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This is What Happens To Your Body When you Walk 5, 30 and 60 Minutes
▶ Subscribe to the channel - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Do you know walking is one of the world's best medicine? It's one of the most overlooked activities that's extremely beneficial to your health. Today, there are so many means of transportation that have taken the place of walking — they allow us to take less and less steps each day, and that's not good. It's critical for us to walk more — those overlooked steps are essential for our overall health and wellness. Look, you should know that the body creates chemical changes the longer you walk — once you realize these benefits, you'll be inspired to walk more. The good thing is, there are a whole lot of opportunities for us to walk every single day — you can decide to walk to the grocery store instead of drive or walk to lunch instead of taking the wheels. Right now we're going to explore how walking for 5, 30 or even 60 minutes can transform your health and make you feel great. Sounds good? Let's get to it! What happens when you walk for: 1 to 5 Minutes The moment you step out of the door to take your first steps, your body will release energy-producing chemicals to fire you up for the walk. When you start walking, your heart rate will increase from 70 to 100 beats per minute — this beneficial change warms the muscles and boosts blood flow. You'll also find that stiffness reduces, and this is all thanks to the lubricating fluid that your joints produce— this will help you move more easily. At this point, your body starts to burn up to five calories per minute — fats and carbohydrates will be used as fuel to burn energy. 6 to 10 Minutes At this time period, your heartbeat goes all the way from 100 to 140 beats per minute. And you'll start burning up to six calories per minute. Right now, your blood pressure will spike up a little but still gets countered by the release of chemicals that expand blood vessels. This then supplies more blood and oxygen to working muscles. Look, As you walk more, your body, heart and cardiovascular system will have what it takes to maintain resiliency, and your blood pressure lowers in the long run. 11 to 20 Minutes Right now your body temperature increases and that's a good thing. Why? Well, it's primarily because you begin to sweat and the blood vessels near the skin expand to release heat. As your walk becomes more intense, you'll burn up to seven calories per minute and breathe deeper than before. At this point, two hormones, epinephrine and glucagon rise to fuel your muscles. For the most part, epinephrine is an adrenaline hormone that provides relief to asthma attacks and allergic reactions — it's actually sold in drug stores. The good news is, you can get it for free after a 20-minute walk! 21 to 45 Minutes This is the point where your body releases more tension and relaxes further. This typically happens as a result of the release of endorphins in your brain. The good thing is, you'll get to burn more fat at this stage and insulin levels drop significantly. This is great for people looking shed excess weight — so be sure to keep up if you're one of them! 45 to 60 Minutes At this point, you're exceeding all previous benefits for longer — boosting blood flow, burning more calories and oxygenating your body. It's also good to know that you're also fortifying your heart, losing unhealthy fat, strengthening your immune system, increasing Vitamin D levels (since you're in the sun) and feeling great. Moreover, studies have shown that walking is just as effective as antidepressants — it eases stress and anxiety. Who wouldn't want to experience these amazing benefits? The bottom line: Try as much as possible to walk more often — you can even turn it into a daily routine. Your body will feel great at the end of the day, and that's what matters. Happy walking!
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I Drank Water on an Empty Stomach for a Month and Here’s What Happened
▶ Subscribe to the channel - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Drinking water early in the morning has a lot of health benefits. I tried this for over a month and noticed amazing results. You can also try this at home and see the positive difference it makes to your overall health condition. Make sure that you drink water on an empty stomach. Apart from that, you will also get the best results when you drink water stored in room temperature. 1. Avoid headaches I had this problem with regular headaches and this affected my work life. The reason behind this was dehydration which I figured out later. By drinking few glasses of water early in the morning, the problem easily got resolved. It just took over two weeks to notice this amazing difference in my health condition. 2. Best solution for constipation If you are suffering from constipation, you need to choose this remedy. When you drink sufficient water on an empty stomach, it cleans the bowel and regulates the digestive track. This helps you to get relief from constipation in a simple way. 3. Detoxifies the body Yet another amazing benefit of drinking water in the morning is that it eliminates the toxins from the body. While you may not be able to physically see the toxins getting removed from your body, the effect will be clearly visible in your overall health condition. You will notice a clear difference in the health of your skin and hair. 4. Improves metabolism This simple technique also boosts the overall metabolism of the body and provides sufficient energy. The red blood cells get stimulated when you drink water and this can have a positive impact on the overall energy levels. It also results in better digestion and your body will be able to extract nutrients in an effective manner. 5. Good for the health of your hair Remember that 25% of our hair is made up of water and you need to consume water regularly for healthy hair. In this regard, it makes sense to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning to get appropriate hydration. This can show good results for your overall health and your hair will become strong in due course. You can even notice positive difference within few weeks after starting the therapy. 6. Excellent for preventing kidney stones This prevents the occurrence of kidney stones by a huge margin. When you consume water on an empty stomach, it dilutes the acids in the body and this can prevent the formation of kidney stones. Lose weight and strengthen immune system You will be surprised to know that I was able to lose weight by drinking water on an empty stomach. This gives very good result when you choose the early morning hours as your body will be very receptive in this stage. It can easily flush toxins in this manner and provide immunity from different infections and diseases. This can burn fat effectively and help you to reduce the body weight. 7. Reduces acidity levels Remember that acidity can lead to various other complications and you have to control them to keep your body in good health. One of the easiest things you can do in this regard is to drink water early in the morning as this can dilute the acids and help your body to maintain the appropriate pH balance. This helps you to get rid of Acid Re flux problems and you will not have issues with indigestion. Many people suffering from heartburn and other symptoms after eating food can benefit a lot by choosing this method. Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What Happens To Your Body When you Quit Smoking For 1 hour, 1 Day, 1 Month and 1 Year
Already feeling sick and tired of smoking? Considering quitting? If yes, you're not alone! Today, there are a whole lot of reasons to quit smoking and the good news is, it's never too late to make the decision! As we already know, smoking is incredibly bad for your health — it's more like a way drawing yourself closer and closer to the grave! But the good news is, you can quit today and start getting your life back. Yes, the benefits of quitting smoking are almost instant — you're likely to see great improvements in as little as 20 minutes! It's however important to note that quitting smoking can be pretty tough in the beginning, but trust me, it's totally worth it! Just try to figure out a plan to handle those cravings, especially in the first few weeks — do this and you'll be well on your way to a new super healthy life. Here are some of the amazing benefits that come along with your decision to quit cigarettes. After 20 minutes to 1 hour As mentioned earlier, smokers are likely to experience impressive improvements in their health just minutes after quitting the habit. For the most part, after 20 minutes, your blood pressure starts to drop back to normal and overall circulation begins to improve. After 12 hours At this point, you should be aware that the cigarettes are chock full of harmful toxins including carbon monoxide. Of course, this gas is present in cigarette smoke and it turns out that excessive inhalation can be incredibly harmful to the body. What's more, carbon monoxide in cigarettes inhibits oxygen from getting into the lungs and blood, and prolonged inhalation within a short time can trigger suffocation. But the good news is, after just 12 hours without a cigarette, the body gets rid of the excess carbon monoxide and improve oxygen levels. After 24 hours Worried about suffering a heart attack as a result of smoking? If yes, you'll be glad to know that the risk decreases just after one day of quitting. Essentially, smoking lowers good cholesterol which eventually increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease. What's more, smoking raises blood pressure and even increase the risk of stroke. But as mentioned earlier, these risks can be alleviated in as little as one day after quitting smoking. Of course, within a short time, the body's oxygen levels increases making it easier for you to exercise and perform other heart-healthy habits. After 48 hours Smokers are also at risk of having damaged nerve endings; more like the ones responsible for senses of smell and taste. But the good news is, after just two days of quitting, the nerve endings may heal and of course, the person will begin to notice a heightened sense of both smell and taste. After 72 hours Made it to the third day? Well, at this point, the nicotine levels in the body are already depleted. Of course, this is a good thing but you should brace yourself for nicotine withdrawal. In essence, after three days of quitting, there's a high chance of experiencing irritability, moodiness, terrible headaches and even cravings. This is just the way your body readjusts to the change. After 1 month At this point, your lung function starts to improve — you may notice less coughing and less shortness of breath. What's more, you're likely to notice a renewed strength to perform cardiovascular activities including running and jumping. After 9 months After nine months of quitting smoking, your lungs will start getting its life back. For the most part, the cilia would have recovered from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke and you'll notice a significant decrease in the frequency of lung infections. For those who might not know, the cilia are delicate hair-like structures inside the lungs that help fight infections. After 1 to 5 years Right now, your risk of developing coronary heart disease will decrease by half and after five years, blood vessels and arteries will begin to widen. It's good to know that this widening indicates that blood is less likely to clot, and that's great. Of course, this improvement lowers the risk of stroke significantly and it continues to reduce as the body heals more and more. All in all, quitting smoking is totally worth it — it's a way of bringing your body back to life. Now it's up to you take the decision and live the super healthy life you've always wanted. Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Start Taking Fish Oil Everyday And This is What Happens To Your Body
This is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Taking Fish Oil Today, the market is literally flooded with a whole lot of food supplements that promise you super perfect health and longevity. But let's face it; not all these supplements can do what they claim. In fact, some of them may end up doing you more harm than good. However, there's one supplement that stands out from the rest — its effectiveness has been proven by science time and again. It's none other than fish oil. Want to get a better idea of how fish oil can transform your health? If yes, you're in the right place. Here are few amazing things that happen when you start taking oil every day. 1. Lose Weight Looking to speed up the weight loss process? Just start taking fish oil. There's no doubt that you can shed those extra pounds with exercise and healthy eating — that's a given. However, adding fish oil to your diet will kick the entire process up a notch as it decreases your appetite and reduces body fat storage. It'll even make your workout program a lot more effective — what could be better? 2. Better Heart Health Fish oil can also give you a super happy heart — its omega-3 fatty acids are excellent heart protectors. For the most part, regular intake of fish oil can put an end to irregular heartbeats and also reduce triglyceride levels; now you'll get to be free from the risk of stroke and heart disease. 3. Improve Your Mood Ever heard of serotonin? It's a super important brain chemical that's in charge of regulating mood and cognition. For the most part, regular intake of fish oil improves the functionality of serotonin — it does this by promoting its release and reducing brain inflammation. Keep at it, and you'll get to have a better mood and enjoy a happier life. 4. Boost Memory Fish oil is also great for optimal brain function, and it's all thanks to its Omega-3's. Essentially, these acids serve as building blocks for membranes and cell structures. Even our nerve cells need omega-3 fatty acids to function properly! 5. Better Vision You'll also be glad to know that fish oil can work wonders on your eyes — regular intake can reduce dry eye syndrome and inhibit the early development of AMD. Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve eye moisture and support tear production. 6. Stronger Immune System Want to improve your body's ability to fight sickness and diseases? If yes, just stick to a diet rich in omega-3. For the most part, fish oil can strengthen your immune system by fighting inflammation and improving blood chemistry. 7. Clearer Skin Another great thing about omega-3 fatty acids is its ability to fix damaged skin cells right from the inside. Moreover, the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of these acids keeps redness and irritation at bay — what more could you ask for? 8. Healthy Pregnancy Omega-3 fatty acids can also work wonders for you and the baby — they're are essential building blocks of the nervous system, fetal brain, and eyes. These acids also improve post-partum mood, support immune system, and overall well-being. So there you have it! With all that has been said, you can agree with me that the health benefits of fish oil cannot be overemphasized — it's the perfect supplement for you! Note: Be sure to consult your doctor before taking the supplements — this is crucial. Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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7 Surprising Benefits of Taking Cold Showers in the Morning
Most of us believe that the best thing we can do is to take a hot shower in the morning. But that’s not actually the best thing you can do. What you want is to take a cold shower. The cold shower brings in front way more benefits and results than you would imagine. And the return on investment can be huge from that perspective, which is exactly what you need in this situation. 7. It speeds up your metabolism A cold shower has many benefits, one of them being the fact that you get to have a faster metabolism. You get to wake up a lot faster. You lower the body temperature, which means that you need to burn more calories this way. 6. Improving the immune system Not all of us have a powerful immune system. That’s why the best thing we can do most of the time is to opt for a cold shower. This will help boost the immune system power and raise it to new levels. It’s actually a system that makes a lot of sense and one that you do want to check out the best way that you can. It’s certainly worth the effort, you can rest assured of it. 5. Better blood circulation These cold showers are great because they boost the heart rate and the muscles are contracted this way as well. Since you get to have a better circulation, you get to stay healthy and your body will find it easier to fend attackers when that’s necessary. 4. Shinier hair Cold water helps your hair look better. At the same time, you can prevent situations like falling hair for example. It’s really important to keep your hair healthy, and with an approach like this results can be really special! 3. Skin health Cold water helps you make your skin firm and tense. As a result, you eliminate wrinkles and saggy skin problems. You can also use cold water as the means to eliminate dead cells and prevent things like cellulite or stress. Yes, it really is a handy thing to have and it pays off immensely as you go along, so try to take that into account. 2. Eliminating liquids As you do a cold shower, your blood vessels activate lymphatic drainage. This is really good, as it has a positive impact on eliminating liquids. If you have joint inflammation or swelling, this can be an amazing option. 1. Regulating the body temperature Since you boost up your metabolism, the natural functions allow you to balance your body’s temperature. This is great and healthy! As you can see, cold showers are really good for your body and you should consider giving them a try. Not only are they a pleasure to check out, but the mere fact that you get to improve your health naturally can be well worth the effort. So yes, you should totally take a cold shower and you will not have a problem enjoying all these benefits! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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6 Effects Dopamine Has On The Body
Ever heard of dopamine? There's a good chance of hearing people talk about this chemical. It's typically known as the "feel good" neurotransmitter primarily because of its link to pleasure and reward responses. It's the chemical behind that's behind our dreams and deepest secrets. So what is Dopamine? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that's synthesized in some regions of the brain from L-Dopa. Essentially, we produce this chemical when we consume foods that contain amino acids including tyrosine and phenylalanine. It's important to note that some symptoms are likely to occur when a person's levels become too high or low. High dopamine levels can lead to schizophrenia and cocaine addiction while low levels are associated with Parkinson's disease. But the big question is, "what are the effects of dopamine?" Join us as we explore just about everything you need to know! • Dopamine Boosts the Anticipation of Pleasure First off, whenever we come across a rewarding stimulus, the brain releases more dopamine and this pushes us to seek out the fun or pleasurable activity. For the most part, pleasurable experiences or moments like sex, games, eating tasty foods and even drugs can stimulate the release of dopamine. It's however important to note that dopamine doesn't mediate pleasure; instead, it enhances the expectation of pleasure in humans. The bottom line; you enjoy most of these pleasurable activities because of dopamine. • Dopamine Improves Memory and Learning The effect of dopamine in the brain helps with memory and learning. Essentially, dopamine is crucial for long-term memory storage and retrieval. What's more, this neurotransmitter reminds you of important events especially those that have motivational significance. It's also good to point out that Dopamine plays a big role in working memory; that's the capacity to use information from short-term memory to guide your actions. • Dopamine Increases Your Drive Also known as the "motivation molecule," dopamine gives us the motivational as well as the internal drive to do things. As we know, we usually do things because we find them to be worth it or rewarding. What you should know is that dopamine is the chemical that's responsible for your reward-seeking behavior — your drive is as a result of high dopamine levels. On the flip side, people with low levels of this neurotransmitter are less likely to work for things and care less about the rewards that come afterward. • Dopamine Controls Movement It's also good to point out that dopamine plays an essential role in movement. How? Well, the basal ganglia (largest and most important sources of dopamine in the brain) is the biggest factor that comes into play here — it actually controls movement. For the most part, the basal ganglia require high levels of dopamine to function optimally — this is just how it works. If limited amounts of dopamine reach the basal ganglia, several different voluntary motions may become uncoordinated — this is especially common in Parkinson's disease. • Dopamine Increase Wakefulness As humans, we're more likely to stay awake when we have higher levels of dopamine in the brain — this is precisely why you're always active during the day. On the flip side, dopamine levels fall during the night, and melatonin takes over; as you probably guessed, this chemical makes you sleepy! • Dopamine Processes Pain Besides its role in increasing your urge for exciting experiences, dopamine is also released when you come across unfavorable or sad events — more like when you have an epic argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Finally, you should be aware that dopamine has a link to addiction. Essentially, excessive intake of drugs can decrease dopaminergic function and eventually increase addiction to drugs. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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4 Steps to Checking For Breast Cancer Symptoms
