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CARA Brotman's Diet & Weight Loss Secrets

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Diet and fat burning weight loss secrets from Cara Brotman are now revealed. Finally, the long awaited video where Cara explains how she maintains her incredible timeless body as she slowly approaches the half century mark. This video is so full of information, these 34 minutes could change your life. Let this inspire you, make you laugh, smile and feel your heart glow. These are Cara Brotman's weight loss secrets for having a flat tummy, flat stomach, great abs, how to get rid of cellulite and look thin and fabulous after 40 and even 50. Look great at middle age with these all natural healthy vegan post menopause vegetarian weight loss tips for a beautiful thin bikini beach body at 50. This is of course gluten-free, non-dairy, meat-free and involves fasting, blender drinks and smoothies. Even middle aged women can look good enough for the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition or a Victoria's Secret model if they exercise, eat right and stay healthy. Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: http://www.HealthyCookbook.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markus.rothkranz.7 Videos and articles: http://www.MarkusNews.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markusandcara/ Markus Rothkranz website: http://www.MarkusRothkranz.com Markus Products: http://www.HealAnything.com Markus Products: http://www.MarkusProducts.com German website: http://www.MarkusRothkranz.de
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Text Comments (887)
Anita Opel (17 hours ago)
Pernilla S (15 days ago)
Yes!!!! Im not the only one who clean the floor on all fours! Its so annoying but its the only way to get it all!
A L (28 days ago)
I absolutely adore the end when Cara says "everybody wins, when you eat like this"... I think that says it all <3 ~Love to you both, Ana
tjrank1 (1 month ago)
I use Avocado in my smoothie and sweeten it up by throwing in 3 dates. Makes my smoothie real creamy..Yumminess
NorthStar Astrology (1 month ago)
💚 I have the same Jack la Lane Juicer! 💚
Hannah Hanif (1 month ago)
Cara you really motivate me to lose weight and eat healthy
Lana Alves (1 month ago)
Thank you!
sooooooooDark (1 month ago)
16:03 if i had the money id always replace olive oil with macadamia nut oil - it tastes better and the fat profile is better too!
sooooooooDark (1 month ago)
13:34 damn those cutting skillz ;OOO
mrspanchavilla (1 month ago)
Thanks, Cara and Markus, for sharing these healing tips!
Bliss WKC (2 months ago)
Viv - (2 months ago)
No plastic, OMG. I need to fix that. I am 5ft 5 and 223lbs therefore I don't have to say my eating habits. But I have to agree with Cara, a few times I tried eating properly and exercise and immediately I feel like I can see clearly, all my ideas come into play and I am ready to get things done. But damn this addiction, I won't let go. But I am going to give it another shot.
Amanda S (2 months ago)
Wonderful video. Cara you are so sweet and so beautiful. You and Marcus are perfect together. I love the beginning when Marcus said lovely having you here and you said...I live here silly....so cute. Love you both you are such wonderful inspiration to humanity in kind clean living 💛💛💛
Aisha S (3 months ago)
Muslims fast one whole month a year during the day. I get cranky during fasting, but I am glad it is good for you. The thing is, most Muslims don't break their fast right, with healthy foods, when the sun goes down which isn't healthy.
Dewi Davies (3 months ago)
Falun gong
Dewi Davies (3 months ago)
23/1 one meal fasting.
Janine Grinst (3 months ago)
27:38 what it this in german? i cant understand the Wort Inno... touch?
teaparty rightwinger (3 months ago)
you should have posted a pic of cara back when she was 180 lbs. just to see what she looked like back then.
Virginia Fascetto (3 months ago)
They are both beautiful souls
Maxx Amillion (3 months ago)
Hello Cara & Marcus I just found your video and I appreciate what y'all are doing. Keep up the great work.
Gloria (4 months ago)
I thought dairy causes wrinkles?
L. Parnell (4 months ago)
yall 2 are so freakin awesome thank you for your knowledge <3
This Expensive Life (4 months ago)
Cara, can you please, PLEASE post on your main channel! Im obsessed with your methods and knowledge as a women to become your best self!!! Your so gorgeous I wanna learn!!!
Markus Rothkranz (4 months ago)
This is her main channel. There are playlists like Beauty and Fitness, Health etc https://www.youtube.com/MarkusRothkranz
Gina E (4 months ago)
Markus Rothkranz (4 months ago)
R Porterfield (4 months ago)
I too avoid plastic...I store leftovers in glass dishes and jars.
Vegas Flatout (5 months ago)
So explain how you can over dose on iodine. I’ve taken over 100grams a day for 2 weeks.
