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i want to lose weight.

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LearningToBeFearless (8 months ago)
Before anyone gets upset by the title, please watch the actual video. The other day I posted the “what I eat in a day” on weight watchers video and basically did a similar disclaimer in the beginning. You can want to better your health; whether that be mentally, physically, or both and remain body positive. Just because I want to lose weight and feel healthier and happier, does not make me NOT body positive. The reason why? Because I love myself right now, and at any size. Self love comes from within, it’s inside of you, not the number on the scale or the pants size you wear. It’s the love inside of you for YOU. I just want to get back to a healthy, happy Alex 😊 and I already feel so much better since I started getting back to a healthy lifestyle. Please understand that this is not about “being skinny” or “diets”, it’s not. It’s about health and happiness. I feel good when I work out and eat healthy. That’s all it’s about. I hope you guys understand and listen to the words in the video. I love you guys.
Rafael Garcia (2 months ago)
I had to watch the video like 3 times because I couldn't focus on what you were saying... No I'm not being rude or trying to be a wise ass. But actually you distracted me. Oh you are gorgeous. I would hug you and kiss you on those lips... No no no. I'd kiss you on the corner of your mouth... So softly. Sorry... Too off track. Way too much imagination. You are a beauty of a person. Please dont change. And if you change, do it because you want to. Much love... Good love.
Jayjaylyle Thompson (3 months ago)
LearningToBeFearless if it was up to me you’d be gaining another 50-100lbs
home sanitarium (4 months ago)
stop bitching
Dumb Fukk (4 months ago)
LearningToBeFearless I don't believe in "body positivity", I believe in not thinking a person is horrible, just because their body is of an abnormal size. You should be positive about healthy bodies, not bodies that don't fit into already broad enough airplane seats. The body and the person are not the same thing. The body can change, the person rarely does.
MM (5 months ago)
@LearningToBeFearless Research intermittent fasting (16/8) and Ketosis. Then do both as the same time. You will not have any weight issues for the rest of your life. Dr Berg has some great YouTube videos on the topic. Your welcome!
Hannah Skedsvold (6 days ago)
YESSSS! I'm recently on this journey too and thank you thank you thank you!! You're right, it's not talked about. I'm here with you girl!
LovelynNuri (8 days ago)
Honestly, you can be body positive and still want to lose weight to be a healthier self. Like, i'm losing weight right now because i'm tired of my back pain, of not being able to run or walk fast, of not being able to wear heels for long because of all this weight on me and to prevent a range of diseases i can get if i don't do anything. I love myself, therefore i'm choosing to take care of myself by doing this. AND i will succeed, 2019 is the year!
Stephanie P. (12 days ago)
Learn to talk logically girl.
I'm a really fun boy. (15 days ago)
She’s hot
Jack King (16 days ago)
You are a lovely soul with or without weight . As An African we love big ladies like you because you are strong than skinny women . I'm a proud African Man to be associated With BBW.
Helena Monique Clarke (17 days ago)
Ketogenic diet, sister. And You are beautiful! Once you're thinking you're literally going to have to beat guys off with a stick. You might want to rethink your position on weight loss.
Juli Bumazhnova (20 days ago)
I love you. You are inspiring ❤
Cheryll Yang (20 days ago)
you’re so gorgeous💘
Victoria Thigpen (21 days ago)
Ur makeup is bomb asf girl. Anyway, you got this!! You CAN lose it❤️🙏🏼
lena mcg (24 days ago)
Your face is gorgeous despite you're weight.
Ace Degenerate (25 days ago)
I thought when you had under the chin liposuction it could not come back?!?!?!???
Patience Noelia (1 month ago)
This diet regime was such a simple means for me to lose twelve lbs in the short two weeks I`ve been following it. You ought to google the "fetching tuti space" to learn more! I have been making use of this one for the last 2 months along with CLA. I have been very pleased with the outcomes and will continue using this particular product..
Dat Fro Do Baggins (1 month ago)
I feel you gurl I'm the exact same way.
Dat Fro Do Baggins (1 month ago)
You are super super gorgeous
mzmichelleeliz (1 month ago)
What happened with this?
mesho95f (1 month ago)
I like the daily dozen, cause I can eat whatever I want as I long as I eat the 12 items before.