Trying to figure out how to detect breast cancer early? Well, besides regular visits to the doctor, you can also give yourself to self-examination. The thing is, the simple act of examining your breast can increase your chances of detecting cancer early, and that's huge. As we know, early-stage cancer is more likely to respond to treatment compared to one that has grown deeply in surrounding tissues. Note: you may not be able to find all types of cancer through Breast self-exam, but it's still crucial to take the step and see how it works for you. Let's get started! Step 1: For starters, stand in front of the mirror and of course, take a good look at your breasts. Be sure to keep your shoulders straight and place your arms on your hips. Things to look for: • Normal breasts; usual size, shape, and color • Evenly shaped breasts that are free of visible distortion or swelling Signs that you need to see a doctor: • An inverted nipple or one that has changed position • Bulging or puckering of the skin • Soreness, redness, swelling or rash. Step 2: At this point, you'll want to raise your arms and of course, look for the same changes Step 3: While looking in the mirror, check for any signs of fluid (milky, watery, yellowish or even blood) coming out of either one or both of the nipples Step 4: Now, lie down on your back and use your right hand to feel your left breast and of course, your left hand to feel your right breast. Using the first few finger pads of your hand, touch your breasts firmly (be gentle) while keeping the fingers flat and together. While using a circular motion (this should be about the size of a quarter), cover the whole breast right from top to bottom, and side to side. In essence, start from your collarbone to the top of your abdomen, and from your armpit to your cleavage. Just stick to a pattern to be sure that you cover the entire breast. Now, start at the nipple and continue to move in larger and larger circles until you touch the outer edge of your breast. What's more, you can choose to move your fingers up and down vertically, in rows. Do you prefer the up-and-down approach? If yes, you won't be wrong to feel just about every tissue right from the front to the back of your breasts. For the most part; • Use light pressure for the skin and tissue just beneath • Use medium pressure to feel the tissue in the middle of your breast • Then use firm pressure for the deep tissue in the back. At this point, you should be able to feel down to your rib cage. And that's it! Now you can check for breast cancer and of course, increase your chances of kicking it out of your life for good. Stay healthy! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Best 5 Exercises to Improve Eyesight Naturally
Do you know that our eye muscles are the hardest working muscle group in the body? It's second to the heart. We use our eyes all the time regardless of whether we're at work, at the gym or relaxing at home. Now the thing is, our eyes are likely to get tired and less efficient over time, and that's exactly why you need to look for ways to improve your eyesight. The good news is, your eyes can be more efficient with simple exercises — you'll get to reduce the strain on your eyes and enjoy perfect vision for years to come. Here are five exercises that are sure to keep your eyes in tip-top shape: 5. Just Blink Most of us spend a significant amount of time looking at smartphones, computers, and televisions — these activities prevent you from blinking enough, and that's bad. Your eyes need to get away from all that light — they need a period of darkness. This is precisely where blinking comes into play — the act of blinking relaxes and rehydrates the eyes. You can choose to slow blink or quick blink — both of them are sure to work wonders on your eyes. You can blink your eyes every 30 seconds for two minutes or blink every 4 seconds for two minutes — just stick with the one that works for you and keep at it. 4. Focus It's also possible to strengthen your eye muscles by performing a simple focus-driven exercise. Focusing on objects which are near and far away from you can help train your eyes for better eyesight. • Start by sitting in a comfortable position • Now hold your thumb and let it be 10 inches away from your eyes • Use your eyes to focus on every detail of your thumb for a few seconds • Now look away at any object that is 10 to 20 feet away from you. Focus on the object for a few seconds then return to your thumb. • Just repeat the cycle of focusing on your thumb and the far away object. 3. Figure Eight Are your eyes feeling lazy? Well, it's time to snap them out of it! This simple exercise will bring your eyes to life and help them regain their lost flexibility. Let's give it a shot! • Start by visualizing a large figure of eight about 8 to 10 feet away from you • Now, use your mind to turn the 8 to its side — it should look like an infinity symbol if done correctly. • Finally, slowly rotate your eyes along the shape of this figure for about 3 to 5 minutes. Once you're done, reverse the direction for the same amount of time. 2. Round the Clock This is yet another exercise that has to do with your imagination. While seating and closing your eyes, picture a clock in front of you. Now visualize the numbers 12 and 6 while still closing your eyes. Move your eyes down from 12 to 6 in a clockwise rotation — be sure to do this 15 to 20 times. You can visualize new numbers like 3 and 9 repeat the process in a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion. This exercise can provide relief to blurry vision. 1. Massage the Upper and Lower Eyelids When you massage the eyes, you'll get to relax them while reducing strain and tension for better blood flow. Moreover, applying mild pressure on the tear duct will increase moistness and eventually provide relief to tired eyes. So there you have it! These are simple tips to improve eyesight naturally — start working those eyes! Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r
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What happens to our body if we go Vegan for 1 month
Let's face it; we all have that burning desire to indulge in delicious things every now and then. Of course, I'm talking about the milk, bacon, cream, chicken, grilled cheese and more. But what if you decide to give up on these super tasty goodies? More like quitting the sweets and making a big switch to the plant-based lifestyle? Ever considered doing this? If so, you're not alone! Today many people have taken the big step to try out the vegan diet for their health and a few other reasons. Of course, going the vegan is also great for animals and our planet as a whole — pretty sure you get the point. Well, if you're actually considering going vegan, I'll recommend you get a better idea what it feels like to make the big switch. Of course, there are quite a few compelling benefits to plant-based diets, but you should know that the diet can be a bit difficult to follow. In essence, it's not necessarily easy to switch and stick to the vegan way. Still interested? If so, you're awesome! In this video, I'm going to let you in on what to expect in your first 31 days without meat, dairy and every delicious thing in between. Note: it's going to based on my personal experience. Let's dive in! Week 1 During the first week of your transition, there's a good chance of trying figure out how to eat properly. In other words, your diet will be all over the place. Personally, I wasn't eating enough fruits and veggies, and sometimes I end filling up with high-fat foods say nuts and more. Yes, this is one of the most common mistakes newbies are likely to make. So take note! As the week went by (more like towards the end), I started feeling more tired than usual. Following this change, I decided to decrease fats and increase my portion sizes; well, to be honest, the change didn't really affect how tired I felt. Week 2 Moving forward, the body weakness followed me into the start of the second week. But the good news is, I started regaining strength as time flew — more like towards the end of the week. And this leads to yet another uncomfortable side effect you're likely to experience — gas and bloating. Trust me, mine was super annoying. But the good thing is, these symptoms are a normal part of the transition. In essence, it's just a way of your body adapting to all the fiber you're consuming. As you probably expected, the bloating got better after a few days and by the end of the second week, pretty much everything was gone! I also think it's great to let you in on how I fell in love with my veggies. In fact, it feels like my taste buds changed as I turned vegan. Right now, I can't seem to get enough of roasted pumpkin, mushrooms, broccoli, potato, red peppers and more. Who knows? You might feel the same way too! Week 3 Here's the thing; my third week of veganism was awesome. First off, the bloating was completely gone and I no longer felt weak and tired. What's more, getting out of bed was no longer a chore — it became easier than I expected. Week 4 Yes, as I said before, my third week was awesome but I trust me, the fourth was super! I literally fell in love with my skin — the glow was amazing. The change in my diet had a great impact on my skin; my complexion became clearer than it has been in years. So basically those with skin issues are likely to love their skin after going vegan; that's just how it is! And finally, I actually lost some weight but of course, the results weren't immediate. The big idea here is that plant-based options are lower in calories than meat, grilled cheese, chicken, bacon and more. Pretty sure you get the point! All in all, losing weight as a vegan depends on what and how much you eat. The big secret is to stick with balanced and healthy choices — not going to be easy, but trust me, it's totally worth it! So what do you think? Do you feel veganism is for you? There's no doubt that a full-time vegan lifestyle can be a bit difficult to adapt, but based on all the benefits, I think it's worth giving it a shot. Stay healthy! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 ways to gain healthy weight for skinny people
Gaining weight as a skinny person is not easy. It is frustrating to eat a lot but still not gain weight. One thing that skinny people do not know is that they have a fast metabolism which makes it hard for them to gain weight. A fast metabolism means that your body burns all the calories you eat. As a skinny person trying to gain weight, you have to eat a lot more than your metabolism can handle. Naturally, creating a caloric surplus in your body will make you gain weight. Probably you are skinny due to lack of knowledge of what it takes to gain weight. Below are top five tips that will help you gain weight: 5. Eat more food The leading trick to gain weight is to consume more calories than your body can burn. The mistake that most people do is to go by their feelings. Your metabolism could be much faster than you think. You need to know how much calories your body needs for you to gain weight. Keep track of everything you eat to know how much calories you consume every day. You might overestimate your calorie intake if you go with your feelings. In the first week, you will have difficulties eating all the required calories for you to gain weight. After maybe two weeks, your stomach will stretch and start getting hungry more often. 4. Track your progress Weigh yourself every week to check how you are progressing. Malnourished people will gain weight quickly in the first week due to increased bowel content and weight from the extra water as well. Continue eating the same if you gain weight; if you do not gain weight, you will have to keep adding more calories to your daily intake every week until you gain weight. You should note that the food that makes you gain the first 10kg will not make you gain the next 10kg. A skinny person with less muscle mass burns fewer calories than one with a bigger muscle mass. Thus, a person with no muscles will require fewer calories to gain weight as opposed to a more masculine person. 3. Eat more protein Protein is necessary for muscle building and recovery. The following are the best protein sources for gaining weight: whole eggs, chicken breast, tuna, cheese, and steaks. For you to build your body muscles, you will require at least 1g of proteins per 1lb of body-weight per day. However, you should have in mind that some people will not gain weight or muscles without gaining fat as well. 2. Eat more meals You have been eating little food for years. Thus your stomach is small. If you are required to take at least 1500 calories a day for you to gain weight, it will be easier if you take 300 calories in 5 meals than having 500 calories in 3 meals. Create yourself a bigger eating window. With eight sleeping hours, you are left with 16 hours to eat. Make a schedule of how you will have the five meals in those 16 hours. 1. Training Lifting weights is good for people trying to gain weight since it triggers the body to build muscle mass. If you do not train, the excess calories that do not burn will be stored as fat around your waistline. Your goal is to be muscular and not chubby. Therefore you will need to train. Remember, the more you train, the more calories you will burn and therefore the more calories you will require creating a caloric surplus. Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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6 Quick Tips to Lose Weight If You're Lazy
Let's face it; everyone wants to lose weight, but of course, things don't always go as planned. In essence, most of us tend to get tired of strict diets and intense workout sessions and eventually give in to laziness. Well, the thing is, we can't always stay on track when working towards our weight loss goals; there are just too many distractions to deal with. But the good news is, there are quite a few things you can do to shed those extra pounds with little to no effort. In essence, you won't have to give yourself to torturous diets or exercise! Let's check them out! 1. Practice mindful eating Right off the bat, you'll want to give your food all the attention it deserves — adopt the habit of eating consciously. In other words, don't eat with when you're distracted, exhausted or emotional. When you do this, you'll have a better connection with the food and of course, eat less than you normally do. 2. Drink water Ever given thought to how water can amp up your metabolism? Well, it can actually do you a solid especially when you drink it at the right time. Essentially, you won't be wrong to drink 1 to 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before your meal. Doing this will help kick-start your metabolic processes, and of course, you'll have lesser urge to eat. 3. Just sleep You might not know this, but sleep can be a big part of your weight loss journey — at least, you're unlikely to eat when you're asleep! You'll also be glad to know that a good night's sleep can improve metabolism and at the same time, enhance the hormones that help you stay fit. But do you know the best part? Your body actually burns calories while you sleep — up to 100 calories per hour! 4. Stock up on small plates Yes, smaller plates can be lifesavers at those times when you're tempted to eat larger portions of food. It's also great to use small spoons or chopsticks — they help you eat slowly, and the best part is, you'll feel full in no time. Mindful eating is sure to work great here! 5. Eat fat burners It's also an excellent idea to add a few fat burners to your menu — think eggs, nuts, salmon, olive oil and green tea. What's more, the scents of citrus or peppermint can reduce your craving, and that's a big part of the plan. 6. Brush your teeth At this point, there's a good chance that you brush at least twice a day, but the thing is, you won't be wrong to start brushing after every meal. Why? Well, it's only because you're unlikely to reach for more food when you have menthol flavor in your mouth! It's actually a bit of a no-brainer. And that's it! These are just a few lazy hacks you can try today — I really hope they work out for you! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?
Have you ever wondered if you're getting the right amount of sleep at night? Or do you have the habit of neglecting or sacrificing your sleep for work or other activities? The thing is, sleep is incredibly important for good health — it's more than just a time to give your mind and body a break from the hustle and bustle of life. You may not know this, but your body does a lot of work when you're fast asleep. For starters, when you're sleeping at night, your body rebuilds muscles you've stressed during the day and also get rid of harmful waste and plaques that are usually produced in the brain. Once this happens, you'll find that your mind and body will be refreshed and of course, ready to face a new day. What's more, I found that sleep also plays a role in regulating our emotions Failure to get enough sleep can make you feel moody and to be honest, all that negativity can take a toll on your health. You should also be aware that lack of sleep can affect your body's ability to regulate your immune system and it also disrupts healthy metabolic function. It's also good to point out that sleep helps regulate your internal clock or circadian rhythm; the inner clock that typically runs on a 24-hour schedule and controls when you feel sleepy and awake. The thing is, any form of distraction at night like sleeping at odd times or not getting enough sleep can disrupt the function of this internal clock and of course, affect the many processes it regulates. Are there other negative health consequences of sleep deprivation? Well, if you're among those who fail to get sufficient sleep at night, you should know that the harm it brings goes beyond making you feel tired. Right off the bat, depriving yourself of good quality sleep impacts your ability to make good decisions and also takes a toll on your creativity. In a nutshell, sleep deprivation can affect your cognitive performance. According to study, people who get just 4 to 5 hours of sleep for several nights in a row are less likely to have good mental performance. In essence, insufficient sleep can reduce your productivity at work and even make you act less ethical to your colleagues — as we know, this can even put your job on the line! That's not all — poor quality sleep increases your risk of developing life-threatening diseases like heart disease and diabetes. What's more, sleep deprivation has a link to Alzheimer's; a progressive disease that destroys one's memory and other important mental functions. So How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? Well, it's all up to you to decide since everyone has unique needs and preferences. It's however important to note that the amount of sleep you need at night is determined by your current age. For the most part; Older adults: 7 to 8 hours Adults: 7 to 9 hours Teenagers: 8 to 10 hours Children: 9 to 11 hours Newborns: 14 to 17 hours As mentioned earlier, the amount of sleep you need every night depends on your needs and preferences. Just be sure that you always feel strong and energized when you wake up in the morning — this is crucial. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Light weights vs. Heavy weights for MUSCLE Growth
What's your perception of muscle growth? Today, there's a good chance of hearing people say that lifting heavy weights for a low number of reps builds muscle while lifting lighter weights for higher reps tones them. Well, this is not entirely true — there's actually more than meets the eye here. First off, people typically use the term "muscle tone" to describe the firmness of a muscle, but what you should know is that your muscle has the same tone regardless of whether you're in shape or not. So what's the point? Well, it's pretty simple — your muscle tone doesn't change with exercise. Essentially, the appearance of the muscle is centered on how much fat is covering it and the elasticity of the skin. That said, there's a slim chance of toning your muscle if you're focused on lifting light weights for high reps. In fact, there's not much of a difference between using heavyweight and lightweight for your workout sessions. The difference actually lies in the intensity as well as one's ability to lift the weight. For the most part, weightlifting challenges the muscle tissues to provide support to the physical load being placed on it and at the same time, generate just enough energy to support intense muscle contraction. It's important to note that these adaptations tend to be fast when you're just starting out, but of course, they begin to slow until they finally come to a halt. This typically happens when your muscle can meet the demands of your workout. Once you reach this stage, the surest way to allow for further adaptation is to increase the demand. The big idea is that your body adapts to exercise and still needs to be constantly challenged in order to see continuous muscle growth and improved levels of fitness. For the most part, the effectiveness of the weight you're looking to lift (heavy or light) is actually dependent on the present condition of your muscle. With this in mind, lightweight will give you impressive muscle changes in the beginning, but its effectiveness is likely to decrease with time. So, yes, you'll eventually have to increase the intensity of your exercises — this is the surest way to stay on the right track to muscle growth! Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What Really Happens When You Eat an Apple Every Day For a Month?
When it comes to munching down on fruit every day, many individuals choose items like bananas, plums, peaches, oranges, and pears which are all great choices. Except they don’t come with as many benefits as apples do. Choosing to eat an apple a day will help you lower your risk for conditions like anemia, diabetes, gallstones, liver disorders, heart conditions, and stomach illnesses. Eating an apple a day can also reduce body weakness, lower your risk of certain cancers, and help rheumatism symptoms. Plus, there are over 7,500 varieties of apples out there, ensuring that there will always be one that you will have a liking for. The Daily Health Benefits of Apples You will be able to experience the following health benefits. • It Helps Your Digestion: due to the amount of fibre in apples, your bowel movements become regular which prevents things like constipation and stomach conditions. • Increases Nutrient Uptake: in addition to stimulating the metabolism, apples balance out bacteria in the large intestine. When the large intestine is properly balanced, nutrient uptake is improved which in turn helps eliminate toxins as the body can efficiently perform due to having enough nutrition. • Reduces Cavities and Cleanses the Mouth: not only does eating apples every day help clean out your mouth; it can reduce how often you form cavities. The reason for this is that when you eat an apple, you produce saliva which kills off bacteria and the fibre from the flesh of the apple cleanses between the teeth. • Prevents Heart Conditions: apples have a high antioxidant value to them (found in the skin), so they actually reduce the oxidation of fats and reduces triglycerides that are found in your blood vessels. This, in turn, reduces how much inflammation is found in the blood vessels and thereby reduces how much inflammation is in the cardiovascular system altogether. • Reduces Carbohydrate Uptake: the polyphenols in apples have been linked to reducing how much and how quickly the human body “uptakes” or absorbs carbohydrates. Due to this, blood sugar levels remain stable for longer, and the body is stimulated to release more insulin. Apples also help speed up the removal of sugar from our bloodstream. Other than the above, apples can aid in weight loss, improve vision, and lower cholesterol levels. The great thing about apples is that they can be consumed in a variety of ways because they can be frozen, mashed, dried, baked, and minced.   ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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3 WEIGHT GAINING Mistakes Everybody Makes and How to Avoid Them