Markus Rothkranz (5 months ago)
MrsGxoxo (5 months ago)
All that food looks amazing. Way more appetizing then gross meat and dairy
L. Hall (5 months ago)
Are you using chemical free cleaning products also?..... I see you were wearing globes to clean floors. At home we use only food base products to clean everything..... White vinegar, baking soda (that combination alone does wonders) The acidity from vinegar in my opinion kills pathogens... Plus I use other stronger EARTH BASE "GOODIES'' for stronger solutions. Keeping all clean & fresh including bathrooms. ** Bleach in opinion is a dirty..dirty pollutant..... (gross). And not allowed in my home. Thank you for posting! I love your videos... Many blessings..!
L. Hall (5 months ago)
How long did you ozonate the water that helped your tummy Cara? * That almond milk looked thick like kefir... did you fermented? Is there a video on how you made it? My almond milk looks watery compared. Thank you both for posting such amazing videos....!
Markus Rothkranz (5 months ago)
5 minutes
Bernadett Kovács (5 months ago)
Hello Guys, have one quartion. I read about intermittent fasting and I got to main point that you eat once a day but do you consume some juices, for example some fresh pressed juice or only water you drink until your meal time?
Bernadett Kovács (5 months ago)
Markus Rothkranz thank you very much for your answer and this useful information! We would need more people like you on this earth ❤️❤️
Markus Rothkranz (5 months ago)
no. Especially fruit juice- we NEVER drink fruit juice because it is highly concentrated sugars which leads to all kinds of issues. Blending is best because the fiber needs to still be there. But the body must get its energy during the non-eating times from stored body fat, not anything else or it is not fasting. Water and tea are ok
Mimi Dey (5 months ago)
Cara is a goddess and inspiration for feminine women ❤️
Ree McLaughlin (6 months ago)
I just got a new phone. I've missed you and Markus (sp?) Love the videos. Xo
First Last (6 months ago)
Fast with ice pack for headaches brought on by caffeine withdrawal. How do you deal with ads and cravings from your past? you drive by fast food, restaurants, you see ads, commercials etc. ie. for me its been donuts, pizza, chips, ice cream, chocolate. The worst foods and cravings! What is sad is that I believe to be born literally a vegan and high spirited with joy and this high pitched laugh almost shrill squeal when I got excited - mostly smiling and giggling, and when my parents moved here they followed the Canadian diet - processed foods plus home cooked food. They changed their diet to veggie after Dad got sick....unfortunately he eats food too much even mangoes or watermelon to the extreme....too much fruit! A lot changed and now I'm moderately obese. Sad. I eat emotionally for a variety of reasons - nature and nurture esp. being brought up by narcissists who use food to control. I think its very interesting that now all they say is food causes this - never want to admit emotions and pollution, environment, stress can make you sick too.
R A (6 months ago)
47?!!!😀 im nearly 60 no lie! Staying healty is important, but this is extremely thin for me. Happy trails! I trust the Intermittent fasting with Dr Eric Berg. Do what works for you.
Patricia Markham (6 months ago)
You guys are an inspiration ❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Tena Rose (6 months ago)
Wow! All I would have to do to stay motivated to take care of my body is watch this video EVERY DAY!! Lol! So inspirational and motivating!! Thanking God for you two! Love and peace! XOXO
Annette Irish-Frederick (6 months ago)
Markus and Cara, just beautiful, candid and so, so real. Thanks so much, Cara, for spilling out these truths; they work; we can all see. I've seen slim models, but their abs are nothing like yours. Everything you're doing seems to be working, and what we should all be doing. We should all think like you, too.. So wanting to be there (at your stage) with you. Much, much love from me, although I know your bowl (of the heart) is already overflowing, not just for yourself, Markus, and all humanity. Wow, Markus was drawn to be with you. Oh, how brilliant to see what God can do; you two are LIVING PROOF of the law of attraction. Dear Lord, please give me the faith. God is blessing.
Troys World (6 months ago)
I hate that this video was heavily edited!! Other than that... well done.
Martin Janata (6 months ago)
Not juicing fruit? I hear that for the first time. Can anyone explain me more? Thank you.
Ace💕 (6 months ago)
How do you fast??????
