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What to eat to LOSE WEIGHT for beginners | NO DIET

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Welcome back everyone 💪🏼❤️ in this video I am showing you guys what I ate and how I ate through out my Weight Loss journey! There’s no need to go on a diet or follow a meal plan or anything like that just simply EATING HEALTHY OR HEALTHIER 🙌🏼💪🏼 I hope it helps many of you guys out and I can’t wait to film again for you guys 🙌🏼 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING 💪🏼❤️ #LizFitFam💖 • • • Stay connected with me on all my social media we’re I post DAILY MOTIVATION 💪🏼 IG :Lizfitnessbby Snapchat: PrettyLiiz Twitter: Lizfitnessbby • • • • Music Song - firestone instrumental Song- cloud 9 - valesco I do not own* *I do not take credit for these songs*
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Text Comments (1152)
Sandra Herrera (1 hour ago)
Omgg If You Can Do It.. I Can Too!!! Thank You For Giving Me Confidence!!!!!! I Should Start Mine VERY SOON!!!! 🤗👍👏❤💙💚💛💜
Tina Clinton (2 hours ago)
Hi! When you first started to lose weight did u eat oatmeal? Or was it after u started weight lifting? I’m interested in learning the foods you ate to lose the weight
Tanner South (9 hours ago)
Your so pretty, i love your videos thanks for sharing 😍
Melissa Brunelle (13 hours ago)
Mustard is good for you! :)
Sakura Girl (16 hours ago)
How old are you ?
Lilly was Here (1 day ago)
I don't really like oatmeal 😌 what are some good options to substitute for that 🤷🏻
Irene Josephine (1 day ago)
Mustard is actually good for you
Lit Edits (1 day ago)
I’m gonna try this for a week or even a month or more let’s pray that l can last with this l hope it works and l have a question how much u weigh?! And and what time u have breakfast and lunch and dinner how many hours/minutes u wait in between but I didn’t have the lunch meal though:~
Desirey Marie (3 days ago)
Hi I’ve been eating healthy for 2 months I’ve lost 30 lbs and I still kind of look the same I hope to see I big change soon /:
No (3 days ago)
I love white rice tho xD
Maria Lopez (3 days ago)
Just subscribed 😊💙 already likeing ur videos..
Celest Carsner (4 days ago)
Your videos have me in tears. I feel so emotional. I am in the process of weight loss. You are so inspirational!! Thank you for being you and keep making videos. I love them. New subbie for sure 💜💜
Henry Guerrero (4 days ago)
This motivates me 🙌🏿🙏🏿👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
Anna Greeley (4 days ago)
This was so helpful , I just went through a shitty break up and have a new found love for wanting to be fit and glow up
Ada Orozco (5 days ago)
I'm eliminating SUGAR tho!! And I'm taking a Gluten pill...cuz I all of a sudden Im allergic to gluten🙁I'm going to have to buy frozen veggies. They're flash frozen, they're cheap and they won't go bad in the freezer...
Ada Orozco (5 days ago)
It's hard to eat right when you're on a very limited income and you get paid monthly....So I'm gonna concentrate more on working out!
Leslie Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Girl I've been wanting to lose weight and every time I've tried I've failed because like you said, I don't know anything about calories and all that. I am soo blessed to have come across your channel!! I've been watching your videos getting tips ! Thank you so much for motivating me !! <3
Ariella G (5 days ago)
Are you from the Bay Area ?
Fearless Kinzz (6 days ago)
Emilie Okay (6 days ago)
I have an eating disorder and I’ve recently got super depressed I binged and threw it up because I hated my body and you helped motivate me it’s going to be hard eating 3 times a day and snacks I have like 0 appetite anymore 😞
Korall Aletxandra (6 days ago)
Mariboo (6 days ago)
You inspire me, girl!
Wilma Vizcaino (7 days ago)
Enjoy viendo tus vids what is you and susie another YouTube have really inspired me much and really hope to learn more from ur vids. Thanks for the tips.😊
Morgan valderaz (7 days ago)
Honestly it’s so refreshing to see a Latina making these kind of videos. Love your videos!! You give me hope
Jessica Lee (8 days ago)
Meli TheAlien (8 days ago)
omg we have the same shirt hahaha :D
Maggie Bowen (10 days ago)
I love your honesty !
Roxy Cast (10 days ago)
I just came across your youtube channel and you gained a new SUB <3  u got me feeling motivated girl !!!