If you’re skinny and want to put on weight, you will notice that it’s pretty hard for you to get the results you’re looking for. While there is so much information online on how to lose weight, there is a lack of information for skinny people on how to gain healthy weight. Gaining weight might seem easy at first. Just eat everything, right? At first this might look easy, but things tend to get more challenging, and you need to figure out a good way to gain healthy weight naturally. Here you have 3 weight gaining mistakes that people do, so that you can avoid them. 3. Working Out Too Much You see, working out all the time sounds ok, but it can actually be damaging to your body. When trying to gain weight by working out, remember that your diet will determine 80% of your results, and your workout will determine 20% Instead of working out 5+ days per week, try 3 days a week, and include compound exercise in your workout routine. This will give you more time to focus on your diet. Eating 5 smaller meals per day rather than 3 will greatly increase your healthy weight gain results. 2. Eating Too Much Protein Proteins are great for your body. But you can’t rely solely on proteins to gain weight. Overdosing on protein will give the illusion of feeling full, but you need other nutrients too, and that’s why you still need to focus on the different types of carbs you eat. Having a balanced diet is a lot more beneficial and it can bring you a stellar set of benefits to your weight gaining journey. 1. Using too many supplements Supplements can be great as long as you know how to use them. Normally, using supplements will be a good thing for your body and it can indeed do wonders. But it’s a lot better to focus on your diet instead of thinking about adding in too many supplements. You have to balance things out if you want everything to work exactly the way you plan. There are a lot of weight gaining mistakes that people do. Some of them are made unintentionally, others are performed willingly. As long as you know what you need to do in order to gain weight safety, that’s what matters the most. Just remember, it can take a while to start gaining weight the right way. So, you need patience and you will need focus. Sure, there will be plenty of challenges and obstacles along the way, but stick to a routine, be consistent with your workout routine and diet, and you will see results in no time. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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4 Pressure Spots You Can Massage For Instant Stress and Anxiety Relief
When it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety, many individuals will use options like alcohol, hot baths, and escapism to find some relief from the mental bearing that stress and anxiety put onto our well-being. However, not many individuals will use actual physical options like massages and acupressure as a form of stress relief, which is unfortunate because these types of solutions provide long-term benefits unlike media consumption and lounging around. With this said, here are some ways that you can use massage as a technique for eliminating stress from the physical body. 1. Massage the two muscles at the back of the neck where your spine meets the base of your skull. This area is called the “heavenly pillar” and can be massaged to offer relief from insomnia and exhaustion which are a result of stress being held in this area. To massage this area, bring your neck forward, use your fingers to find the two muscles that run along either side of your spine, and follow the muscles up till you hit the base of the skull. Massage this point throughout the day to combat stress. 2. The shoulder well is a great stimulation point to put pressure on as most individuals will hold a lot of tension and stress across the shoulders. The shoulder well is located halfway between the shoulder and the base of the neck. It is a tendon that can be very delicate if you have a lot of stress built up there, so make sure you massage it gently, to begin with. The great thing about massaging this point is it will relieve tension across the entire body and help restore your energy levels. 3. The central treasury is considered a meridian point and is located right underneath where the arm meets the chest area. If you place your fingers at the top of the shoulder where it meets the collarbone and then travel downward towards your armpit, it is located halfway between the collarbone area and the armpit. For this particular spot, you want to apply pressure on the point with your index finger and either massage it gently or hold the pressure. This will increase blood circulation, help you breathe better, and stabilize your emotions. 4. The Nei Guan point is located about three fingers length down from the wrist on your inner forearm. Applying pressure to this point will help alleviate any nausea you may be experiencing as well as anxiety. You simply apply a moderate amount of pressure using your thumb and massage in a circular motion. If you go to apply pressure and find that it hurts a lot, lessen how much pressure you are applying until you find the right balance between pain and a sensation that feels good. You want to gradually massage each of these points until you no longer feel any pain or tightness. Some of these points will benefit from stationary pressure while other points can actually be massaged. Some individuals may require a higher degree of pressure depending on how sensitive their deep tissues are. It is always advisable to level your breathing and stretch while massaging these points as this will further the release of tension. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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6 Warning Signs That Your Heart Isn’t Functioning Properly
Although we are well educated on what the symptoms of a heart attack entail, a lot of us don’t know that there are warning signs you can watch out for that may indicate a potential heart attack in the near future. Both men and women will have warning signs that should not be dismissed as knowing what to look out for is the key to keeping yourself out of peril. The main thing you will want to do is keep tabs on your cholesterol levels and what your blood pressure markers are. These will give you a good indication of the health of your heart, but if you experience any of the following signs, take a trip to the doctor. 1. Chest Soreness or Pain: a lot of the time a heart attack is over dramatized in films, making it seem like you are going to drop to the floor. Rather, if you feel any type of intense pressure on your chest, call an ambulance. If you experience any type of subtle pain that radiates to the neck, arm, or jaw, this is another indicator. Otherwise, if you experience chest pain after or during a workout or when you are stressed, this indicates there is a blood flow issue. 2. A Shortness of Breath: if you are physically fit and able to take a staircase with ease and then suddenly find that they feel like climbing a mountain, something is going on. It is always a good idea to track your physical activity levels and how well you perform as major changes in this can indicate a problem with your heart. 3. Lightheadedness: although it is normal to feel dizzy when you stand up too quickly, it should only last for a few seconds. If you get dizzy when standing and it lasts for a few minutes, this indicates that there is an underlying problem with your blood flow. Prolonged dizziness is linked to huge increase risk of heart failure in later years. 4. Sleep Disturbances: it is quite normal to feel fatigued weeks leading up to a heart attack. You may also experience sleep disturbances. 5. Yawning During Exercise: if you are constantly yawning during your workouts or are yawning regularly during hot days, it may be an indication that your internal cooling mechanisms are not working correctly. This may be due to a circulatory issue or a problem with your heart. 6. Bad Breath: if you have bad breath because of gum disease, your chances for a heart attack increases. This is because the inflammation caused by gum disease negatively impacts the rest of your body, including your heart. Inflammation in the body is linked to numerous chronic conditions that cause death. When it comes to your heart health, make sure you are tracking abnormal symptoms as well as your cholesterol and blood pressure levels! If you are well-informed and observant, you can catch the early warning signs. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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6 Signs Your Body Gives If Your Kidney Is In Danger!
As you get older, there are quite a few body organs that demands your undivided care and attention. Yes, one of such is your kidney — a small yet super important organ that performs a wide range of functions. For those who might not be aware, the kidneys are responsible for inhibiting waste and excess fluid buildup, maintaining bone health, regulating blood pressure and stimulating red blood cells production and more. But what happens when things are no longer in check? More like when your kidney function gets compromised? Well, for the most part, kidney damage will only put your entire health at risk and yes, it's actually as bad as it sounds! Of course, this is precisely why it's crucial to keep them in tip-top shape and look out for the common warning signs of kidney damage early. As you probably guessed, early detection can go a long way in preventing chronic kidney disease and that's huge. Without further ado, here are 6 warning signs that says your kidney needs urgent help. 1. Swelling Notice any swelling in your face, legs, hands or feet? If yes, chances are your kidneys are in danger. For the most part, fluid retention is a clear sign that your body's excretory system has been compromised and that's pretty bad. As mentioned earlier, your kidneys are responsible for the removal of excess waste and bodily fluids. But when they can no longer perform this function, you begin to experience buildups. All in all, it's in your best interest to pay your doctor a visit if you experience swellings without any obvious reason. 2. Urinary Changes This is yet another tell-tale sign of kidney disease — a change in both the amount and frequency you urinate. Essentially, you may notice either a dramatic increase or decrease in the amount of urine you pass. And there's also a good chance of seeing color change; in essence, your urine might get darker than usual. Blood in urine is yet another symptom you wouldn't want to ignore — in fact, it's a major cause for concern. Don't hesitate to see your doctor if this particular symptom has surfaced. 3. Skin Rash What happens when the kidneys can't filter your blood and get rid of waste buildup in your skin? Well, it only results in skin rashes and severe itching. At such times, your skin can look unhealthy, dry and irritated. Of course, there's a good chance of confusing this symptom with regular conditions like allergies. But the rashes could actually be a sign of kidney disease and failure, especially if they come alongside other symptoms like swellings and urinary changes. 4. Fatigue First off, healthy kidneys typically produce a hormone known as erythropoietin — it stimulates the formation of red blood cells and helps them carry oxygen. But unfortunately, kidney disease causes the levels of these hormones to drop drastically, thus a sudden drop in red blood cells. And once all these happens, you'll begin to experience chronic fatigue and body weakness. 5. Nausea and Vomiting Constant nausea and vomiting is yet another sign that your kidneys are failing. Why does this happen? Well, it's just a way of your body trying to get rid of the buildup of waste products. That said, you're likely to experience this more often than not. 6. Shortness of Breath This symptom is actually associated with chronic kidney disease. In essence, once the disease becomes severe, it can result in a buildup of fluids in the lungs. And as you probably guessed, this unhealthy development can leave you with the feeling of breathlessness. So there you have it! These are 6 warning signs that your kidney needs to be pampered. In essence, you won't be wrong to head straight to the doctor's office if you notice or experience any one of them. Trust me, the simple act of listening to your body can save your kidneys and potentially your life. Stay healthy! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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How To Trick Your Body To Be A Morning Person
Whether you want to seize more of the day, enjoy the early morning sunshine or prepare for your body for a new you, becoming a morning person can be difficult if you don’t implement the right tricks. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that you will need to gradually adjust your body to the new time which will include re-adjusting your internal clock and changing up your psychological perspective. Here are some easy ways to trick your body into becoming a morning person. 1. Make sure you get enough relaxation during the night. If you fall asleep and have a fitful sleep, you aren’t going to want to get up when that 6:30 am alarm clock goes blaring off. Instead, invest in some extremely cozy pyjamas and drink and eat something that soothes you. In addition to this, get a bedtime routine going so that your body knows that when you hit the sheets, it is sleep time. 2. Although you may get creeped out at first, convince yourself to keep the blinds open during the night. This will ensure that you get a heaping dose of sunshine in the morning when you wake up. This makes it easier to get started with the day rather than hitting the snooze button. The light helps your biological clock get reset and aligned to when the sun rises. 3. When you get out of bed, don’t get back in and instead do a fifteen to twenty minute workout. It doesn’t have to be insanely intense, but it has to be enough to get your blood pumping. You could jog on the spot, do jumping jacks or do a few laps of the stairs. Regardless of what you do, exercise helps your body get energized and it removes unwanted toxins from the body. Better yet, add some music to that workout to get you pumped up. 4. Consume protein in the morning. Don’t grab a sugary breakfast and certainly don’t skip out on it completely. Instead, take the time to eat a breakfast that is filled with protein and healthy fats. Not only will this give you the energy you need to start the day but it gives you something to look forward to once you get out of bed. 5. Use a smart alarm to prevent yourself from hitting that snooze button. It’s very easy to wake up, feel groggy and immediately think about another five to ten minutes of sleep. This is where you get into trouble because hitting that snooze button is oh so easy. Instead use a smart alarm that requires you to solve a puzzle or math equation in order to turn it off. This requires you to sit up, think, and get yourself out of your groggy state. Finally, don’t sweat bed time. Sometimes we get all riled up about going to bed at the same time every night and this can cause stress, which is exactly what you don’t want when you are trying to relax before bed. Try to aim to go to bed around the same time but mostly listen to your body. Go to sleep when you feel tired and you will eventually wake up and doze off at the same time every day. Other than this, avoid the urge to nap during the day and establish a routine that rewards you. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What Eating 1 Boiled Egg a Day Does to Your Body
Love eating hard boiled eggs? Well, they actually make a great snack at any time of the day — perfect when you need to add a little protein to your salad at lunch. When you include hard boiled eggs into your diet, you'll get to have a healthy heart, better eyes and stronger bones — what could be better? Why Should You Eat One Boiled Egg a Day? Lots of Protein One great thing about hard-boiled eggs is that they're naturally high in protein. For the most part, your body needs protein to build muscle mass. Moreover, it repairs damaged tissues and provides structure for cellular walls. It's recommended for your diet to have between 10% to 35% protein. The good news is, one hardboiled egg provides the body with over 6 grams of protein, so start getting yours! Healthier Eyes Eggs contain several vitamins, and one of them is Vitamin A. Vitamin A in eggs is a component of protein that protects the membrane around the cornea, absorb light in your retinas and reduce the risk of night blindness. Eating one large hard-boiled egg adds about 75 micrograms of Vitamin A to your diet. Good Fats For starters, over two-thirds of the fat content of boiled eggs come from healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. It's highly recommended to replace trans and saturated fats with MUFAs and PUFAs so you can enjoy the benefits it brings. For the most part, these healthy fats regulate your blood cholesterol levels and lessen your risk of heart disease. MUFAs and PUFAs also regulate the amount of insulin in your blood so that your blood sugar can stay within the healthy range. Stronger Bones Snacking on one boiled egg a day will also provide your body with Vitamin D to strengthen your bones and teeth. This Vitamin promotes the absorption of calcium and stabilizes calcium levels in your blood. It's important to note that you need up to 600 international units of Vitamin D each day and you get approximately 45 international of Vitamin D from one large hard-boiled egg. And that's it! Now you know exactly what you stand to gain when you start snacking on hard-boiled eggs. So now what? Well, it's time to start eating those boiled eggs so your body can get all the wholesome goodness it needs. Happy snacking! Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r
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What I Learned From Eating Oats Every Day
My breakfast is never complete without a healthy serving of oats. My love for oats started while I was still in college and it became stronger when I realized that oats are very healthy. They are mainly eaten in the mornings with breakfast as porridge, but you can find oats in healthy snacks and biscuits which taste even better with the oats. Discovering the health benefits of oats made me so excited, I also found out that you can either buy the processed oats which are quicker to cook or the real oats also called the oat groats which require more intensive cooking. I am still enjoying the benefits of including oats in my daily meals, and I will like to share some of the amazing goodness that you can get by eating your favorite oat porridge brand daily. Oats contain important nutrients You can make up your body’s nutrient requirements to start the day in the morning by eating oats. In its different forms (porridge or snacks) oats is a reliable source of nutrients such as carbohydrates, Vitamin B1, Zinc, Iron, protein. Oats aid your digestive system The fiber content in oats is very high. Having oatmeal every day will improve the functions of your digestive system due to the high fiber content. It also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria culture in your gut which aids internal processes. You can prevent uncomfortable conditions such as constipation by eating oats regularly. Oats can reduce bad cholesterol There are many reasons why you should get rid of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream. This is the cholesterol that tends to clog your arteries causing circulatory issues. Oats contain sufficient amounts of Beta-glucan which is a water-soluble fiber. Beta-glucan is known to help the body eliminate cholesterol that can lead to health complications in the future. Eat oats to lose weight The fiber content in oats can make you feel less hungry for longer periods. This means you can effectively reduce the amount of food you consume by eating a normal serving of oats porridge with your breakfast. While the porrid ge will make you feel satisfied, you will also benefit from the calories in the oatmeal which will provide enough energy needed to have a productive day at work. Oats provide a natural remedy for constipation If you are feeling constipated, you probably need a serving of oat porridge. The fiber content in oats will aid your digestive system to become free, providing you much-needed relief from constipation. This is one of the reasons oatmeal is recommended for older adults who may be prone to experiencing constipation due to the degenerating capacities of their digestive system. There are many more benefits you can get from eating oats daily. Moreover, the best part is that oats are very affordable and easy to prepare. You can make a bowl of steaming oats porridge in less than ten minutes (only for processed oats). There are also many brands of processed oats in the markets. Some brands have smoother oats, while others are quite coarse. However, trying out the different options will help you decide on a preference. Start enjoying the benefits of oats today. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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How to Detox Your Organs So You Never Feel Sick or Tired
