be this baby's mother Anime: Beelzebub
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Nisekoi - Raku and Chitoge Introduction
Anime Comedy: Gorilla & Bean Sprout Anime Comedy: Fake Boyfriend and Girlfriend Personal fav: Nisekoi
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Pi Day (James & Aleks POV)  [Uberhaxornova | ImmortalHD]
Sorry for the sound , I can't seem to sync them at the exact time due to James & Aleks video cutting in the middle :P . Q&A There were some sound & video cuts in both of their videos . If I had one of their audios alone only it wouldn't sync and there would be no sounds for some parts :) youtube.com/ImmortalHD youtube.com/Uberhaxornova [TAGS] Uberhaxornova James Wilson ImmortalHD Aleks Creatures Funny Comedy
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Naruto calls sakura an ugly whore (Subs)
such a whore Q: Which Episode Of Naruto Is This? A: Naruto Shippuden 55 Q: Why did he call her ugly and not putting the whore? A: Because Naruto is rated for kids in some country, therefore only Japanese people would see the word whore because they MAY don't understand english bad words. Therefore, it is censored in english version TAGS: Naruto Call Sakura Ugly Whore Naruto Call Sakura Ugly Whore English Dub Hinata Meets In Shippuden Dub[HQ] blesyl67 Naruto Calls Sakura An Ugly Whore English Sub Real! REUPLOAD
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Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - Ikki and Stella [Cabin Scene (HD)]
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - Ikki and Stella Chivalry of a Failed Knight - Ikki and Stella IKKI BEING A MAN !
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Noragami - Episode 12 [Eng Sub HD]
Noragami - Episode 12 [HD & Remastered] meh. I was going to title it originally "Noragami - Yato vs Rabo" but the entire episode is really just the 2 of them fighting and some cute ending to the anime ! :D SO y not the entire epi :D holy **** that Youtube compression made it ugly ....
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Naruto calls Sakura an UGLY WHORE [Sub]
Question of The Video: Which Anime Character Do You Like The Most? Comment it down! FAQS ========================================================== Q: Which Episode Of Naruto Is This? A: Naruto Shippuden 55 Q: Why did he call her ugly and not putting the whore on english version? A: Because Naruto is rated for kids in some country, therefore only Japanese people would see the word whore because they MAY don't understand Q: Why your videos are random? A: Because I am not the only one using this account i have 3 friends using this account to =D I am the main owner of this account - John Q: Is this video yours? A: Nope i do not own it, neither I am a staff or anything. You can share it i dont mind because I do not own it. But if you uploaded to steal my views...G.T.F.O =/ I just want people to see this so they can be somewhat entertain =D ========================================================== PLAYLIST ========================================================== http://tinyurl.com/752pgcd - Minecraft playlist http://tinyurl.com/85s9j83 - Portal 2 Playlist http://tinyurl.com/6p8fenl - Naruto Playlist http://tinyurl.com/7bvu9tr - Anime Openings =D ========================================================== MORE NARUTO VIDEOS ========================================================== Shion Wants To Have Babies In Naruto: Naruto Meets Hinta In Naruto Shippuden: Click here for English Version : ========================================================== For more naruto stuff visit my channel for updates!
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Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana - Intro (HD)
Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana - Part 1 - intro Subscribe,Rate,Comment,Like and Favourite! I will be uploading Suite Life On Deck Episode 6 Season 1 in HD i hope... Subscribe to stay tune! More: Suite Life On Deck Cast! Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin Brenda Song as London Tipton Phill Lewis as Mr. Moseby Debby Ryan as Bailey Pickett ______________________________________________ Hannah Montana Cast Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart Jason Earles as Jackson Stewart Emilly Osment as Lilly Billy Ray Cyrus as Robby Stewart Mithcel Musso as Oliver Moises Arias as Rico ______________________________________________ Wizards Of Waverly Place Cast Selena Gomez as Alex Russo Jake T. Austin as Max Russo David Henre as Justin Russo David DeLuise as Jerry Russo Maria Canals Barrera as Theresa Russo Jenifer Stone as Harper
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Rakudai Kishi No Calvary - Itto Shura of the Night
Stella and her wild dreams xD ! Anime - Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry) *READ BELOW* A series update - Half of my Anime Comedy videos were block due to COPYRIGHT STRIKES coming in left and right and shot down all of them :( ! TOKYO TV claims :(
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Anime Comedy: Computer Club Gangbang
From our 7-year Anime Show :) [ClassiC MomentS]
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Anime Comedy: Dem Chairs