Ace💕 (6 months ago)
Markus Rothkranz Wow you actually responded. Nobody ever responds!!! You both are awesome
Markus Rothkranz (6 months ago)
Don't eat until 4pm or don't eat one day a week. Water is ok. No fruit juice
Diana L (6 months ago)
I love this Video especially the Princess part, Wow! I love you my Friend, Cara you look, Amazing! And so does, Markus, love, Diana Lipski ❤️
Mejgan Zia (6 months ago)
Cara, I clean my house like that, and see it as yoga, because I use my yoga postures, while cleaning. My kitchen is a temple, so I treat it with lots of love. I agree with every point you make regarding your chosen diet. I love fasting, and the clarity it delivers. One raw meal a day, with a huge fruit bowl is the ticket to total bliss. Appreciate your vibration and the example. Gardening is close to my heart, I wouldn't be here, without it. I love barefoot gardening because it gives me additional connection with earth, and makes me feel grounded. And, I just love the feeling.
Loriza Ramzan (7 months ago)
Love it how Markus compliments Cara! Beautiful couple
Nisha Aguiar (7 months ago)
Love this!! Have been following you since 2011 was on raw foods and lost a ton of lbs.. I have to get back on track again, Thank you for the motivation!!! You guys are amazing!
rebeka talebi (7 months ago)
Markus is a dream boat.
jayne Donahue (8 months ago)
Cara, you look great thank you for sharing all your terrific recipes !!! I had a funny thought so you have to love the idea of Marcus referencing You as a half a century old that might be why he wants you to have the happy supplement LOL 😉
Ek Chuah Studios (8 months ago)
Took your advise and am eating better.
leonf1111 (9 months ago)
I like their info but...Cara needs to eat more...... ribs showing, flimsy arms etc. Looks thinner than those Victoria secret models. Not sexy in my book!
Cara Brotman (9 months ago)
If I may correct you on all of your comments... I am NOT thinner than VS models. Case in point. https://www.skinnygossip.com/community/threads/martha-hunt.2087/ 2ndly, I do eat... a FULL meal every day. My arms aren't "flimsy", they are just naturally skinny. I carry twelve 50 pound gallons of water into the house like it was nothing. Nothing "flimsy" about that or this... https://www.facebook.com/CaraBrotmanfanpage/photos/a.868199709883094.1073741828.867364556633276/882339408469124/?type=3&theater And just like many other people, the weight usually gravitates to some areas more than others, like my hips and legs! As in this photo you can clearly see I am anything but in need of eating more! LOL https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155536725013332&set=t.777438331&type=3&theater And finally, I give you this article to educate yourself in matters of the body before you jump to your own, UN researched conclusions... http://scarysymptoms.com/2015/06/a-womans-ribs-showing-doesnt-mean-shes/ I accept your apology. <3
Thats interesting, i fasted at least once a week for 15 yrs on and off..Last winter i tried 3 day fast and by the 3rd day i felt amazing. I noticed my cravings for sugary foods disappeared. You guys are ahead of your time, everyone is catching up to you with the science of dieting.
Michelle (9 months ago)
I get very light headed or faintish and I’ve tried fasting before, why does this happen to me but not others who fast?
Markus Rothkranz (9 months ago)
yes remember https://youtu.be/kj9oBcC7zHM
Michelle (9 months ago)
Markus Rothkranz thank you for the reply! I’ve been vegan for a year and I still get like this but I was eating a lot of wheat products so I will definitely work on it! I really appreciate your reply!
Markus Rothkranz (9 months ago)
That often happens with people who are used to a diet with lots of sweet foods (bread, fruit juice etc- low blood sugar, hypoglycemic) and is made worse by animal fats incl dairy, cheese, milk, butter, cream sauces etc which block insulin receptors. Then there is also low blood pressure which could be from smoking anything and other factors... but diet, comfort foods, meds, sugar is usually the culprit. Obviously WHAT you eat is important, it needs to be nutrient dense food or else the body isn't getting enough nutrition and minerals. That's why people who eat low nutrition processed foods must keep eating all the time to keep their blood sugar up and extract whatever energy they can get from what they eat. The cleaner and more nutritionally-dense the diet, the less this is a problem. This is what Cara eats in a day...https://youtu.be/XyTOQMpDCNs No bread, pasta, wheat, fruit juice, dairy, cooked foods, etc.
Lorrenna Forbson (9 months ago)
l luv you guys, wish l cud find friends like you. keep up the good work. God bless you!
Cara Brotman (9 months ago)
Where do you live? <3
Markus Rothkranz (9 months ago)
You have friends like us - ... us! :-)
your eating my moss....
Danielle Tasker (9 months ago)
Please answer even tho ur fasting can you eat maybe vegetables like raw pick up finger food
Markus Rothkranz (9 months ago)
Nothing wrong with eating or snacking on fresh raw plant foods, but that's not fasting. Eating anything releases insulin and stops the cleansing, healing and rebuilding process.