Although our bodies are designed to eliminate the toxins that we breathe in from our environments, sometimes our bodies cannot eliminate them fast enough which is what leads us to develop chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, we ingest toxins from what we eat, from our environment, and from our homes and when we cannot remove them in an efficient manner; we end up with symptoms like weight gain, mental fog, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and chronic food intolerance. With this said, there are organs that you can actually detox yourself which will help you eliminate feeling sick, tired, and fatigued. 1. Your large and small intestines. The intestines are what carry the nutrients from one place in the body to the next. The small intestine is responsible for absorbing nutrients and water while the large intestine is responsible for pushing food through the rest of the body. You detox by eating flax seeds, drinking green tea, or eating leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli, and spinach. 2. Your kidneys. Your kidneys remove toxins from the blood which means they must be healthy if you are to live. In order to detox this organ, eat a lot of fruits, specifically berries. You may also want to add in pumpkin, turmeric, and ginger. 3. Your pancreas. The pancreas is an important part of the digestion and endocrine systems as it is what is responsible for making hormones like insulin, glucagon, and polypeptides. If the pancreas isn’t working correctly, you can quickly become ill as insulin levels won’t be regulated. In order to detox this organ, use hot baths and showers, a lot of Vitamin B from leafy green vegetables and consume pineapples and lemons. 4. Your liver and gallbladder. Not only does your liver help with purifying what goes into your body, for instance, alcohol and medicines, but it helps break down serious conditions like blood clots and it aids in the digestion of the food you consume. The bile that the liver creates, which is used by the gallbladder, is what helps your stomach digest and break down fats. If the fats that you consume are not broken down then you can end up with high cholesterol levels. With this said, you can detox both of these by using turmeric, dandelion tea, garlic, beets, milk thistle, and burdock root. For the liver specifically, choose to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, quinoa, apples, grapefruit, and walnuts. 5. Your lymphatic system. This is a network system that is part of your entire circulatory system, which is comprised of lymphatic vessels that carry lymph fluid throughout the body. It drains from your tissues into your bloodstream. It essentially is considered a “pipe” network that absorbs and transports the removal of interstitial fluid and fats. To ensure that this system is healthy, you need to be active in terms of exercise. It is highly recommended that you cleanse your body out once a month, but if you are eating healthy and moving all the time, you are generally going to have a cleaner body. It is very important that if you are consuming foods for a specific type of detox that these foods are washed properly and consumed in the right dosages. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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This is What Aloe Vera Does in Your Body
Have you ever thought about the amazing health benefits of aloe vera? Do you know that the plant is not only limited to topical use? This healing plant which is known to Egyptians as the plant of immortality and Native Americans as the wand of heaven comes with a plethora of mind-blowing healing properties you wouldn't want to miss. There's a good chance that you already have an aloe vera plant which comes in handy for small emergencies like cuts, burns and the like, but the plant can do a lot more than that. It can also heal you from the inside when ingested! Why do you think the Egyptians called it the plant of immortality? For starters, aloe vera is loaded with over 200 biologically active, naturally occurring components including amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, enzymes and minerals that aid nutrient absorption. Moreover, the healing plant is also chock full of anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal properties that helps the immune system get rid of toxins and harmful pathogens. That's not all! Aloe vera still has a lot in store for your health. Let's check them out! Enzymes The very first thing to note is that this plant of immortality contains essential enzymes including lipase and amylase — both of them aid digestion by breaking down fat and sugar molecules. Moreover, a particular molecule known as Bradykinase can also reduce inflammation. Vitamins and Minerals It's also good to point out that aloe vera contains vitamin B12 which is essential for the production of red blood cells. Moreover, consuming aloe can help the body to absorb vitamin B12 more easily and utilize it — this will help tackle the issue of deficiency. Besides vitamin B12, aloe vera also contains vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, and B6. It's also a good source of folic acid and choline (choline is essential for normal brain development, liver function, muscle movement and more!). Aloe vera is also chock full of minerals that are essential for our overall health and well-being. This healing plant contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, chromium, selenium, sodium, copper, iron and manganese — these minerals work together to keep your metabolism in tip-top shape. Amino Acids Do you know that aloe vera contains a good amount of the essential amino acids required by the human body? It has 20 of the 22 essential amino acids your body needs to function properly. That's not all! The plant also contains salicylic acid which helps get rid of bacteria and inflammation. What are Some Other Uses of Aloe Vera? Aloe vera works as an amazing body cleanser — it can flush out toxic matter from the kidneys, bladder, stomach, liver, spleen, and colon. It's also good to point out that aloe can provide effective relief from more immediate health issues like upset stomach, indigestion, ulcers and gut inflammation. The plant also mitigates joint inflammation, so it's sure to work great for people who have arthritis. Aloe vera can also provide much-needed relief to mouth ulcers or canker sores. How to Take Aloe Vera? For starters, you can choose to consume aloe directly from the plant or get aloe juice from health food stores — this is actually the easiest and most palatable option. The good thing is, you can mix the aloe juice in whatever tickles your fancy — it's sure to work great in your juices or smoothies. You can also choose to drink it straight up! Just be sure that you get pure aloe juice or gel — good ones are made from the whole leaf or the inner filet. Here's to good health! Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What Eating a Handful of Almonds Every Day Does For Your Body
Although many of us are aware of the nutritional benefits of nuts and seeds, not many of us are actually taking advantage of this knowledge. When it comes to our health, we are consistently told to make sure that we get enough exercise and to eat a nutritionally packed diet, but you don’t often hear the phrase, “just eat more nuts” when in reality, that’s what we should be doing. In the case of almonds, these little nuts are loaded with critical nutrients like dietary fiber, protein, magnesium, vitamin E, and manganese all of which are fantastic for our bodies. Here is what happens when you eat a handful of almonds every day! 1. It Will Aid in Appetite Control Almonds have a lot of dietary fiber, which helps normalize your bowel movements, control your blood sugar, and lower your cholesterol levels. Dietary fiber will slow down your digestion and make you feel full longer. This, in turn, will help you reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes by curbing overeating. 2. You Will Reduce Your Oxidative Stress Levels When your body cannot fight off free radicals, which is when you have unpaired electrons seeking a pair, you end up under a lot of oxidative stress. When an electron is unpaired, it will seek out a pair, causing damage to your cells, DNA strains, and proteins. Almonds are high in antioxidants which combat oxidative stress. 3. You Will Curb Magnesium Deficiency When you have a magnesium deficiency, you end up with health conditions like diabetes, depression, heart failure, and asthma because magnesium plays a critical role in energy production. Every single organ in your body needs it to function and most individuals don’t get enough. 4. They Will Help Reduce Belly Fat A study back in 2015 discovered that if you eat about 1.5 ounces of almonds every day, you will significantly reduce how much belly fat you have. This is because almonds reduce cholesterol levels and aid in appetite control. 5. They Will Improve Your Skin and Hair These little nuts contain a lot of biotin or vitamin H, which is what your body needs to produce healthy hair and skin cells. Biotin also helps aid in keeping your hair strong and thick. 6. They Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer Colon cancer tends to develop with the appearance of aberrant crypt foci, which are neoplastic lesions and are the earliest indication of colon cancer. Almonds were found to decrease the occurrence of aberrant crypt foci. 7. They Fight Against Gallstones Gallstones develop primarily due to high cholesterol, so if you are eating almonds every day, you shouldn’t develop gallstones as your cholesterol levels will be in a healthy range. 8. They Are Amazing for Your Heart Almonds are high in both mono and polyunsaturated fats which have a significant impact on your cholesterol levels. These fats are considered “good” and will reduce the risk of clogged arteries, which is what leads to heart attacks and strokes. All in all, eating almonds every single day is a great way to make sure that you are staying healthy and getting all of the nutrients you need to fight off unwanted health conditions. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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6 Awesome Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits
Apple Cider Vinegar is known for being very healthy for the body. In fact, a lot of people recommend you to check it out and use it often, as it can help relieve various types of pain. It also helps you maintain your health as well. Here are some of the major benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. It regulates the blood sugar levels By adding Apple Cider Vinegar into your diet, you will have no problem regulating the blood sugar level. This is very important if you want to step away from diabetes and a variety of other similar health problems. In addition, Apple Cider Vinegar can also help you increase insulin sensitivity. Lose weight naturally Another great benefit offered by Apple Cider Vinegar is that it allows you to lose weight naturally. This is really important, as it provides you with the means to stay in shape long term. Apple Cider Vinegar coupled with some basic exercises such as walking, will help maintain a fit, more healthy you. You can also decrease the caloric intake thanks to it, something that’s incredible rewarding in the long run. No more acid reflux If you have acid reflux symptoms, you may want to give Apple Cider Vinegar a shot. It’s one of the best ingredients you can use if you want to stay healthy and eliminate acid reflux symptoms. It helps protect your digestive tract and you won’t have to deal with any backflow, something that does happen from time to time. Lower blood pressure You will also notice that the Apple Cider Vinegar will help lower the blood pressure. Since we can be quite stressed nowadays, it’s always important to find a way to lower your blood pressure naturally. Thankfully, you can do that with Apple Cider Vinegar. Add some to your next meal and the results kick in rapidly. Better Skin Health It may seem strange at first, but Apple Cider Vinegar actually allows you to boost the health of your skin. This means you get to look and feel better, not to mention you will have no problem eliminating those unwanted scars from your body as well. Less Cholesterol Apple Cider Vinegar is also known for the fact that it lowers cholesterol levels. This is incredibly handy, especially if you’re the type of person that has a high intake of bad cholesterol. If that happens, you can rely on Apple Cider Vinegar to regulate everything and offer you the results you need. All you have to do is to use Apple Cider Vinegar often and you get to enjoy all these great benefits. Try giving them a shot and you will be quite impressed with the value and efficiency it delivers. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Daily Routines You Need to Get Into to Increase Your Happiness
Whether you are looking to upgrade your current routines into healthier ones, looking to add in mini-habits to increase your happiness, or even introduce new habits in to become a more productive human, the key is to incorporate in ones that only take a few minutes a day. This ensures that you are willing to stick to them and that they will have a positive impact on you because you don’t see them as a chore but as a healthy part of your day. Here are five routines that you should get into in order to increase your happiness throughout the day. 1. Get Your Butt Out of Bed Early Those who wake up earlier are more in tune with their body’s natural rhythms. This increases your happiness levels because you don’t feel rushed in the morning. Rather than waking up feeling stress and exhausted from going to bed late and getting up even later, you actually have the extra time to get done what you need to in the morning. This includes making sure you take the time to make a healthy breakfast, making your bed, opening up the blinds and getting some sunshine, having your morning coffee and generally being more productive. Just by getting up early, you will impact your well-being in a positive way. If you are a night owl and want to get up early, wake up twenty minutes earlier every day and hit the sunshine as soon as you wake up. This helps readjust your internal clock until you are able to get up at the time you want every day. 2. Make Your Bed All adults at some point or another realize that they no longer have to listen to their mother’s whine about their bed not being made and so we get into the habit of not making it. Reverse this and instead make your bed every morning. Not only does this help you get into the groove of being productive but it provides you with a sense of pride. This tiny little habit will increase your happiness because the day will feel more manageable and when you come home, a well-made bed won’t induce stress. 3. Get Rid of the Bad Habits That Interrupt Sleep: Getting into the habit of turning your phone off an hour before bed and choosing to forego stimulants like coffee late at night will help you solve your sleep problems. Nothing will wreck your early morning routine like 2-3 hours of sleep because you couldn’t put down the phone. Another habit that is good to get into on a daily basis is turning off the television in the bedroom or any other type of noise-inducing device. 4. Journal Before Going to Sleep: Whether you like writing or not, journaling is an insanely healthy habit to get into. Not only can it help you acknowledge and process the emotions of the day but it can help you prepare for the next day. The great thing about journaling is that you can do it in whatever fashion you would like. You could create a task journal, a dream journal, a reflection journal, or all of the above. 5. Choose Exercise: This is one of the major ones that will have a massive impact on your daily happiness. Get up and move throughout the day. This could be anything from doing a weightlifting workout in the morning before work, going out for a walk on your lunch break, or hitting the gym for an hour before you head home. Choosing to exercise will lift your spirits, make you more productive, and increase your happiness levels. Plus, it has a ton of physical benefits too! Other than the above, choose to indulge yourself at least once a day. Now, that’s not to say go out and kill your nutritional intake by consuming a cheesecake or an entire bottle of wine, but instead to indulge your senses and interests. At the beginning or at the end of your day, head to the nearest coffee shop you’ve been wanting to try, or schedule a night out with friends, or set aside time to read that newest book release. Make sure you are setting aside time for yourself every day to indulge in the things you love. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Why do some men have different colored beards compared to the hair on their head?
Let's face it; everyone wants beards these days — it's one of those things that can make you look manly and some women actually dig it! However, the process of growing your beard may turn out to be what you least expected. For instance, some brown or dark-haired men may find that the scruff on their chins is different from what's on their head. For the most part, you might end up seeing a surprising amount of red-hued whiskers when you look into the mirror, and that's pretty weird. Well, the good news is, the color difference is not as weird as you think it to be — there's actually a scientific explanation for it. The very first thing you should know is that hair is determined genetically, and it's not just inherited from parents. In essence, the genes can come from grandparents and even ancestors — with that in mind, one can expect the body to express a wide range of color combinations. It's good to point out that the genes that influence hair color are known as 'incomplete dominant hereditary traits.' What does this mean? Well, it only implies that no gene is dominant over the rest, but they actually do influence one and another. Don't take this discovery from us, take it from Petra Haak-Bloem, a specialist at the Dutch national genetic research center Erfocentrum. Essentially, red hair or beard is usually as a result of a mutation in the MC1R gene. It's important to note that this gene plays a significant role in making protein that influences the production of melanin triggers the growth of red hair. Look: If a person inherits two mutated versions of this gene, they'll eventually become a typical redhead with fair skin. On the flip side, those with just one mutated version of MC1R will see red on some parts of the body, and other parts may end up being brown or blonde. So even if your entire family has brown hair, another gene for red hair could be part of your genetic code and therefore show up in places like your chin. All in all, your red beard is caused by mutation, or it could be that someone in your family was a redhead at some point. But, the good thing is, those red-hued whiskers are perfectly normal! So quit being worried and let it grow! Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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This is What Happens When You Do 10, 50 and 100 Sit-ups Every Morning
Today, there are quite a number of exercises that promise to keep us in shape and tone our bodies — it's nothing new. But the big question is, which one delivers the best results? How can we plan our exercise routine to get the body of our dreams? One of the many exercises I decided to try was sit-ups. I just gave into the hype and of course, worked my body from doing 10 to 100 sit-ups every morning, and the good news is, I've never been better! Before I talk about my results, I'll like to point out that I was actually looking to shed some extra pounds and enjoy the other benefits that come with sit-ups — my drive and determination pushed me to start, and of course, they kept me going. Here's How It Went First off, I started the journey with ten sit-ups per day — it wasn’t easy to begin with, but the good thing is, my core became stronger and stronger by the day. As we know, sit-ups are a bodyweight exercise that helps to strengthen core muscles. For the most part, body weight exercises give you the ability to tone your body and at the same time build functional strength to carry out your day to day tasks. As time went on, I noticed a change in my stamina and that was probably because of the new strength in my core and back muscles – something I had never experienced before. Moving up to 50 sit-ups, I saw great improvement in the flexibility of my hips and backs. This helped my muscles to perform at their peak. What's more, stronger core stability and flexibility improves your performance in other daily activities and tasks, taking away any strains I once had, making my life much easier! After a couple of weeks, I decided to challenge myself to do up to 100 sit-ups every morning, and that wasn't easy, but it was totally worth it. Besides building overall body strength and muscle, the sit-ups also worked wonders on my metabolism. The thing is, the process of building your muscles pushes you to consume a lot of calories; in essence, you keep burning them even after you're done with workouts. This actually helped a lot as I saw a significant difference in my body weight. That said, I didn't cut out the food — I ate lots of wholesome, healthy food and of course, did my sit-ups regularly. Talk about super healthy weight loss! Lest not forget, the sit-ups really improved my posture and this was as a result of my stronger and toned core muscles. What you should know is that tighter core muscles cause your back to naturally straighten out, thus giving you the perfect posture you've always wanted. As we know, good posture can have positive lasting effects on the body, and it can also make your confidence to go through the roof — who wouldn't want that? To sum it up, I was able to break a sweat, strengthen my core muscles and of course, lose weight and straighten my posture — more like I got everything I was seeking for! The best part? I didn't have to spend a dime! The thing is, sit-ups demand your time and effort before you can see tangible results. Just make the decision to get in shape today and start working towards your fitness goal. Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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HACK: 2 Methods to Fight Off Acne with Baking Soda
Pimples can be really irritating and no matter how you treat them, they tend to come back again and again. Pimples can basically be defined as small comedones that tend to appear in skin areas where the oil glands are supremely active. However, baking soda has appeared to be an effectual and reliable treatment for these pimples. Moreover, the best part about it is that this ingredient can be easily found in your kitchens. Here are different treatments involving baking soda that have been tried and tested for pimple removal. Baking soda and Honey By mixing together honey and baking soda, you can get an effectual treatment for pimples. Both these ingredients lend a helping hand in restoring pH and putting a stop to excessive oil production in the body. You just need to mix together 2 tablespoons of Baking Soda and 2 tablespoons of honey to form a paste. Just apply the paste on your entire face or on the affected area and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, just rinse your face with warm water and repeat this treatment for twice a week. Baking Soda and Lemon Lemon is known to be a detoxifying as well as lightening ingredient. Thus, when it combines with baking soda, it can help in removing the toxins from the skin and preventing the occurrence of pimples. You just need to mix 1 tablespoon of Baking Soda and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to form a paste. After applying the paste on your affected area, you need to leave it there for 10 minutes. Both these treatments have been known to combat pimples really well and even prevent the re-occurrence of pimples. ? Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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I Stopped Smoking and After 1 Month Here's What Happened