Dem chairs ... -- Released on 19 March
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Mangaka-san to Assistant-san - Aito's Motherhood
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san - Aito's Motherhood Sorry for the late uploads , I'm trying to avoid copyright strikes yearly :(
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Dense MC
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Ichika , Rito & Raku Dense style
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Sai calls Sakura Ugly [English Dub]
Sequel to "Naruto Calls Sakura an Ugly Whore"
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Minecraft Fox vs Wolf [HD]
Minecraft Test: Fox vs Wolf [HD] No animals were harm in the making of this video. Recorded in Minecraft 1.6.6 Beta
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The Devil Is A Part Timer - Couple Fight
the devil is a part timer
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Crysis 3 Benchmark | Nvidia GTX 765M Intel i7-4700MQ | ULTRA SETTINGS |
✇The Rig✇ [UPDATED] ➡Monitor 14" 1366x768 [NOT 1080P but 768p/720p]*** ➡GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M 2GB / Intel HD Graphics 4600 [Not Overclocked] ➡CPU: Intel Core i7-4700MQ 4 CORES 8 THREADS~ @2.4GHz (@3.4GHz w/ INTEL BOOST) ➡RAM: 8GB ➡STORAGE:750 HDD 7200RPM -Graphical Settings- RESOLUTION: 1366x768 FULLSCREEN: YES ANTIALIASING: FXAA (*Recommended* Any higher than this would cause framerate drops) Texture-Resolution: VERY HIGH V-Sync: No System Spec: VERY HIGH =ADVANCED GRAPHIC SETTINGS= Game Effects: VERY HIGH Object: VERY HIGH Particles VERY HIGH Post Processing: VERY HIGH Shading VERY HIGH Shadows VERY HIGH Water: VERY HIGH Anisotropic Filtering: 16X Texture Resolution: High Motion Blur Amount: High Lens Flare: Yes -Recommended Graphical Settings for 720p-900p*- ANTIALIASING: OFF Texture-Resolution: VERY HIGH V-Sync: No System Spec: HIGH =ADVANCED GRAPHIC SETTINGS= Game Effects: HIGH Object: HIGH Particles HIGH Post Processing: HIGH Shading HIGH Shadows HIGH Water: HIGH Anisotropic Filtering: 16x (You can turn it off) Texture Resolution: High Motion Blur Amount: High (Off if you don't what MB) Lens Flare: Yes -Recommended Settings for 1080p- FULLSCREEN: YES ANTIALIASING: OFF Texture-Resolution: HIGH V-Sync: No =ADVANCED GRAPHIC SETTINGS= Game Effects: MEDIUM Object: HIGH Particles MEDIUM Post Processing: LOW Shading VERY HIGH Shadows MEDIUM Water: MEDIUM Anisotropic Filtering: OFF Texture Resolution: High Motion Blur Amount: OFF Lens Flare: Off *Notch it down if you experienced framerate drops :)* ★Benchmarking Achievements★ Max Temp:65° Max FPS: 48FPS+ Min Temp:50° Min FPS: 16FPS ☢☢NOTES☢☢ ●Due to YouTube's compression and Sony Vegas 12. This is not the original Quality. Sorry about that. ●As you know, I have put up the Expected FPS above to know the difference without fraps and with Fraps to be fair. **I USED MSI Afterburners FPS Benchmark Settings to see the Framerate I'm getting so as Fraps"
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Mass Effect 3: Black Tie All Crew w/ Javik [Citadel DLC] (No Mordin & Wrex)
Mass Effect 3: Black Tie All Crew w/ Javik [Citadel DLC] (No Mordin & Wrex) --- Sorry . I don't know why Kasumi , Zeed , Jack, Samara & Grunt wasn't include in this . Sad ME2 feels . --- Mordin well , I had to do it the Paragon way . I loved the Krogans . --- Wrex , I didn't have ME1 and didn't him on Virmire :/
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Anime Comedy: Imouto
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Dildo On Board Plane
Please be reminded to turn off your Electronic Devices before Take Off :) ----------------------------------------
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Fallout 4 - Nuking Boston/Institute
Pretty much the Minutemen ending is where I talk to Preston Gravey . I will be doing the same for the BoS . PS FUCK SHAUN . nuked that sofb
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Anime Comedy: Can't get his ass off from Jane's bust
Anime Comedy: Can't get his ass off from Jane's bust Seitokai Yakuindomo
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lil girl
Seitokai Yakuindomo loli need sum love
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Mass Erect Andromeda - Jaal & Liam naked
Where Gamer Poop at !? *more anime funny scenes soon* :) !
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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e - Kiyotaka vs Prez
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
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Battlefield 4 BETA! - GTX 765M Nonsensical Graphical Test
-Graphical Settings- ULTRA SETTING WITH AA nVidia GTX 765M 2GB 8GB RAM . Intel i7-4700MQ ~ 3.2GHz
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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - Full ED
Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Full Ending Song AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I Can't get past these copyright claims T_T
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Mass Effect 3: Javik's Joke
James & Javik having a "Jokish" conversation :P .
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10 tips untuk merawat diri sendiri