Danielle Tasker (9 months ago)
Girl for being 47 you look gorgeous (not that age matters)
Holisticliving Radhika (10 months ago)
Example of mind over matter, her view of fasting as powerful helps her do it effortlessly!
Vegan InWonderland (10 months ago)
Cara is like Pamela Adnerson . Both are super hot vegans <3
Vegan InWonderland (10 months ago)
Markus Rothkranz wow that's amazing !!! Just saw it for the first time :D you both are super lucky and you both look very lovely together ❤🌺
Markus Rothkranz (10 months ago)
Yes she fulfilled many of my fantasies and wishes :-) Did you see http://www.likeCara.com ?
Sarah Wales (10 months ago)
I am loving the Green Formula, Vitamin C, Irish Moss and am so looking forward to receiving the Liver Formula and Markus Sweet!
theresa jurrus (10 months ago)
Great video. Thank you so much.
missiris1234 (10 months ago)
very cool video
Yaroslav Tomashevith (10 months ago)
I like this channel!
Markus Rothkranz (10 months ago)
Thank you
Look at little miss sexy!
Yes I've felt better fasting
Dinoo D. (11 months ago)
I love how sweet these two are 💕🌻🌱
Greg (11 months ago)
She is hot babe Well done ciara
Jade Hunter (11 months ago)
I Always.💖 wondered why they did enim
Jade Hunter (11 months ago)
You can leave it out??
Jade Hunter (11 months ago)
What is a ozone water??
Ravi Patel (11 months ago)
where can i find a woman like this that understands the raw food lifestyle and sees the light . Most women nowadays just eat their problems away with junk food which is such a turn off
Markus Rothkranz (11 months ago)
They're out there, https://youtu.be/4YqslkssXm4 but they are like rare gems scattered about. We are trying to inspire more to become like this...healthier and happier
anemone (1 year ago)
SO INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 THANK YOU
Janet G (1 year ago)
So interesting....I came across your channel after binge watching a bunch of YouTube videos on whole food plant based lifestyle and listening to different physicians because I'm wanting and currently changing my lifestyle. So grateful I found you guys! Can't wait to see my reward in the mirror a year from now or however long it takes to get to a weight where my body is feeling amazing!!
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
Millie (1 year ago)
whats her job? I want to do something relativley active but i dont know what would actually financially support me
Monica Alexandra (1 year ago)
Do you ever suffer candida? Do fruit breakfast ever affect you?
Monica Alexandra (11 months ago)
Markus Rothkranz thanks for the reply. I hope one day I can get to the point of being able to eat like you & cara. I discovered your channel due to seeking more info on candida because I have suffered from that resulting in dysbiosis and BV. It has improved after due to antifungal herbs, candida diet/starving yeast of starch & sugar & probiotic foods & supplements but I still have a ways to go before I can eat fruits & starches the microbiome is still not strong enough. It must be wonderful to became to eat dates and fruits without worrying about bloat, yeast & other issues. Thank you for your videos and information and congratulations to you and cara for achieving vibrant health.
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
No problem, since the fruit is whole or blended, never juiced. Fiber balances and controls the sugar. Everything is balanced in nature.
Cara's got so much discipline regarding maintaining her weight, and so automatically says :I've got to reel it back." How does have such a strong mind like that - please try to share this, Cara. Where does all this strength come from?
Christina Bernat (1 year ago)
at 14:00 leaving stuff on the counter overnight and eating it for breakfast and finding it more delicious than it was the day before - I sooooo agree! This thing we hear all the time to always keep even most veggies refrigerated or this or that will grow is seriously killing the deliciousness of our food. I discovered this by chance. In my 30s I was self employed and working from my apartment. I was also into super heathly eating so lots of veggies, fasting, even intermmitent fasting (this was before the term came into existence). To make preparing my huge salads easier on myself, I decided to break down into smaller bits the washing, chopping, grating, etc. This resulted in my taking out from the fridge in the early morning everything I would be putting into my main salad/meal that day, washing everything, then spreading the chopping, grating, etc over time - when taking breaks from working throught the day. I would leave everything on the kitchen counter - I would NOT put the finished chopped or grated stuff back into the fridge til meal time. Instead, I put all the prepped stuff onto one big bowl/plate, adding to it as I completed the next ingredient's prep. Well lo and behold I quickly noticed the FLAVORS in these salads was INCREDIBLE! They even were easier to chew because they had softened coming up to room temp and remaining in room temp for 6+ hours! You have to actually experience this to understand how beautifully the flavors bloom together - like I had never experienced in my life before. I have never looked at refrigeration the same way since. But as the years passed I went through different phases of working where I could not do this spread out room temp prep and I missed those flavors. Never thought to overnight this. Will try this for sure. This will mean I may be eating this meal earlier in the day a bit so it is not in room temp year round toooo long, but I will experiment to see how that works out. Appreciate your giving me this inspiration Cara. Thanks!