Let's face it; smoking is bad. Besides impacting your health, the habit takes its toll on your appearance, clothes and of course, your wallet! As a new ex-smoker, I can say for sure that smoking affects your body in more ways than one, but the good news is, it's never too late to quit. Of course, after many years of smoking, I decided to take the big step towards cessation. Although it hasn't been easy, I can say that I've been seeing the fruits of my labor — it's really amazing! So far so good, I've stayed away from cigarettes for one month — of course, I started experiencing the incredible health benefits right from day one up until this moment. In this video, I'm going to let you in on how my health changed during the first month of giving up on the habit. And of course, I hope it motivates you to quit smoking once and for all! Here's What Happened After I Stopped Smoking For One Month For starters, you're likely to experience the amazing benefits of quitting in as little 20 minutes — that's just how fast your body heals! Fast forward to one month, I started noticing great improvements in my respiratory health. Yes, I always experienced nasty coughs and shortness of breath in the past. Even cases of sinus pain and congestion was a norm. But the good news is, I've been recovering from these symptoms ever since I quit — one month down the road, I know for sure that I feel better now. Essentially, the moment you stop inhaling cigarette smoke, cilia in the lungs comes back to life. In essence, the delicate lung tissues begin to regrow and function like they ought to. For the most part, cilia help to move particulates (in this case, toxins from cigarette smoke) we breathe in back out of the lungs. But unfortunately, smoking causes them to be clogged with tar. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the delicate lung tissues begin to function again after quitting smoking. And for those who might not know, shortness of breath is a smoker's disease that impairs your ability to breathe. It actually took a toll on me back then, but I see amazing improvements today — just one month after quitting, I now breathe freely and easily. That's not all — I also found it easy to perform a range of cardiovascular activities including running and jumping. What's more, my dull sense of smell also improved — it was really amazing to smell subtle scents that have evaded me for years. In addition to the health benefits, I also found that my confidence began to grow as time went by. Of course, this new sense of empowerment has the potential to bring new positive relationships that can change other areas of your life. All in all, the journey hasn't been easy, but I can boldly say the change is totally worth it! It's all about settling in and allowing the smoke-free days pile up. With time, you'll start enjoying the fruits of your labor! Best part? The benefits continue on long after your first month; in essence, after years, you can be sure of being as healthy as can be. Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Secrets to Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Fast!
Let's face it; belly fat is always easy to gain but incredibly hard to shed — this is a sad but true fact! For those who might know, fat around your tummy is known as the visceral fat. Essentially, some amount of this fat is required to provide cushioning to the organs, but excessive amounts can take a big toll on your overall health. In fact, people with considerable amount of belly fat are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases! Well, the good news is, there are quite a few things you can do to get rid of the bulging belly — for one, a combination of a good diet and regular exercise is sure to deliver impressive results. But of course, there's still more! In this video, we're going to explore up to five secrets to losing that stubborn and annoying bulge once and for all. Let's jump right in! 1. Quit Foods That Have High Glycemic Index For starters, it's not enough to cut down on your carb intake, it's also in your best interest to check out the Glycemic Index. For those who might not know, the glycemic index is s value assigned to certain foods based on how quickly or slowly they increase blood sugar levels. For the most part, there's a good chance of experiencing a spike in blood sugar levels when you consume high glycemic index foods. And as you probably guessed, the excessive sugar will be converted to fat and eventually lead to the bulge. The good news is, you can reverse this effect by eating low glycemic foods including legumes, nuts and starch-free veggies. To sum it up, be sure to avoid foods like white rice, potatoes, sugary canned juice and white bread. 2. Eat Your Fibers and Whole Grains The very first thing you should know is that fiber takes a long time to digest — it gives you the feeling of fullness and prevent you from eating high carb foods. That said, you won't be wrong to include high fiber foods in your diet including whole grains and leafy vegetables. It's also great to eat a lot of brown rice, beans, nuts and dry fruits — these foods will increase your chances of kicking that stubborn belly fat out of your life for good. 3. More and More Protein Like fiber, protein also takes a long time to digest — this is one of the biggest reasons why you should increase your intake. It's also good to know that protein intake boosts metabolism and even increase the levels of appetite-reducing hormones including GLP-1, peptide YY, and cholecystokinin. But that's not all — high protein intake also reduce the levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin; it's just perfect. Some good sources of protein include poultry, eggs, milk, oats, almonds just to name a few. 4. Don't Forget Your Fats You might not know this but fats can help balance your hormones and stimulate the body's fat burning process. In essence, not all fats are bad for you — unsaturated fats like olive oil, fish, avocado, and nuts pack a ton of nutrients all of which are excellent for shedding tummy fat. What's more, unsaturated fats facilitate the removal of LDL cholesterol from arteries and promote a healthier heart. The key takeaway: fat burns fat — so eat up! 5. Just Sleep Finally, failure to get enough sleep at night can cause you to find comfort in high-carb foods and that's not part of the plan. What's more insufficient sleep slows down normal metabolic activity and eventually ruin your weight loss goals — the list goes on and on! That said, it's in your best interest to get up to eight hours of good quality sleep every day — doing this will not only help you lose weight but it'll also keep your overall health in tip-top shape. So there you have it! Five foolproof secrets to losing of stubborn belly fat. Now, at this point, it's all up to you to act and of course, work towards getting the flat belly of your dreams. Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Cancer Dies When You Start Eating These 5 Foods
Trying to figure out how to win against cancer? Or better still, how to reduce your risk of the life-threatening disease? If yes, you're not alone! Known as the second leading cause of death globally (responsible for up to 8.8 million deaths in 2015), there's no doubt that cancer is a scourge that needs to be stopped! The good news? The right foods can actually increase your chances of winning the scary battle with cancer! So yes, there are certain super cancer-fighting foods that target and destroy cancer and cancer-causing cells. And of course, this video will let you in on not just one or two but 5 super foods that kill the killer disease! 1. Broccoli Taking the first spot is Broccoli. A cruciferous vegetable that comes from the same family as cauliflower, kale, and cabbage. Right off the bat, broccoli is packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants including glucoraphanin and indole-3-carbinol. The good news? Both these antioxidants boast the ability to reduce the risk of breast, prostate, gastric and cervical cancer. But that's not all! This super green vegetable is also high in sulforaphane, a potent compound supports the body's protective enzymes and helps flush out cancer-causing chemicals. Just be sure to become best friends with your broccoli — and oh, the amazing benefits are best raw! 2. Garlic As with other members of the allium family (say shallots, leek, and onions) garlic is loaded with powerful antioxidants that can facilitate the removal of free radicals from the body. For the most part, raw garlic can help fight colon, esophageal, stomach and breast cancers. In addition to battling cancer, garlic can also lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, boost immunity and improve brain function. Simply chop a clove of fresh, crushed garlic and add to whatever recipe that tickles your fancy! 3. Berries We all love eating berries — there's no doubt about that! But now you have all the more reason to snack on them every now and then. Yes, besides being amazingly delicious, berries are rich in cancer-fighting phytonutrients. So of course, you won't be wrong to start stocking up on everything from strawberries to blueberries to goji berries and even black raspberries. Speaking of which, black raspberries contain an incredibly high amount of phytochemicals known as anthocyanins. Essentially, these phytochemicals inhibit the growth of premalignant cells and prevent the formation of new blood vessels. To sum it berries are effective in reducing the risk of esophageal, colon, oral and skin cancers. 4. Tomatoes Why this juicy red fruit? Well, it turns out that tomato is the best dietary source of lycopene — a carotenoid/antioxidant that brings about the red hue. So yes, lycopene boast the capacity to fight the growth of certain cancers including endometrial cancer — one that's responsible for up to 8,000 deaths a year! The antioxidant is also effective in fighting lung, prostate, and stomach cancers. So how can you get the full benefits of tomatoes? It's pretty simple — just cook them! The big idea here is that heat Increases the concentration of lycopene your body is able to absorb. 5. Walnuts Walnuts contain phytosterols — cholesterol-like molecules that have been proven to slow down breast cancer cell growth. What's more, walnuts can protect against prostate cancer — it's capable of slowing tumor growth and preventing their development. So what now? Well, just start munching already! Here's to a cancer-free life! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Ways to Maintain Focus and Concentration to Successfully ZONE IN
Unfortunately, our minds are not hard-wired to stay pinpointed on one thing for very long. This is due to the fact that our brain is constantly looking out for dangers in our environment, is constantly looking out for what is new, and has been programmed to take in and enjoy the quick and easily accessible digital media that comes with our interconnected world. This means that we are poor at concentrating and focusing when we really need to, but there are several exercises you can use to improve your “zoning in” skills. Read below for a few exercises you can do and a few tips that will help you concentrate. 1. Unplug Completely From The Digital World. Block those social media profile pages and log out of that e-mail account. When you are logged out, you won’t be met with constant interruptions. This means you will be better able to focus on the task at hand. 2. Turn On The Music. Although some people may find music distracting, the majority of people actually find that it helps you focus in on your own thoughts. The key with this is that you have to like what is being played through your speakers. So turn on the music, put it on low, and watch your focus grow. 3. Take a Few Short Breaks. You will automatically work better if you are able to take short breaks rather than working straight through the job. Not only does this re-energize the brain due to the break in concentration but it allows you to increase your focus by deactivating and reactivating the brain. 4. Go For a Walk and Focus on Smell. When you head out into your environment, focus in on the smells around you. If you have to, head to a park that is full of plants and flowers and pick one of these to focus on. Once you are able to distinguish how one of these smells from another, concentrate on it over and over again. This strengthens your sense of smell which, in turn, increases how well you are able to concentrate. 5. Use Time to Increase Your Focus Skills. Similar to focusing in on smells, sit in a chair and place a clock in front of you. If it is an analog clock, focus on nothing but the second hand as it goes around the clock face. If it is a digital clock, focus in on the seconds counting up. Focus in one of these until there is nothing else in your view or in your thought process. Do this for several minutes a day until you are able to completely zone in on just that second hand. Other than the above, make sure that you are not multi-tasking when you need to concentrate. Multitasking, although looks simple, is actually very detrimental to how your brain works when trying to process a task at hand. If you are focusing on more than one thing, your brain has to switch back and forth between each item, which causes your brain to slow down and become distracted. Finally, if you need to, get up and move around. Movement and physical exercise can help energize the brain and allow you to re-focus.
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8 Unusual Food Combinations that Help You Lose Weight!
Trying to figure out how the right foods can help you lose weight? If so, you'll be happy to hear that there are a number of fat-fighting duos that can strengthen your attack on excess body fat. In essence, you can actually combine certain foods to help boost your metabolism to shed those extra pounds and keep it away. Want to learn more about these super tasty and healthy food combos? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes! Let's check them out! 1. Chicken and Red Pepper Topping this list is the tasty combination of chicken and red pepper. For starters, red peppers are great calorie blasters, and they also help the body convert food into energy. Combine this with chicken, and you'll get a delicious dish that's super healthy for you! 2. Eggs and Vegetables Do you love eggs? If yes, you won't be wrong to combine them with fresh veggies — it's more like kicking your weight loss goals up a notch. It's also good to point out that eggs facilitate the absorption of carotene and that's great. 3. Salmon and Asparagus This is perhaps one of the healthiest food combos you can enjoy right now. For the most part, salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and asparagus is an incredibly healthy vegetable that flushes out excess water from the body. All in all, a great duo that can help you shed those extra pounds. 4. Almonds and Greek Yogurt Almonds are a good source of calcium and vitamin E, and they're also chock full of antioxidants. On the other hand, Greek yogurt is rich in healthy fats and vitamin D — talk about an excellent fat burning combo! 5. Legumes and Corn Got a thing for legumes? If yes, you'll be glad to know that a legume-rich diet can kick your weight loss efforts up a notch. Corn, on the other hand, contains a complex carbohydrate that's great for your intestine and immune system. 6. Green Tea and Lemon Juice There's a good chance that you know about the weight loss properties of lemon and also aware that green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants. That said, this fat-fighting duo can be just what you need to get the figure of your dreams. 7. Tuna and Ginger This is yet another amazing food combination that can take your weight loss efforts to the next level. First off, tuna is chock full of omega three fatty acids and also happen to prevent the buildup of fat in the abdominal area. On the flip side, ginger is great for the bowel and also help to keep bloating at bay. With this in mind, you won't be wrong to enjoy tuna salad or freshly prepared sushi whenever you can! 8. Avocado and Spinach Here's the thing; avocado and spinach contain huge amounts of vitamins and minerals. That said, the combination is sure to nourish your body and promote overall health and wellness. It's also good to know that avocado is perfect when combined with fish or poultry — don't hesitate to indulge! Here's to a super tasty weight loss journey! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Fasting vs. Eating Less, And How They Work With Weight Loss
Let's face it; most of us rely on low-calorie diets to lose weight and of course, we can't blame ourselves for that. I mean, there's a good chance that you've made a lot of unhealthy food choices that may have contributed to excessive weight gain. As we know, obesity is a big problem in today's society; this is precisely why people hardly think twice about going on fad diets. What's more, some individuals even go as far as starving themselves to lose weight — this is clearly a drastic measure to get the job done. What about low-calorie weight loss programs? Today it's no longer news that there are lots of meal-plan diet systems that claim to increase your chances of losing weight within weeks. For the most part, these programs are aimed at those looking to shed a few pounds (between 20 to 30) without much fuss. It's good to point out that the foods are usually tasty and healthy but there's a catch; the portions are incredibly small. In fact, they're miserably small up to the point where you'll eventually give up on the program and start eating like crazy! In essence, you'll end up gaining more weight than before, and that not what we’re looking for. So what's the point? Well, it's pretty simple; low-calorie diets are pretty much like starving yourself — you eat less, feel hungry (even hangry, a combination of hungry and angry), eat more and eventually gain more. How is Fasting Different? The very first thing you should know is that fasting is not the same as eating less or starvation. For the most part, fasting is a safe and natural way of abstaining from food for a specific period of time. It's good to point out that fasting offers quite a number of benefits to us — it's more like the ultimate internal cleansing solution. Essentially, it helps to get rid of toxins and waste products from your cells and joints. What's more, fasting makes your skin clean and clear. It also increases your chances of being resistant to diseases. And most importantly, fasting gives a boost your metabolism and that's precisely what you need to keep your weight in check. Note: At this point, it's important to point out that neither fasting nor starvation contribute to weight loss. Essentially, the weight you lose during a fast or starvation is likely to return once you start eating. But there's still a big difference between the two: Fasting is way better than starvation. In essence, with fasting, you have a higher chance of controlling and maintaining your body weight. Why? Well, it's only because fasting changes your body's chemistry and increase your metabolism rate. On the flip side, starvation damages your metabolism and can even go as far as ruining your weight loss goals. To sum it up, people who fast eat healthy foods and of course, get all the nutrients from their daily diet. To them, fasting is actually a way to cleanse their bodies harmful toxins. On the flip side, eating less or following a low-calorie diet is s more like starvation. And as mentioned earlier, such diets take a toll on your metabolism and eventually cause it to malfunction. At the end of the day, your plan of eating less will only cause you to eat more and more! All in all, eating less or starvation is not and will never be the answer to getting the body of your dreams. Just stick to eating healthy foods, exercise regularly and if possible, fast intermittently. Stay healthy! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Foods That Naturally Cleanse The Body
Trying to figure out the best way to cleanse your body of toxins? If so, you're not alone. Today, most of us are exposed to a variety of different toxins in our everyday lives. They typically come from several different sources including toxic metals, pollution, and pesticides. What's more, the chemicals in processed foods are likely to slowly build up as time goes on and that alone can affect the cells of the body. So how can you get rid of these toxins? Well, there are actually a number of products on the market that promise to cleanse your body and make you feel great inside out. But as we know, some can be a bit pricey, and not all of them are natural methods. The good news is, there are a few natural foods that can cleanse your body of toxins, and the best part is, most of them are delicious! At this point, you only have to head to the nearest grocery store to get your hands on them and of course, enjoy their great cleansing and detoxifying benefits. Let's check them out! 1. Pineapple First off, pineapple is not only sweet and juicy; it also contains bromelain — an enzyme that removes toxins from the colon and improves digestion. The good thing is, this juicy tropical fruit is usually used as an important ingredient in many high-quality store-bought juice cleanses. That said, you won't be wrong to head over to the supermarket produce section to get some pineapples for your natural cleanse. You can choose to eat it fresh or just blend into smoothies — you're going to enjoy its benefits either way. 2. Blueberries The greatest thing about blueberries is that they actually support liver function. Essentially, the liver is responsible for getting rid of harmful toxins that have entered the body from foods or medications. Blueberries are chock full of detoxifying antioxidants that provide great support to the liver and even slow the progression of liver diseases. If you're ready to eat blueberries, you'll be glad to know that you can enjoy them as a super tasty snack or just add them to your smoothies or salads. 3. Kale Kale is yet another nutrient-dense super food that's chock full of essential nutrients such as vitamin K, folic acid, iron, and antioxidants. It's also good to know that kale has high amounts of fiber and sulfur compounds making it a powerful detoxifying food that's sure to get the job done. What's more, adding sulfur to your diet will work wonders on your skin; so don't hesitate to add it to your salads and green smoothies! 4. Garlic Today, there’s good chance that most people depend on garlic when it comes to adding flavor to their dishes, but do you know that it also comes with a plethora of health benefits? First off, garlic supports the function of the liver — in essence, it has strong detoxification properties. Besides its body cleansing properties, garlic also prevents cancer, lowers cholesterol and fights infections. 5. Avocados Finally, this healthy-fat fruit is yet another detox super star that contains a nutrient known as glutathione — it supports liver function by detoxifying synthetic chemicals and flushing out harmful toxins from the body. You can now make your delicious guacamole or just throw one or two slices on your breakfast toast and of course, eat your way to good health! So there you have it! These are just 5 of the many natural foods you can eat whenever you want to give your body a full cleaning service — they're sure to keep you clean inside and out! Happy detox! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Cutting vs Bulking — which one first if you're a beginner!