Juanita Mancera (10 days ago)
Love this video💚
lara liliy (11 days ago)
😂 I have the same shirt jumper whatever u call it
traveion woodson (12 days ago)
Hey can u do a grocery haul please and ty
Sheila McNair (12 days ago)
Goku motivates me too girl
Elizabeth Noe (14 days ago)
New subscriber!!!!!!!!!! Interested in your videos 😀 got my notifications on 👍🏻👍🏻
Meko Irby (15 days ago)
I stumbled across your pictures on twitter & found your YouTube. Your videos are so simple & relatable. The extra motivational push I needed. Thank you
I have the same croptop
Fuck you (15 days ago)
Beanies are sooo cute on You *_*
Sonia Sohi (16 days ago)
Mustard isn't fattening. It has 0 cals too.
BeautifulJocelyn211 (16 days ago)
The turkey and avocado is my favorite sandwich from Togos
Jessica Sanchez (17 days ago)
I thought you said you ate 3 meals and 2 snacks? I only seen you eat 3 meals
dania26 (18 days ago)
So my 19 year old said “Mom you really need to watch this girl” she lost so much weight she’s really hot (lol). She will motivate you Mom so you won’t be depressed thinking you can’t do it. I’m so glad he did Xk me levantaste los ánimos después que había tirado la toalla ❤️❤️.
PHAT BUSSY (18 days ago)
Ur such an amazing person
Tonya Win (19 days ago)
Thank you for your videos ! Realest person I’ve seen. I appreciate you for sharing your journey !!! ❤️❤️❤️
Mirella Ramos (19 days ago)
Just started my journey and ive been binge watching your vids ❤️i love how your so positive and encouraging!
rosa estrada (20 days ago)
I'm so proud of seeing such an accomplishment ! I'm starting my journey today, i'm nervous not gonna lie but I look up to you into becoming a better me and into loving myself ♡ thank you !
GlamourGloXO (21 days ago)
I just started my journey 2 days ago and I really hope I can make this life style change ! You are such an inspiration!!!
Rhapsody Greenway (22 days ago)
Bless up for you honey, Your videos have helped me just get motivated. I'm only a week in and I'm starting to notice I'm not as hungry as much! I love you and your progress!
Oh Nannna (22 days ago)
I’m a new subscriber and I’m barley going to start my journey , thank you for al these tips! I am looking forward to continue this journey ,
Bianca Arredondo (25 days ago)
Do u need to have surgery incase of excess skin?
Brayam Reyes (25 days ago)
Carolina Andrea (27 days ago)
Please make more what you eat in day videos! ❤️
Shookith Alyssa (27 days ago)
Guys I need help, I’m young and I’m really over weight can someone help me. I can’t go to the gym. I need easy workouts at home to lose weight. I’m tired of being called fat.
Frannie Mejia (28 days ago)
I feel super inspired by this video!! I clicked on ur video bc ur heaviest weight was what I weighed today and I'm taking my first step on this journey! I worked out today and ate well and just wanted to say thanks for this inspiring video :)
meipip (29 days ago)
I wonder if it’ll still be as effective for me to lose weight like this (i’m 5’2ish and 119lbs) ,, i think really irrationally as in terms to weight and stuff because i have an eating disorder but it’s time to atleast make a start at recovery
Chloe Brickwood (1 month ago)
How long did it take u to get to your 120 pound weight loss
lenabug92 (1 month ago)
I just now saw and it was such a motivation for me to get my behind off the couch and do something with my weight.. let’s get it ♥️🙌🏽 thank you love....
Mclovin (1 month ago)
Subtitulos por favor💔
Leticia Gomez (1 month ago)
Kygo!!! 💙💜💚💛❤️
Anthony Cancio (1 month ago)
Al G (1 month ago)
lol damn gallo had me rollin
broman gaming (1 month ago)
when i looked up how to start a diet i did not expect this video i i saw the title of and i tought sweet a way but then there was NO DIET and i went to the comment section to rant
Kenny (1 month ago)
Very encouraging video. 🤣😂. I can hear your chickens in the background. 🙄
kiri (1 month ago)
Nicole Lomastro (1 month ago)
You should make a weight loss program girl!!!!
SamXstripper 92 (1 month ago)
Ive been on this journey for like 2 months and there's something about you that made me feel so inspired. Maybe the fact that you seem so real (: luv it! Xoxo
LittleMiss Abby (1 month ago)
Girl I'm Inspired I Just Started My Diet Yesterday I've Been Going On Walks For 2 Days
Crystal Spruill (1 month ago)
Hey im in the exact same boat as you were i used to be small but now im at your old weight 😒... when youre trying to take the first step sometimes it seems so far to reach your goal... But i want to start weight training
Destiny Montano (1 month ago)
Do you recommend working out in the morning or in the evening?
china grose (1 month ago)
How do you eat healthy on the go?