Holistic Mentality (1 year ago)
You inspire me:)
MissDaisyLolita (1 year ago)
Thanks Cara!
Dhekra Aljadasi (1 year ago)
Am Muslim we fast in Ramadan for a month from sunrise to sunset no food or water than after sunset we can eat but I notice that we suffer all day from cravings lol but when it's time to eat we barley eat small amount of food and we already so full and I lose around 10 pounds on that month
Dhekra Aljadasi (1 year ago)
Great thank you am always want to be raw vegan but to scared I won't be able to do maybe this book will help
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
If you don't eat bad food for several weeks and only eat good healthy stuff, you lose the cravings. Our uncookbook shows what's possible... www.HealthyCookbook.com
Hector Lalalala (1 year ago)
cara what do you guys eat i a normal day? i just cannot see myself drinking juice all day long.
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
Florencia (1 year ago)
Great video
meli pretzel (1 year ago)
Thank-you Cara and Markus for your teaching, encouragement, and love that you give.  Your wisdoms are changing my life!
Bonsai Libre (1 year ago)
Jade Hunter (1 year ago)
I like to do my floors that way also. You look Fabulous 😀I am going to try eat & work out the same as you, I have 20lb to loose. Thankyou
J lupo (1 year ago)
great video & info and she is hott !
JC Kay (1 year ago)
You guys mention many things that The Medical Medium, Anthony William, talks about. (raw, celery juice, sleep between 10pm - 2am). I'm wondering if you've ever read his book? 👌😊
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
They must have read mine! :-)
Idola. Gracias . благодарю..Thank you Cara. I love you
Tonya Stutz (1 year ago)
This is so inspiring. You both are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing and being authentic.
Eric Dietz (1 year ago)
Many religions include fasting, particularly things like a vision quest. I've never done it but apparently some people describe such an experience as a release or "reset" as you call it. In the old days people starved a lot, so fasting was something that happened as a result of lack of edible foods.
Noel Ohashi (1 year ago)
You guys are the sweetest couple the world knows
thegreen sun (1 year ago)
I love you both immensely. I appreciate your existence.
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
Thank you :-)
Hippie Mountain Mama (1 year ago)
Do you guys feel comfortable enough on the correlation between food restriction and the Great Depression ? I find that subject interesting and think it should be brought to attention more
Zoe M (1 year ago)
You guys are awesome. Mentor me!!!
Nat Julia (1 year ago)
I didn't understand the ODing part with iodine...could you explain further? I'm learning so much! Thank you!!
Cano (1 year ago)
hey guys. there is a company (in germany) which sells pasta made of chickpea-flour. no other ingredients. is this good? like does it contain gluten and harm the body like typical italian pasta? (besides from being a cooked meal) THANKS :))
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
if it's baked in an oven at high heat, (and then boiled again after buying) its dead food no matter what its made from. Wheat is just worse because it contains gluten.
Shanovia Parks (1 year ago)
I love my glass jar too!!! I'm from the USA & my boyfriend from Europe picked on me for it lol. #jarlove
Steph Ss (1 year ago)
How do ypu feel about Dr. Esselstyn 'NO OIL'? I remember a while back you were like... 'never eat coconut oil...just wear it'...and that had left such an imprint. When I saw No Oil it made more sense.
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
I don't recall ever saying never eat coconut oil, but the bit of oil we use isn't going to kill us. One of the longest living people in the world I interviewed -Bernard LaPallo, who lived to 114, used olive oil very day.
RichardandJudy Jacobs (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing. Such a healthy lifestyle. Such an inspiration. So lovely.
Fruitblossom Blue (1 year ago)
Cara, to be honest at first I thought you are shallow and fake. I have watched a few videos and I have a new opinion. You are actually cute and real. Thank you for not saying that you eat limitless calories like Freelee does and also that you mentioned that fruit juices raise your blood sugar, that is so true. People with insulin resistance should never drink fruit juices. I especially liked when I could feel your love for Markus, you are not pretending. I wish you both a long happy life together. Greetings from Germany
Chris Wanderer (1 year ago)
Oh cool youre a fantasy artist. Inspired by Frank Frazetta?
Justice L (1 year ago)
Cara does not look anorexic to me, she looks healthy and fit!
Maly Gantman (1 year ago)
I watched this video so many times and it always inspires me and gives me such positive vibes, thank you for your videos, so educational and life saving <3

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