What are your fitness goals for the rest of the year? Are you looking to build muscle, lose fat or do both? Whichever the case may be, you'll want to learn more about cutting and bulking. These are basically the two paths to your dream body; so yes, it's crucial figure out where to start before taking the next step. Need a little help? Well, we're pretty sure you do — just keep up as we explore everything you'll ever want to know. First things First — What is Bulking and Cutting? Here's the thing; these are just two words in the bodybuilding world that refers to building muscle or losing weight. So basically a person would bulk when his/her primary goal is to build muscle and of course, cut when looking to lose unwanted body fat. Bulking When we talk of bulking, it simply means that you're purposely eating a caloric surplus diet to gain weight and build muscle. So yes, it's more like a plan where you get to eat whatever you like; more like oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice and the likes. But hey, it's not recommended to go overboard here — in other words, don't just go about eating like you got no control. Remember, the primary goal here is to build muscle and not otherwise. So in a nutshell, bulking should focus on building muscle whilst keeping fat gain to a minimum. Cutting On the flip side, the ultimate goal of cutting is to shed fat, lose weight or get lean — it's pretty easy to comprehend. But of course, you shouldn't cut up to the point where you lose all the muscle you've worked so hard to build. When cutting, you'll have to eat a caloric deficit diet; in essence, you'll want to drop all complex carbs out of your diet and just stick to protein and fat. So yes, as you probably guessed, cutting requires more mental toughness than bulking. The Big Question: Bulking or Cutting — Which Should You Start With? Well, the answer to this question depends on what you're looking to achieve. Today, most people start out with bulking before switching to cutting (and alternating between the two if need be). So yes, you could choose to build a solid base of muscle before shedding excess fat to reveal the fruits of your labor. But what if you're already overweight? Well, if you're in this position, I'll recommend you lose fat and get your weight under control. So yes, you'll want to start with cutting before returning to the bulking phase. To sum it up, it's all up to you to decide how you want to get the body of your dreams. The good news? Bulking and cutting are equal in their own special way; so you're sure to see impressive results either way. And oh, don't forget to add workouts and supplements to the mix — super helpful. Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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14 Foods to Eat and Avoid on an Empty Stomach
Are you sure you are eating the right kind of food? Even though many foods are good for your health, they may not be ideal when it comes to consuming them on an empty stomach. You have to understand that your body will be in a different state when you have not consumed any food for long hours. In this situation, you should pay importance to what you are eating and choose the right kind of foods. Foods to eat on an empty stomach • Eggs This is the ideal breakfast and they give you enough protein and vitamins to kick start your day. It helps in the development of muscles and helps your body to get the appropriate nutrition. • Oatmeal This has lots of essential minerals required for your body and the fiber content in them helps your body to digest the food easily. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol and you can regulate blood pressure by choosing these foods. • Honey It is very good to replace sugar intake with honey wherever possible. This has plenty of vitamins and minerals along with amino acids. It can boost the immune system of the body in a natural way. • Nuts This provides essential nutrition with less calories. It is loaded with antioxidants that can reduce toxins in the body. It is very good for the health of your heart as it contains Omega 3 fatty acids. • Blueberries The antioxidants in blueberries help to reduce the growth of free radicals in the body. This prevents many infections and slows down the aging process. It is also rich in vitamins A, C and E. • Whole grain bread If you eat bread for breakfast, make sure that you use whole grain variety as this contains more nutrients. It is also having lots of fiber and helps to control the cholesterol levels in the body. • Watermelon This provides various vitamins required for the body and you can kick start your day with a glass of watermelon juice. It is also rich in antioxidants and helps to fight against various infections. Foods to avoid on an empty stomach • Sweets If you are tempted with the taste of sugary sweet, you should avoid it on an empty stomach. This has lots of calories and your body sugar levels will get imbalanced if you consume them on an empty stomach. • Yogurt The acid in this food can damage the intestinal track when you consume it on an empty stomach. However, it can give many health benefits when you use it along with your meals. • Tomatoes You will be surprised to know that eating tomatoes on an empty stomach does more harm to your body then good. The tannic acid in this fruit leads to gastric ulcer when you consume it on an empty stomach. • Bananas Even though this has good amounts of potassium and other nutrients required for your body, eating them on an empty stomach can increase the magnesium content in the blood that can harm the heart. • Raw green vegetables They can cause heartburn and problems with digestion when you consume them on an empty stomach. However, they provide excellent nutrition when you use them in your meals. • Spices This can increase the production of gastric acid in the body and lead to digestive problems. You should always use them for lunch and dinner and avoid them during breakfast. • Citrus fruits All varieties of citrus fruits can cause Acid Reflux when consumed on empty stomach. However, they are rich in various vitamins and minerals and you can use them later during the day. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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7 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism For A Flat Stomach
These simple and everyday foods can give a huge boost to your metabolism.This helps to burn calories in an effective manner and your body can absorb nutrients in quick time. There will be no issues with digestion when you have good metabolism rate. Whole Grains They are rich in nutrients and also help your body to burn fat in an easy way. The main reason for this effect is the fact that the body needs more effort to process the whole grains and this leads to increased metabolism rate. It is a good idea to include fiber rich whole grains in your diet so that it helps the digestion process. Lentils They contain good amounts of iron that helps the body to carry oxygen in an effective way to all the organs. This can lead to an increase in metabolism rate as the blood flow improves and provides proper nutrition to different organs. You can benefit a lot by including lentils in your everyday diet and get the maximum benefits. Seaweed This is well known for its iodine content and you can derive many health benefits by using them in your diet. This amazing mineral is essential for the proper functioning of thyroid glands. This affects the production of thyroid hormones that regulates the overall metabolism of the body. However, make sure that you consume these foods in moderation as the high amounts of iodine can affect the body when you consume them in large quantities. Coconut Oil Unlike other types of foods, coconut oil has high amounts of medium chain triglycerides, known as MCT. The regular foods have long chain fatty acids that cannot be easily absorbed by the body. In this way, the body accumulates additional fat. However, the MCTs are effectively absorbed as they enter the liver directly. This can have a positive effect on the overall metabolism of the body. This is also effective as it contains several antioxidants required for the body. Apple cider vinegar This can significantly improve metabolism and help you to burn body fat in an appropriate manner. It reduces cravings and this has an impact on the overall calorie intake on a daily basis. This can lead to weight loss in obese people as they feel full. However, you should limit the usage to just a couple of spoons to get the best results. Ginger This helps the body to feel full and reduces cravings. You can add some ginger into hot water and drink it before meals. This decreases hunger levels and also helps in the digestion process. It is very useful for obese people as they get many health benefits by including them in the everyday diet. You can also add them to your beverages to get good taste and many health benefits. Water You will be surprised to know that drinking water can boost the metabolism within minutes. The main reason for this effect is that the body needs to heat the water to the suitable body temperature. This needs additional energy and your body improves the metabolic rate to speed up this process. However, the effects are not long lasting and this is the only problem with this approach. You can drink water before you eat meals and this can keep your body ready to handle the food. In this way, consuming these foods can have a positive impact on the way in which your body burns fat. You can burn fat without much effort and this can avoid obesity and other health problems in future. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What happens when you drink alcohol on an empty stomach?
Most people drink alcohol, it’s a way to enjoy their time and just step away from some of the day to day challenges we encounter in life. But this also has to be quite problematic. Some people say that if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, things will be even worse. While that is true, not everyone knows why that even happens. That’s the reason why we are here to help, so everyone can figure out the unique reason behind those stomach issues if you drink alcohol without eating. Keep in mind that any liquid leads to gastric emptying. What this does is the stomach will process the liquid a lot faster and then remove it. Alcohol will stay in your stomach until 15% of the entire alcohol is broken down in the liver. Some very small amounts of alcohol will not be a problem, but if you drink a lot of alcohol you will remove this process. As a result, your system will have to deal with some really high levels of intoxication. The other 85% of the alcohol is broken down in the liver. The alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and then sent to the brain. That’s where the feeling of hangover comes from. One thing to keep in mind is that when you drink alcohol on the empty stomach, the blood vessels are widening a lot faster and the normal absorption rate is not as good. While this does bring in a sense of warmth, it also comes with its own set of problems. First, you will notice that this thing comes with a temporary dehydration. You will urinate most of the liquids and your body will end up having problems gaining the necessary liquid amount. There are some other effects like anxiety, depression, addiction, kidney and liver damage. These are all side effects that are presented in the regular alcohol consumption. But the more you drink on a less stomach, the harder it will be for your body to process all of that. Basically, if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, you are generating some very high levels of alcohol concentration and intoxication. If you want to drink alcohol, then you can do that, but you will need to consume foods that are full of protein, fat and dense carbs. These will slow down the alcohol absorption and thus you will be safe. Keep in mind that if you do drink alcohol, you will also suppress appetite, so that’s why you need to eat before drinking. In case you don’t eat and drink alcohol aplenty, then you can deal with problems. You won’t feel the need to eat anymore, instead you will want to drink more and more. This leads to a lot of health problems and then you can encounter some of the major side effects listed above. What you want to do is to make sure that you at least eat something before you drink alcohol. And, if possible, you should avoid drinking a lot of alcohol. The less you drink, the better for your body! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Body Signals You Should Not Ignore!
When it comes to staying healthy, not only do you need to be aware of how your body changes over time, but you need to know what is normal for you. When you are consistently doing self-examinations, you are going to be more likely to notice sudden changes that would otherwise go unchecked. With this said, here are five body signals that you need to be aware of and not ignore when they occur, as they could be an indication of an unhealthy body. 1. Sudden Weight Gain or Loss: regardless of whether you have a quick weight gain or a quick weight loss, both can be a sign that something more serious is going on. The first reason is you may not be getting enough sleep, which your body perceives as stress, which can cause weight gain. The second reason could be a hormonal imbalance which should be checked out by your family doctor. The third reason may be from a thyroid gland disorders which causes you to either make too much or too little in the way of hormones. 2. Edema: watch your legs, feet and fingers throughout the day. If they are normal size in the morning and are swollen by the end of the day, this could be an indication that you have edema. You can get edema either from varicose veins which causes veins to protrude out or from high blood pressure and heart problems. If you notice that your face is swollen in the morning, you could also have problems with your kidneys. 3. Bruising: if you keep bruising and don’t have an explanation for it, this may be an indication that you have a blood-related disease or a vitamin deficiency. If you have a lack of vitamin C, this can cause issues with your metabolism and subsequent bruising. Other than this, diseases like thrombocytopenia and vasculitis can cause bruising. 4. The Condition of Your Tongue: take a look at the condition of your tongue and notice whether you have a thin or thick layer of white across the top of it. If it is thin, you are good to go, but if it is thick then you have some issues with digestion. Other than this, if your tongue is yellow and you have a bitter taste in the mouth, then you have issues with your gallbladder and liver. Finally, if you have a grey-yellow layer, it may be an indication that you have a chronic disease. 5. The Condition of Your Gums: if you have swollen, weak, or red gums, this is an indication that you have poor oral hygiene and that you may have gum disease. Pay attention if you have any gum membranes that are inflamed around one single tooth, or whether your gums bleed when you brush them. If you have painful reactions to cold and hot food, this is another indication that something more serious is going on. If you have any gum tissue that detaches itself from the tooth, this is a sign of periodontitis and if you have any cracks in your teeth, this is a sign of periodontal disease. If you don’t do self-examinations at home, it is very important that you start. Early detection is the number one preventative measure that you can partake in to ensure that if something is wrong, you have the best chance of getting it treated correctly. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Sleep
Ever given thought to what happens during your snooze sessions? You might not know this, but your body actually does a lot of crazy things the moment you fall into the arms of Morpheus. And there's a good chance that you've never heard about any of them until now. The good thing is, all the body processes are perfectly normal; well, except the rare exploding head syndrome — spoiler alert! Without further ado, let's check out a couple of things that happen to your body system when you hit the hay after a pretty long day. 1. Your Eyes Dart Back and Forth For starters, there are up to five stages of sleep, and each serves a specific purpose in keeping your brain and body in good shape. It's also good to point out that each stage is deeper than the former and you'll start all over again after passing through all five. For the most part, REM (rapid eye movement) is the last and most active phase — it typically starts 60 to 90 minutes after you fall asleep and you're likely to spend up to 20% of your time sleeping in this phase. Now, during REM sleep, your eyes dart quickly back and forth, but you won't even have an idea of what's going on because your mind is totally immersed in what Morpheus has in store for you. 2. Your Muscles are Temporarily Paralyzed With your eyes still twitching as a result of REM sleep, your limb muscles also get completely paralyzed — this is one paralysis you'll want to happen every night. It's what prevents from acting on whatever weird thing that's going on in your head in the middle of the night. It's important to note that this kind of paralysis is not the same as sleep paralysis which tends to occur for a few seconds or minutes after waking up in the morning. This particular disorder extends the normal paralysis that happens during sleep for a few scary moments after you awaken. It's common among people with narcolepsy, so you may want to head to the doctor's office if this happens to you. 3. Release of a Human Growth Hormone Hitting the hay also activates the production of a substance known as HGH hormone — it's what allows your bones, muscle, and tissue to regenerate. That's not all — the human growth hormone also promotes healing and cell renewal. Speaking of growth, you'll be glad to know that you get taller when you sleep at night and it's all thanks to this hormone! 4. Your Throat Narrows Falling into the arms of Morpheus changes your breathing pattern and decreases the size of your throat — it happens when your muscles relax. This is one of the reasons why your partner snores noisily! There's a good chance that the person's throat is way too narrow thus the annoying noises. It's however important to note that there are still other culprits including nasal obstruction and the like. 5. Your Kidney Slows Down What's the normal of the kidneys? As you probably guessed, it filters toxins out of the bloodstream and produces urine. Well, this function actually slows when you hit the hay, and that's why your urine looks a bit dark when you pee in the morning. Essentially, the filtering action of your kidneys slows down to reduce the production of urine. And that's it! As you can see, there are quite a few normal and bizarre things that happen when you shut your eyes and drift off to dreamland. Now, you know that there's more to hitting the hay than getting your beauty sleep! Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Intermittent Fasting — How It Works and How It Affects Us
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "fasting"? Now, there's a good chance of thinking about gimmicky diets that claim to help you get the body of your dreams in no time. Well, the good thing is, research has pointed out that intermittent fasting goes beyond helping you get in shape, it also has the potential to improve your overall health. For the most part, intermittent fasting is occasional starvation done in a strategic manner. The big idea is to cycle between periods of regular eating and fasting, during which you drastically cut down your calorie intake. It's good to point out that some people fast for hours (up to 16 or more) and during this time, their bodies experience an important change that's unlikely to be felt by non-fasters. So How Does It Work? For starters, the energy gotten from food is usually stored in the liver as glycogen. But as you probably guessed, the reserves get incredibly low when you skip meals for about 10 to 12 hours. So what's the side effect? Well, at such times, there's a good chance of feeling more irritable than normal or let's say you're likely to get very hangry. But do you know the good thing? Low levels of glycogen cause fat cells in your body to release fats into your blood stream. Moving forward, the fat cells get transported to your liver and eventually gets converted to energy for the body and brain. It's more like you living off fat to survive. How Intermittent Fasting Affects Us First off, a number of blood samples indicate that individuals who had fasted for 12 to 24 hours experienced up to a 60% increase in energy from fat. It's however important to note that the most significant change occurred after 18 hours. For the most part, intermittent fasting puts us in a state of ketosis and that's precisely researchers see it as the key to living a super healthy life. When the body starts to burn fat for energy, it releases chemicals known as ketones. And the good thing is, higher ketone levels can do a lot for your health. For instance, in the brain, these chemicals promote the release of an important molecule called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Essentially, this molecule works to build and strengthen both neurons and neural connections in parts of the brain responsible for learning and memory. This is exactly why an increase in ketone levels has been linked to better memory function in people with early signs of dementia. It's also good to know that higher ketone production can provide relief to patients suffering from severe epilepsy. So is fasting the only way to boost ketone levels? Well, there's still another way — you just have to add to cut back on carbs and eat more fatty foods. It's however important to note that you're likely to see greater results when you fast. In fact, scientists discovered that ketogenic diets can increase ketone levels by 4-fold while fasting has been shown to increase ketone production by up to 20-fold! Other studies have also indicated that intermittent fasting may reduce bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Moreover, this mode of fasting may increase insulin resistance which in turn, regulate blood sugar levels and keep you healthy. Periodic fasting has also been linked to lower risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It could even reverse signs of aging! So what's the point? Well, it's pretty easy to see that intermittent fasting actually does more than keeping us in shape. In fact, fasting and ketosis have been one of the reasons for our survival as humans. And I'll recommend you give it a try especially if you're ready to stay mentally and physically healthy! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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2 Smoothies That Will Naturally Cleanse Your Colon and Flush Excess Toxins