Alejandra Garcia (1 month ago)
New subscriber
Alejandra Garcia (1 month ago)
Like how real you are ❤️
Just Chrisy (1 month ago)
I'm so happy I landed here! I needed this.. been to long I kept putting it off.. my journey starts now! Thanks
Ilsse Castillo (1 month ago)
YASSS you're so so real. I love that this is so true and relatable, meal prepping sucked for me too did it once and neverrr again food tasted so so gross after 2 days lol
Victoria Guerrero (1 month ago)
I’m so glad I found your YouTube channel. You’re such a real and beautiful person, who can really inspire, and I feel like you can’t find that with other fitness YouTubers. Thanks for inspiring me 💕💕
Minoska Colon (1 month ago)
I enjoy ur talks I really need that in one of ur videos
Sarah Baxter (1 month ago)
omg u look so much like daisy marquez
Caffiene Addict (1 month ago)
Newbie over here! Do you have any videos over weight loss plateau or if anyone can share? :) Im in a bit of a rut right now.
Erica Alonso (1 month ago)
Isn't that oatmeal full of sugar
cigdem filiz (1 month ago)
have been looking for ways to start my journey and ever since i found your channel, i feel motivated and excited to change.By the way, you look great babe and im proud of you
Ronnie Skipper (1 month ago)
www.organifishop.com Enter promo code RSKIPPER15 to save 15% on your first purchase!
Nirmala Rout (1 month ago)
i loosed 5kg of weight
Melenie Vazquez (1 month ago)
What if we don't like veggies
Jessica Yanez (1 month ago)
I love your videos. you give really great advice!! I loved how you said to enjoy this journey. your right it is a journey and patience is key. 👍💕
Tandy R (1 month ago)
Mustard is diet friendly it doesn’t have carbs
Carla’s beauty vlogs (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tips💓 I’ve decided to start my journey because I’m tired of not feeling good with my self or the way I look.. I didn’t know how to start but thanks to you now I know ❤️
Isabella Plasencia (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does she sounds and kind of look like Daisy Marquez ????
chakchouka (1 month ago)
you've quickly become one of my fave youtuber
Leslie Mendoza (1 month ago)
It worked for me i can't say how much I thank you now I am the person I always wan to be
Lizeth Barreto (1 month ago)
Leslie Mendoza I’m so happy for you beautiful ❤️😭 never stop growing 🦋 much love sis 💕💕
Daisy Zermeno (1 month ago)
You’re so motivating I could cry.. not on some weird shit but I don’t really know anyone who’s humble about their journey, they kinda wanna keep it to themselves and I get it.. but yea so I just appreciate your honesty. Thank you.
Latina Tx (2 months ago)
Yasssss!!!!!!!!!! Love this! Thank you!
Leti Beecroft (2 months ago)
I just found your youtube channel and I love you girl! I have been wanting to get back into the gym and your channel is perfect! Stay genuine and sweet! Love your channel! :)
Nay Nay (2 months ago)
I’m very over weight at the moment and I ran into your video on YouTube and glad I fukn did bc your transformation has inspired me! I’m almost at the weight you started your journey but watching your transformation has inspired me! I’m Mexican so I love spicy foods, the meat with rice, cueritos, hot Cheetos almost everyday y cerveza!! What do you recommend to substitute these bad eating habits ?! When I don’t eat what I want, my body gets cray! What do you suggest?!
Carolinalove30 (2 months ago)
Girl you have motivated me so much !💖
Jenny’s DIYs (2 months ago)
Idc if I’m overweight I just don’t wanna be fat
mayra martinez (2 months ago)
Do you take any pre workout when going to the gym ?
Anthony Saldana (2 months ago)
Loooove yoooooouuuuurrrr video ha goooot youuuuu
ivonne fregoso (2 months ago)
Just started watching and I have a feeling you might just be my inspiration 💚
Deedee Lunatic (2 months ago)
Wow I am 14 and I am obese I weigh 223 and she is my inspiration and I am going to try to follow on what she is saying
Brittany Melchor (2 months ago)
Wow you really inspired me so much. I love youre channel thank you for all these videos 😭❤️❤️❤️
CoreOfTheStar (2 months ago)
Do you have advice for anyone who is not used to eating vegetables? My family is very poor so we ate mostly cheap, processed foods so vegetables taste and feel weird to me. I desperately want to change this!
Michelle Cruz (2 months ago)
Did you ever go thru any type of depression or just have no will power to lose weight because it’s so hard for me your such a motivation tho 👏🏽

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