Wanita, terjun ke dalam kehidupan dan pekerjaan, sering melupakan diri mereka sendiri. Dan setelah semua, perawatan yang tepat dari diri Anda, tidak hanya akan terlihat bagus, tetapi juga merasa bahagia. Hanya 10 tips, yang setiap wanita harus tahu, dapat mengubah kehidupan secara mendasar.

  • Tip # 1 - Gaya Hidup

Wanita cantik - wanita yang sehat! Itulah mengapa Anda perlu menyingkirkan kebiasaan buruk, jika ada. Perhatikan nutrisi yang tepat dan memadai. Harus tampil setiap hari, setidaknya satu set latihan minimum. Dan, tentu saja, sesuaikan tidur Anda. Dan kemudian hidup akan menjadi jauh lebih menarik.

  • Papan nomor 2 - Minimum kosmetik

Ya, toko modern menawarkan banyak pilihan kosmetik. Kadang-kadang Anda ingin membeli semuanya sekaligus, dan jika ada kesempatan, tentu saja, itu layak dilakukan. Tapi cukup aplikasikan sekaligus ke wajah untuk memberi make-up, jangan. Pertama, kulit ingin bernafas, dan kosmetik menutupi suplai oksigen. Dan, kedua, riasan yang terlalu cerah hanya cocok dalam kasus yang jarang.

  • Tip # 3 - Tangan

Betapapun primitifnya hal ini, kebanyakan pria memperhatikan tangan wanita. Ya, dan usia seorang wanita mudah ditentukan oleh tangannya, karena mereka menjadi tua sejak awal. Oleh karena itu, Anda harus merawat tangan dan manikur Anda setiap hari.

  • Tip # 4 - Rambut

Ini adalah rambut dan rambut terawat yang dapat menekankan penampilan wanita. Oleh karena itu, Anda tidak hanya perlu mencuci kepala secara tepat waktu, tetapi Anda juga harus menyuburkan rambut Anda dengan berbagai masker. Ya, dan tidak ada yang membatalkan kunjungan ke salon tata rambut.

  • Tip # 5 - Kulit

Secara alami, kulit cantik hanya pada bayi, dan kemudian harus hati-hati dan teratur diurus. By the way, sebelum memilih krim untuk perawatan kulit, lebih baik untuk mengunjungi ahli kecantikan. Konsultasi yang menyenangkan tidak pernah sia-sia.

  • Tip # 6 - Jangan berubah, tetapi ambil

Seorang wanita harus bisa menerima dirinya sendiri apa adanya, dan mencintai dirinya sendiri. Jika dia tidak, yang lain tidak akan bisa jatuh cinta padanya.

  • Dewan nomor 7 - Penolakan kimia

Untuk menyelamatkan masa muda mereka, selama mungkin, ada baiknya meninggalkan banyak bahan kimia. Terutama mengingat berapa banyak resep untuk merawat diri sendiri ada di halaman-halaman Internet.

  • Tip # 8 - Berat

Anda perlu memperhatikan berat badan Anda sendiri, tetapi Anda tidak perlu bersenang-senang dalam diet. Ya, dan formula 90-60-90, jauh dari semua. Karena itu perlu ditentukan, dalam standar berat apa seorang wanita merasa nyaman dan mematuhinya.

  • Tip # 9 - Cinta

Ternyata itu indah untuk terlihat cantik, seorang wanita hanya bisa jika dia jatuh cinta. Dan mengapa tidak, karena ini sangat bagus!

  • Papan nomor 10 - Dengan optimisme dalam hidup

Dan, aturan paling penting, adalah kemampuan untuk memperlakukan semuanya dengan positif! Hanya setelah itu kecantikan luar dan dalam akan menjadi harmonis sempurna.