Colon health is very important. A lot of activity goes on in your colons every day. To ensure that your colon remains at optimal functionality, you should regularly consume foods and healthy smoothies that can effectively cleanse your colons. The build-up of toxic deposits in the colons is one of the top causes of poor colon health. Other causes of malfunctioning colons include bad diet and living a sedentary lifestyle. People who sit in one position for long hours working are prone to experience issues with their colons. Their stationary positions can inhibit the normal functions of the colons thereby promoting the build-up of deposits in the colons. Smoothies taste great, and they can be made in a number of combinations which include healthy fruits and foods. You can stay healthy by consuming these smoothies regularly. They contain compounds and nutrients that will aid the cleaning of your colon. Lemon, Honey, and Flaxseed smoothie This smoothie is rich in fiber and antioxidants that aid the elimination of toxic compounds in your system. It also improves the functions of your intestinal flora while reducing your chances of experiencing diseases that affect the colons. Leave some flaxseed to soak in a glass of water for about nine hours. Strain the water and add some lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Enjoy this refreshing drink before breakfast. Strawberry, Parsley and Pineapple Smoothie This is a delicious blend of fruits and parsley that is rich in antioxidants that will eliminate harmful toxins from your colon. Cut up your strawberries and pineapples, put the mixture in a blender, add one tablespoon of parsley and process the mixture. Enjoy this smoothie daily to cleanse your colons. Bonus #3: Pineapple, Aloe Vera, Oranges and Cucumber Smoothie Aloe Vera has so many health benefits. It will aid your body’s waste elimination processes to remove harmful toxins that can cause issues in your colon. Pineapple and oranges are also rich sources of vitamin C and fiber which is essential to promote the elimination of waste from your body. Put some slices of pineapple, and your orange juice into the processor. Add the gel extracted from the Aloe Vera. Add some pieces of your cucumber and process the smoothie. The result will be a fantastic tasting drink that you can enjoy three times a day. Feel free to try out any of these smoothie recipes. You can also add some of your favorite fruits to vary the taste if you wish. Smoothies also taste better when served cold. While these smoothies will help your colons remain clean and healthy, you should also consider adopting healthier diets and become more physically active to ensure that you remain healthy. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Japanese Methods For Staying Healthy and Fit
The Japanese are well known for their slim physiques, living the longest, and being the healthiest group of people on the planet. Not only do they have one of the longest life expectancies in the world, they have the lowest incidences of mortality related to cardiovascular conditions. This is because the Japanese not only eat smartly, but they lead active lifestyles that promote macro management and a diverse food palette. If you want to be healthy like a Japanese individual, here are five methods you can use. 1. Stop Consuming Liquids During Your Meals. According to Japanese culture, drinking water or other liquids during your meals is bad for your digestion because it cools down the body. Instead, you want the food to create warmth in your body as this ensures that the food gets burned off. Plus, liquids tend to neutralize acid in the stomach which results in poor digestion. 2. Use Japanese Water Therapy. This essentially states that water helps to boost your digestive system and clean out the stomach. It is recommended that you drink water upon waking after sleep in a lukewarm state and do not consume any food within forty-five minutes of drinking the water. Four to six glasses of 200 millilitres is the recommended dosage. 3. Balance Out Your Macro Nutrients. The Japanese are much better at controlling their macronutrient intakes despite not tracking the same way as North Americans do. Instead, they make sure they are getting enough carbohydrates, fat, and protein by eating satiating vegetables and fruits with fibrous grains like rice. 4. Start Your Meal With Soups and Swap in Rice. By filling up on soups, you are less likely to overeat on items that have a lot of calories, fats, and sugars in them. By swapping in rice instead of bread, not only are you going to feel more full but rice promotes healthy digestion whereas bread can cause a lot of bloating and gas problems. 5. Practice Hara Hachi Bunme. This is a little-known habit that states that you should only eat until you are about eighty percent full. This way, you give your brain some time to catch up to your stomach. The reason this helps you lose weight and keep weight off is that it takes your brain about twenty minutes to register that it is full. By only eating until you are eighty percent full, you end up being less likely to overeat. In addition to this, you should eat your food slowly to help with the process. Other than the above, the Japanese promote active lifestyles that keep them fit as they move around regularly. Although they don’t necessarily hit the gym all the time, they do make sure that they move about daily by walking and using public transportation to get around. You may also want to drink tea instead of sugar-filled beverages, choose fermented foods, and snack smartly on small portions. If you can incorporate the above into your daily routines, not only will you see some weight come off, but you will find that you sleep better and are overall happier and healthier. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Most Effective Exercises To Lose Weight at Home
Let's face it; everyone wants to look great — flat tummy, toned abs, trimmed waist and more. Of course, the ultimate goal here is to figure out how to lose weight and keep it away! Besides eating the right foods and having the right mindset, it's also super important to exercise on a regular basis. In fact, there are times when "just" the right workouts can help you get the body of your dreams. Trying to figure out where to start? If yes, join us as we explore 5 of the best exercises for weight loss right now. Of course, you can do every one of them in the comfort of your home! Let's dive in! 1. Squats Taking the first spot is squats — a tested and trusted exercise for weight loss. For the most part, squats target your core and entire body; and of course, you only see results when you do it correctly. • Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and at the same time, place your arms at your sides. Keeping your weight in your heels, start lowering your legs and raising your arms out in front of your body. • While keeping your back straight, lower yourself until your thighs parallel to the floor. Try as much as possible to keep your knees aligned with your toes throughout the exercise. • Also, be sure to keep your back straight and chest up throughout the workout. • Just go as low as possible but of course, try to keep your thighs parallel to the floor. • Repeat 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps. 2. Lunges This is yet another exercise that has proven itself to be super effective for weight loss. Of course, you can perform the lunge in quite a number of ways and the good news is, they're all sure to deliver excellent results. Here's how to do the plain forward lunge for a start. Note: the plain forward lunge targets multiple muscles at once. So, of course, it's sure to be your best bet for maximum calorie burn. • Once again, stand straight with feet hip-width wide apart. Now place your hands on your hips and gently take a step forward with your right leg. • Keeping your spine straight, lower your body until your front and back leg form a 90-degree angle. • Now pause and return your right leg to the starting position. • Just repeat the steps above with your left leg. • Repeat 10 times on each side targeting a total of 3 sets. 3. Explosive Lunges Here's a high-intensity variant of the lunge that's meant to work your body and torch major calories. Just so you know, this exercise is great for the legs and buttocks. • While standing with your feet together, place your hands on your hips and take a step forward with your right leg. • Bend until your right leg forms a 90-degree angle. Now jump up and switch your legs mid-air. Then, of course, end with the left leg lunged forward. Remember to switch sides every minute. • Repeat the lunges and focus on completing 3 sets. 4. Double Jump Want something a bit more challenging than regular squats? If yes, do the double jump! This exercise will get your heart pumping and work your abs, butt, and legs. • Start by lowering into a deep squat and then rise up like as though you're jumping. Just remember to land in a lunge position with your right leg back. • Now, jump from the lunge position and return to a squat. Be sure to keep at it for 45 seconds, switching legs. • Do a total of two sets. 5. Mountain Climbers Last but not the least is mountain climbers; a super effective, heart-pumping workout that targets your calf muscles, chests and arms. As far as at-home exercises go, mountain climbers are one that's sure to burn a whole lot of calories in no time. Let's check it out! • First off, get into a plank position placing your hands under your shoulders. While in this position, be sure to keep your head aligned with your ankles. • With your feet placed a little less than hip-width apart, raise your right knee towards your chest. Of course, you should try to keep the rest of your body rigid throughout the exercise. • Now return to the starting position and repeat the steps with your left knee. And that's it! These are five awesome workouts that actually give you a great opportunity to burn calories and feel great while you're at it. It's about time to get the body of your dreams! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Why do Babies Have More Bones Than Adults, and What Happens to Them?
This could be one of the weirdest questions you've heard in a pretty long time — it actually sounds like a joke, but it's not! Babies do have more bones than adults from birth. Shocked? Well, whatever you feel right now is justifiable. Babies are just way too "soft" to house more bones than adults, so this here is a weird fact! Still in doubt? Well, this video will clear things up for you — let's get started. For starters, the adult human body has up to 206 bones whereas a baby is born with around 300 bones — 270 to be precise. The thing is, babies have both large and small bones like adults, but the highlight is that they have many more of them. The big question is, "why do they have more bones and what happens to them as time goes on?" Well, as we mentioned earlier, babies come into the world with over 270 bones, but the number goes down to 206 when they reach adulthood. Just so you know, the bones do not disappear magically — there's actually a simple explanation for it. First off, the reason behind the significantly higher number of bones in babies is attributed to cartilage. Essentially, cartilage is a firm tissue which happens to be softer and much more flexible than bone. This smooth, elastic tissue can be found in the rib cage, ears, nose and other parts of the body. For the most part, babies are born with more cartilage which eventually turns into bone as they get older — the process is known as endochondral ossification. The thing is, cartilage gets replaced by bone matrices as the baby grows — this is precisely why adults have fewer bones than babies. It's also good to point out that there are several different signs on the body that sheds more light on the difference in the number of bones in babies and adults. One good sign is the soft spot babies usually have on their head. What you should know is that this soft spot is a gap between the bones which eventually fuses together to form a single bone. When you take a look at skull bones, you'll find that different fragments have joined — the visible lines are enough proof. That said, the skull and many other bones throughout the body fuse together as we get older thus reducing the 270 bones from birth to 206. And that's it! There's no magic here — it's just a natural process. Babies are actually born with more bones than adults, but the small bone segments eventually fuse together form fewer bones that are larger and stronger! Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Things Your Eyes are Trying to Tell You About Your Health
When it comes to your eyes, many individuals will experience minor conditions such as pink eye, redness, and eye strain. But, not everyone realizes that your eyes can provide you with a much more in-depth profile about the health of your entire body. In addition to common problems like bumps on the eyelids, eye twitching, and drooping eyes, if you look closely, you can actually find out whether your body is overly stressed, whether you have diabetes, or even whether you are dehydrated. Here are five conditions, illnesses, or problems that you can tell by the health of your eyes. 1. You are suffering from dehydration. Other than pinching your skin to find out whether you are dehydrated or not, you can just stand in front of the mirror and check to see if your eyes are red. Now, if they are just red every once in a while, this isn’t necessarily an indicator of dehydration but if they are red more often than not then the surface blood vessels in your eyes may be dilated, indicating dehydration. Now, this is also permitting that you haven’t consumed any illicit substances either. If you are noticing this, drink more water and see if it helps. 2. You may have thyroid disease. There are lots of conditions and illnesses that affect the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing and releasing hormones that your body needs to be properly regulated. If you have unusually wide and open eyes (called eyelid retraction) or have bulging eyes paired with weight loss, diarrhea or hand tremors, then you need to get seen by a doctor. 3. You are overly stressed. Another common sign you may see is an eye twitch or red vein-like lines running across the whites of your eyes. Both of these are indicators of not enough sleep and too much stress and strain on the eyes. 4. You have diabetes. If you consistently experience blurred vision or have an awful time seeing at night, then you may have diabetes. Essentially what happens here is diabetic retinopathy which is where the blood vessels in your eyes leak fluids such as blood which causes problems with your vision. 5. Droopy Eyes or Yellow Eyes. If both your eyelids droop downward towards your cheeks, it is worth getting checked out as you may have myasthenia gravis. This condition causes your immune system to attack your muscles which subsequently weakens them. This condition can affect your throat muscles, face muscles, and eyes but can be treated with medication or surgery. On the other hand, if you notice that the white around your eyes is yellow in color, this is called jaundice which is an indicator of liver problems. So, the next time you jump in front of the mirror and take a look at your face, try checking out your eyes and see if there is anything else going on. The eyes are a great way to catch the early signs of systemic bodily problems that you may have easier success treating, the earlier you detect it. If you have consistent symptoms that develop in and around the eyes, it is important that you see a healthcare professional. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Things That Happen To Your Body If You Don’t Drink Enough Water
We all understand the importance of drinking enough water in theory, but in actuality, a lot of individuals still struggle with knowing how much to drink and whether they are getting enough or not. When you don’t drink enough water and your body goes without, whether you are in a dehydration state or not, you end up causing damage to your body. This is especially true if you are an avid workout enthusiast and aren’t getting enough water before and after your workouts. Here are 5 things that happen to your body when you don’t get enough H2O. 1. You end up losing water and not fat. This particularly pertains to those who are working out and don’t drink water while they are exercising. When your body is lacking water, it can burn the fat cells properly, so your body ends up shedding the water and not the fat. 2. Toxins Remain Inside Your Body. When you sweat, your body is able to get rid of toxins that have built up over time. If you don’t have enough water, you won’t be able to sweat very well, which means that toxins will stay inside your body. This goes the same for flushing out toxins that are being held within your organs. 3. Muscle Pain. You will end up experiencing muscle pain for longer because your body won’t be able to properly heal up the muscle injury. Your muscles need protein, carbohydrates, and water to properly heal up. 4. You Put More Pressure on Your Heart. When you don’t get enough water, your blood will actually get thicker and your blood vessels will constrict. This causes your heart to work harder because it has to push thicker blood through narrowed vessels. This can cause you to experience high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and even tachycardia. 5. You Will Actually Eat More. It is very easy to confuse thirst for hunger. Whenever you feel hungry, drink a glass or two of water first and see how it sits. If you are still hungry afterwards, get a snack. Other than the above, if you aren’t getting enough water your concentration will decrease and you will feel more fatigued. You will swell up as your body tries to retain the little water that it has and your workout effectiveness will decrease as your body won’t be able to burn fat or grow muscle as easily. Finally, if you don’t have enough water while working out, you will contribute to skin aging as the flow of blood that is enriched with oxygen will increase collagen production. You need water to help the blood circulate properly. So, if you don’t think you are getting enough water, grab a water bottle or a dedicated water glass and make it into a habit. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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3 Easy Steps on How to Burn Fat Effectively
When it comes to burning away our fat stores and losing the extra weight, a lot of us tend to have a very difficult time. There are many reasons for this, some of which include not being able to keep a scheduled exercise routine or eating too much of the wrong foods. However, there really is an easy way to get rid of that extra fat effectively and healthily. By following these steps, not only will you lose weight quickly, improve your metabolic rate, and reduce your appetite but you won’t be harming your body in the process. 1. Remove All Processed Sugars and Carbohydrates Sugar and starches cause your body to release insulin in order to remove the excess sugar from your bloodstream. Carbohydrates, when broken down by the digestive system, are turned into sugar which then enters the bloodstream, and so your body needs to stimulate the release of insulin to combat this. By eliminating sugar and carbohydrates from your diet, your insulin levels remain low and this allows stored fat to be burnt off instead of carbohydrates or sugar. Another upside to this is that by lowering your insulin levels, your kidneys will be able to eliminate the excess sodium (salt) you have in your body and thus remove the extra water retention that you have. 2. Amp Up Your Intake of Fat, Protein, and Vegetables: By eating a higher count of fat, proteins, and vegetables you lower your intake of carbohydrates. When you do this, it not only reduces your insulin levels but it boosts your metabolism. Plus, if you are eating enough protein, you remain fuller for longer which reduces snacking and obsessiveness with food. This leads to a lower calorie consumption throughout the day and therefore weight loss. You can eat foods like fish, chicken, beef, eggs, broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, and kale. Good fat sources come from olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. 3. Get Weightlifting Although this step is optional, it is highly recommended because it will help you burn off a lot of calories and keep your metabolism boosted. Unfortunately, when you lose a lot of weight, your metabolism will slow down, so by incorporating exercise such as weightlifting, you can keep your metabolism at a higher level. By following the above steps, you can effectively and healthily burn off a significant amount of fat even without exercise. You don’t even have to count calories to lose the weight, in so long as you are eating a balanced diet. Keep in mind that the first amount of weight will be water weight, so make sure to measure your weight loss after a few days to see how much actual fat you’ve burned. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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10 tips untuk merawat diri sendiri

