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12 Tips on How to Lose Weight Without Strict Diets

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How to Lose Weight without Strict Diets Strict dieting isn't the only way to get the perfect body of your dreams. There are a few small changes you can make in your lifestyle and eating habits that'll help you lose more weight than you think. Pay attention to these simple but effective tips on how to get slim and slender in no time. Eat spicy foods Canadian scientists have proven that hot spices and sauces increase metabolism and keep us from wanting to eat something salty or sweet. Choose your plate wisely Researchers at Cornell University came to some pretty interesting conclusions regarding the effect your plate has on your eating habits. They’ve found that people are more likely to overeat if the color of their plate is the same or similar to the color of the dish on it. The same goes the other way around too: we eat less when the colors of our plate and food are highly contrasting. Turn the lights up and the music off Restaurants use special ploys to make you eat more, and, thus, spend more money! And their two favorite tricks, according to scientists at Cornell University, are lighting and music, which, when combined, can increase calorie intake by up to 18%! Soft lights cause relaxation and an increased appetite. As for music, it makes us eat faster. Control your bedroom light and temperature Don't underestimate the power of sleep: it influences more processes in your system than you think! And your weight is one of them. As it turns out, the risk of becoming overweight often depends on the lighting in the room where we sleep. There are two types of body fat: “bad” white fat that likes to build up and cling to our hips and midsection; and then there’s “good” brown fat that’s responsible for burning white fat and producing energy. But to kick-start these important processes, the temperature of the room you spend most of your time in should be pretty low. Experts suggest that the most appropriate temperature is around 66° F. Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS #12. Eat spicy foods 0:30 #11. Use a hair dryer 1:14 #10. Choose your plate wisely 1:53 #9. Eat cinnamon on a regular basis 2:39 #8. Turn the lights up and the music off 3:22 #7. Do aerobic exercises 4:05 #6. Surround yourself with good company 4:52 #5. Be mindful of your sleep 5:42 #4. Consume more dairy products 6:29 #3. Eat more beans and legumes 7:03 #2. Have soup first 7:45 #1. Control the room temperature 8:12 SUMMARY -Canadian scientists have proven that hot spices and sauces increase metabolism and keep us from wanting to eat something salty or sweet. -The heat makes you sweat, ridding your body of excess water weight. So instead of torturing yourself at the gym, just grab a hair dryer. -People are more likely to overeat if the color of their plate is the same or similar to the color of the dish on it. -Сinnamon can reduce hunger and decrease appetite when eaten every day. And that’s because the components in this spice break down carbs. -Soft lights cause relaxation and an increased appetite. As for music, it makes us eat faster. -Сhoose your workout plan according to your age and fitness level, stick to it, and you’ll love the results. -People tend to have the same meals as their friends when they eat out together. -Sleeping in dark rooms makes you less prone to weight issues than those who sleep in slightly lit rooms. -People who eat dairy products 3 times a day lose weight much faster than those who don’t. -Consuming 5 oz of beans reduces our appetite and helps us lose about 11 oz of body weight in 6 weeks. -Eating soup before your main course reduces the number of calories you consume. -To kick-start the fat burning process, the temperature of the room you spend most of your time in should be pretty low. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (3 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS #12. Eat spicy foods 0:30 #11. Use a hair dryer 1:14 #10. Choose your plate wisely 1:53 #9. Eat cinnamon on a regular basis 2:39 #8. Turn the lights up and the music off 3:22 #7. Do aerobic exercises 4:05 #6. Surround yourself with good company 4:52 #5. Be mindful of your sleep 5:42 #4. Consume more dairy products 6:29 #3. Eat more beans and legumes 7:03 #2. Have soup first 7:45 #1. Control the room temperature 8:12
Sarah&Rafqa Hawat (2 months ago)
BRIGHT SIDE how many minutes should we use the hair dryer
fluxx 2276 (3 months ago)
I'm watching this while eating subway😂😂
I love jaming to kpop doeeeee
Lizzet Peralta (11 days ago)
Does this even work
Dasha And Co. (12 days ago)
I genuinely believe that #4 is not true. You all have said the opposite of what was said in a different video, if I am not mistaken.
Roxy black (1 month ago)
When I heard they said you should sleep in dark rooms and eat less potatos that was like a big slap in the face because I love potatoes and I really don't like that dark
Juana Boyd (1 month ago)
do this instead it worked for me shortone.space/pao
Eva Torrens (1 month ago)
I overeat on any plate ;-;
Khemara Samen (1 month ago)
How long Use hair dryer ?
Jocelyn Velasquez (1 month ago)
omg it work
Adrian Parilla (1 month ago)
Saba Raw
Bibiana Vargas (1 month ago)
Hi good video. Just one question.. How do you use the hairdryer and how often should we use it? Thanks!🙏
I’m allergic to Cinnamon :-;
Najiba Aktar (1 month ago)
Cold water with empty stomach. Colouring Water each gulp food. Stand up while doing things Small plate food. Keep unhealthy food away Tall glass drink with straw. Eat breakfast straight away High training. Eat food slowly Sleep how much you can. Think of eating food Eat food before shopping. Keep unhealthy food away
3473857396 (2 months ago)
Becki Lawley (2 months ago)
Anybody else Irritated by the way she bit the chocolate bar in the beginning... you are a spawn of Satan if you don’t break a chunk off 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Love and Peace Toons (2 months ago)
These 12 Tips combined with the 3 Steps I have on my channel are MAGIC!
Wat about cinnamon doughnuts
fa fantastic (2 months ago)
Me: gets a pizza add before this... Maybe tomorrow...
Nooriyah Mansoor (2 months ago)
If u can't drink milk is there another solution
piaoliang jiejie (2 months ago)
My boyfriend makes me eat more
ᏒᎪᏁᎠᎾm ᎶIRL (2 months ago)
8:15 They put #1 instead of #12
LiveHealthyTakeCare (2 months ago)
Fantastic information.... amazing 👍✌👏👏👌...but I have some problem that is I can't dairy products.
Rude Valve (2 months ago)
Certified Gold!!!!!
Sophi HD (2 months ago)
5:53 it’s 11:56 pm and I’m just figuring this out
Beautiful forever (2 months ago)
My height 5:4 inc my weight is 55 kg but age is 29 how much i should reduce.
Mariam Ashraf (2 months ago)
I sleep 11TO13 hours😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
Don Fernando (2 months ago)
Inspi Isaac (2 months ago)
Does the ginger compress actually work?? How much weight did you lose in a day?
LoseWeightFeelGreat (2 months ago)
The best way to lose weight is to improve your diet. The best diet is the simplest one. One simple way to improve your diet is to take added sugar out of it. Just stop eating processed foods and stick to fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean meats. Only drink water, cut out all other drinks aside from tea and coffee(as long as sugar isn't added to either. There's also better ways to exercise. Check out my channel by clicking on the palm tree if you want to learn more.
Unicorn Playlist (2 months ago)
I think what helps me the most is not to snack when I'm bored. A good way to prevent it is, not the option to get food. Like bringing homemade lunch to work and don't pack exta money for snacks.
badass loveXx :P (2 months ago)
YASSSSS SPICY FOODS XD wait like takis ? Xd
rpriyada (2 months ago)
I eat even if I am not hungry.
Lucas Inglés (2 months ago)
Number 11 does not work... because wen you drink water, the weight comes beck...😅
Powertntgirl (3 months ago)
Wait like i can eat spicy kfc? YAY
Julliana Williams (3 months ago)
Human Does Gaming (3 months ago)
So, you mean ramen noodles :3
Alexa Gamer (3 months ago)
ummmm you kn\ow what bright side I eat soup every morning AND I DIDNT EVEN WATCH THIS VIDEO
Bilal Samsudeen (3 months ago)
My weight loss tips are to have 4 glasses of water that will boost your mind power, wash off unwanted calories and reduce the chance of headaches. But this can only work by doing 4 glasses of water after you wake up and before you sleep.