Wanita, terjun ke dalam kehidupan dan pekerjaan, sering melupakan diri mereka sendiri. Dan setelah semua, perawatan yang tepat dari diri Anda, tidak hanya akan terlihat bagus, tetapi juga merasa bahagia. Hanya 10 tips, yang setiap wanita harus tahu, dapat mengubah kehidupan secara mendasar.

  • Tip # 1 - Gaya Hidup

Wanita cantik - wanita yang sehat! Itulah mengapa Anda perlu menyingkirkan kebiasaan buruk, jika ada. Perhatikan nutrisi yang tepat dan memadai. Harus tampil setiap hari, setidaknya satu set latihan minimum. Dan, tentu saja, sesuaikan tidur Anda. Dan kemudian hidup akan menjadi jauh lebih menarik.

  • Papan nomor 2 - Minimum kosmetik

Ya, toko modern menawarkan banyak pilihan kosmetik. Kadang-kadang Anda ingin membeli semuanya sekaligus, dan jika ada kesempatan, tentu saja, itu layak dilakukan. Tapi cukup aplikasikan sekaligus ke wajah untuk memberi make-up, jangan. Pertama, kulit ingin bernafas, dan kosmetik menutupi suplai oksigen. Dan, kedua, riasan yang terlalu cerah hanya cocok dalam kasus yang jarang.

  • Tip # 3 - Tangan

Betapapun primitifnya hal ini, kebanyakan pria memperhatikan tangan wanita. Ya, dan usia seorang wanita mudah ditentukan oleh tangannya, karena mereka menjadi tua sejak awal. Oleh karena itu, Anda harus merawat tangan dan manikur Anda setiap hari.

  • Tip # 4 - Rambut

Ini adalah rambut dan rambut terawat yang dapat menekankan penampilan wanita. Oleh karena itu, Anda tidak hanya perlu mencuci kepala secara tepat waktu, tetapi Anda juga harus menyuburkan rambut Anda dengan berbagai masker. Ya, dan tidak ada yang membatalkan kunjungan ke salon tata rambut.

  • Tip # 5 - Kulit

Secara alami, kulit cantik hanya pada bayi, dan kemudian harus hati-hati dan teratur diurus. By the way, sebelum memilih krim untuk perawatan kulit, lebih baik untuk mengunjungi ahli kecantikan. Konsultasi yang menyenangkan tidak pernah sia-sia.

  • Tip # 6 - Jangan berubah, tetapi ambil

Seorang wanita harus bisa menerima dirinya sendiri apa adanya, dan mencintai dirinya sendiri. Jika dia tidak, yang lain tidak akan bisa jatuh cinta padanya.

  • Dewan nomor 7 - Penolakan kimia

Untuk menyelamatkan masa muda mereka, selama mungkin, ada baiknya meninggalkan banyak bahan kimia. Terutama mengingat berapa banyak resep untuk merawat diri sendiri ada di halaman-halaman Internet.

  • Tip # 8 - Berat

Anda perlu memperhatikan berat badan Anda sendiri, tetapi Anda tidak perlu bersenang-senang dalam diet. Ya, dan formula 90-60-90, jauh dari semua. Karena itu perlu ditentukan, dalam standar berat apa seorang wanita merasa nyaman dan mematuhinya.

  • Tip # 9 - Cinta

Ternyata itu indah untuk terlihat cantik, seorang wanita hanya bisa jika dia jatuh cinta. Dan mengapa tidak, karena ini sangat bagus!

  • Papan nomor 10 - Dengan optimisme dalam hidup

Dan, aturan paling penting, adalah kemampuan untuk memperlakukan semuanya dengan positif! Hanya setelah itu kecantikan luar dan dalam akan menjadi harmonis sempurna.