Hellur Goodbur (3 months ago)
I keep hearing don’t eat dairy now I’m hearing do eat dairy... I is confusion
Chandie Charms (3 months ago)
I wish I could do all of these ways... *But I'm too lazy to ;-;*
Open Mind (3 months ago)
The hairdryer tip is the dumbest thing I ever heard.
Corgi Boi (3 months ago)
Yum cheese
Aniqa Ahad (3 months ago)
Did anyone else see the VShred advert before this video? The first tip says to eat spicy food but when I eat spicy food I crave sweet stuff to calm down the spice.
Sandy Raee (3 months ago)
#1 was written as #12.
Gabriel Ortiz (3 months ago)
Omg I eat spicy food all the time and I had no clue and I don't really have an appetite that much so yay I'm technically I'm losing weight I walk to my school and it takes 1hr to walk
Lexie Smith (3 months ago)
Has anyone ACTUALLY tried this????
suicide 420 BLAZING (3 months ago)
Does cinnamon challenge everyday to lose weight
Chinkhuslen (3 months ago)
How much burned per fap?
Them 863 👎 are from where the girl didn’t eat the chocolate at 0:15 -____-
Rachel Amler (3 months ago)
does the hair dryer thing actually work?
Stacey Shaffer (3 months ago)
While I am styling my hair i do squats and small lunges in 2 hours 😀✌
EILEENFROMIHOP (3 months ago)
Im gonna try all of them
diss e (3 months ago)
So should i eat hot cheetos its spicy ?
Ayman Suonborai (3 months ago)
Rule #1 Have your own craving! Christ!!!
Ayman Suonborai (3 months ago)
Don't be a baby!!!
Aesthetic monie (3 months ago)
i only listen to subliminals lol
Sol Captor (3 months ago)
Talking about sleep and i'm watching this at 2 am. sh*t. also after it says eat more dairy, I'm allergic.
VOYTASNY (3 months ago)
Everybody in Planet Earth is different 99% will not work at all must work at your body and whatever choose you will see it work or not so many different method that not work at all some method not for everyone do not trust internet do me favor Just find out what is best your self good bye
Here I come hair dryer!
ChasDaBomb (3 months ago)
Yesss a way to lose weight with out vegetables
Kelcey Hill (3 months ago)
I’ll try the cinnamon and the hair dryer because those two sound the easiest
Helena Milne (3 months ago)
Some funny choices here lol
Linda Duncan (3 months ago)
They don't mention you should talk with your friends while you're eating. Not only do you eat more slowly (not just bc it's considered rude to talk with your mouth full) but you get full faster. Another great thing (for me at least) is Splenda (sucralose if you're on a budget, but it's always in a yellow package). It tastes EXACTLY like sugar, no bitter aftertaste, and you can use it in EVERYTHING, whether it's meals, drinks, or desserts. I keep a Ziploc with packets of the stuff in my purse in case a restaurant doesn't have it (mostly fast food places for my coffee). Also it dissolves INSTANTLY in cold drinks like iced tea (a must in the South) unlike sugar, which you have to stir ten minutes to keep from having a layer in the bottom of the glass. Finally, that active ingredient in the spicy stuff? It's also in capsule form, you get the same result without killing your taste buds. (I'd have written the word but I'm never 100% positive how to spell it.)
Aarmaou4life BlakeXSun (3 months ago)
I'm allergic to cinnamon 😭😭😭😭😱😱😨😰😰😖😤😤😡😡
Lalbiakdiki Tombing (3 months ago)
Any 1of them
conflicted ARMY (4 months ago)
"Consume more dairy products" *cries lactose intolerant tears*
Juana Boyd (4 months ago)
do this instead it worked for me get34.space/lw2
Connan 1each (3 months ago)
It took me to buy hotels
Joey Charging Thunder (3 months ago)
Juana Boyd it took me to Netflix
Corgi (4 months ago)
Make sure your cottage cheese is light. Light cottage cheese is the way to go. If you have anything else than it, you definitely won’t get too good of results.
Cuddy-2M (4 months ago)
Nice video!
Crystal gonzalez (4 months ago)
yes i now know that spicy things are not that bad for me thanks am
Daniyah Elsaadi (4 months ago)
Hair dryer
Jacob Al-Fayadh (4 months ago)
you ding not even tell us what to do with the hair dryer
Peacecraft Legends (4 months ago)
It’s not good to go to bed wet, u can get a skin debases or skin issues
Samantha Hale (4 months ago)
That first girl...like wtf😂
Fitness Savvy (3 months ago)
Samantha Hale I tried it like for months now but instead of losing weight, I gained 5 pounds and I cried. I told my friend Ayana about it and she laughed at me. She asked me to try the weight loss tea she is drinking, It is a special tea. Me and my friends are drinking it once a day and sometimes I mix it with my almond milk to have a different taste. My friends forced me to drink it tho haha because at first I was totally skeptic. But then in their first week of drinking it, I literally saw them losing weight like nothing. I lost 41 lbs. And we didn’t even starve or go to gym. Then I was like “you know what, imma try it too!” My friend told me that while drinking the tea you don’t have to starve or change your normal diet. The tea will do its magic.  it is so effective we don’t need to starve ourselves anymore. It Sheds 1 Pound of FAT every 72 hours. It literally changed my life! I’m sharing this to you because You remind me of myself and I don’t want to be greedy on my discovery. I was amazed with the result. my belly fats was gone in 2 weeks. this is the only thing I did to reduce my belly fats And lose weight. it's worth the try!  This is where I bought it https://bit.ly/2uwxaNT
Alison Mitchell (4 months ago)
I'm really petty so when i'm out with friends i eat really slow and i have to be the last to finish and i'm really competitive so when someone eats slow i eat slower and when someone eats really fast i'm like look up to me i'm so healthy😂😂
Fiona Dobie (4 months ago)
How can I do number four. I’m lactose intolerant
Lilly Graham (4 months ago)
5:45 be mindful of your sleep. Me watching this at 3:00 😂😂😂
AmethystWoman (4 months ago)
This is your second almost identical video. Even some same graphics.
For the dairy, can you eat strawberry trifles?
#########Do this thing always in limit, not because it's suit you or not. Actually,we don't imagine what will happen inside.because, "Too much things,bad for Humanbeings" especially for woman pls pls pls don't take cinnamon regulary:it's too harmful for the birth of boy child.it's destroys malecell. see the sideffects of cinnamon..
Madina does fun (4 months ago)
I’ll to them all
Olivia Helyer (4 months ago)
I have lost a bit of wait and the drinking milk worked for me brilliantly
FunnyNatty (4 months ago)
JuliTu (4 months ago)
omg the add before the video was about “why you shouldn’t use tricks to lose calories” 😂😂😂
David Harris (4 months ago)
Yay ice cream
Gea (4 months ago)
Eat dairy products¿ seriously¡¿¡¿ that's the worst recommendation I heard in a long time. When I quit animal dairy products I started to save A LOT OF MONEY. cause I do not have anymore skin problems or an bloated face or belly. So I do not need to spend any money anymore on makeup ;)
MsLilirojas (4 months ago)
I’m allergic to dairy!!!😭
Chelcee01 (4 months ago)
I can not eat chill or spist
Amena Easmin (4 months ago)
chili makes all foods delicious. I can't imagine any regular dish without chili.. I cant eat sweets but chili... lol
JS Nation (4 months ago)
Ketchup isn't spicy
Abbyeenormal 00 (4 months ago)
Well I live in Hawaii, so 66 degrees isn’t happening.
MusicForever MSP! (4 months ago)
i used the hairdryer on thursday maybe using it when ever you get out of the shower so you can dry and lose weight at the same time
Randomness Zoe (4 months ago)
Anyone sitting and eating doritos while watching this video?
Squishy Fam (4 months ago)
I swim every Saturday and Sunday
Julia’s fun zone (4 months ago)
Man I’m lactose intalorent
Chloe Crowe (4 months ago)
It’s 3AM i don’t think I’m gonna be thin no more lol
Wendy Pavelchik (4 months ago)
I’m allergic to cinnamon 😢
Alyssa Hockensmith (4 months ago)
Okay but what if I sleep for like 10-12 hours 😂
Lilac Rose (4 months ago)
I just ate banana bread....😅

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