Sara Camacaro (2 months ago)
❤️ I identify so much with you. 😊 Love you beautiful girl. ❤️
Katelyn Burgess (2 months ago)
Just Ran across Your Channel and I've been stuck watching for and hour .. your a BEAUTIFUL PERSON and no one has room to judge anybody period ... I think your freaking awesome ❤️💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️
Maley Night (2 months ago)
No shit every one who looks like you should lose weight
Tadz Tadzie (2 months ago)
I’m a stress eater too and seems like everyone is just moving away from me☹️. I’ve gained almost 30kilos and all my clothes don’t fit. Did I say clothes only? My shoes don’t even fit! My baggy pjs are like tights now. I want to lose weight too but it hasn’t been easy. We can do this though❤️
Steven Raphael (2 months ago)
You are  so pretty, I'm OMAD MAN, I eat one meal a day, I hope I can inspire you.
User18 (2 months ago)
just came from the double chin removal video lol
Sarah Nicole (2 months ago)
I know it seems really hard, and it is but fasting is a really effective way to loose weight. It's the only thing that's worked for me
xArzoo (2 months ago)
Sherena Sherman (2 months ago)
Wooow ur beautiful
Mehveen Shah (2 months ago)
Try subliminals for weight loss..i hope it'll work for you.
Katie Boulton (2 months ago)
You go girl keep up the good work and stay motivated☺️👍💕
veronica davis (2 months ago)
Lightning Stars_100 (2 months ago)
Your beautiful just the way you are❤️😍
Jessica Hans-Jorie (2 months ago)
Get up Get out!!! GET MOTIVATED ❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪💪
Britt Trujillo (2 months ago)
So proud of you ... I just found out i have a fatty liver , been making changes . With eating right and working out
Fah H (2 months ago)
I hate myself so much. I want to die 😒😞
Tagastinna Zahou (2 months ago)
you are sooo cute & gorgeous darling 😘 wish you all the best
Karina Sokolova (3 months ago)
For me calorie count always worked ...otherwise I do overeat because there are so many hidden calories ...🤔I think admitting that you need to do something is a massive step forward! All the best
Jeff Mullins (3 months ago)
You are so beautiful just the way you are... just saying
pepe (2 months ago)
Jeff Mullins yes she will die early age if she stays that weight
Lowkey Peace (3 months ago)
You are so beautiful
ICY BERG (3 months ago)
You are cute , just wanted to say that
Mariam Salam (3 months ago)
Hard work babe you can do it ❤️
Celia Koshak (3 months ago)
You’re beautiful
Ada Morton (3 months ago)
Do you have a tattoo on wrist?
Hanna B (3 months ago)
So glad your open about what your struggling with. It just gets easier from there
Elizabeth Nanette (3 months ago)
I just wanna say, coming from a skinny girl, that we are not healthier than you just because we’re skinny. And it totally sounds like you understand that, which more people need to. When I’m stressed, I tend to forget to eat. This might sound like a great problem to some people but THAT IS UNHEALTHY. My weight takes these crazy dips when I go through hard times and it effects my entire appearance.... skin, hair, everything. Not to mention my overall physical and mental health. Being on the low end of your range of healthy weights is JUST AS POTENTIALLY BAD as being on the high end. We are all in this health thing together, people of all sizes fight battles with this. It is not a size thing. It. Is not. A size thing.
pepe (2 months ago)
Elizabeth Nanette she will die a early age if she stay that weight
f karara (3 months ago)
You're so pretty❤
Latasha Rhodes (3 months ago)
Jump rope
Masha W (3 months ago)
Well done! I have started going to the gym regularly recently, I feel a world of difference. I used to feel so foggy and couldn't focus on work. Also, the lack of energy to accomplish what I set out to do was one of the biggest motivations for me to start gym. The energy I now feel is amazing, and I am glad you decided to make this video and start your health journey.
Samkingfishersujj (3 months ago)
Angela Regan (3 months ago)
Can I just say something, you are the most beautiful women in the world, your body type shouldn’t matter, you’re amazing inside and out. I know how it is though I went from 450llbs to 175llbs with no help no surgery I had no one to help me I had to do it all on my own and it was the hardest thing I ever did. But people were just so mean about my weight and honestly it sucks. But I learned to get passed that to be the women I wanted to be and am today. You don’t need to change but if you want to you can do anything... xoxoxoxo you’re beautiful
RS Silva (3 months ago)
sending all the love in the world to you beautiful!!! you can and will do this! i love your attitude of keeping it about health and wellness. its not about being "skinny" or whatever. you are amazing for speaking on this
Daddy (3 months ago)
I love how down to earth you are
Aaliyah Sakoor (3 months ago)
You're on the right path girl keep it up ❤️
Michelle Martin (3 months ago)
You are so pretty...
Χαρά Π. (3 months ago)
You should be proud of yourself for the fact that you can so openly express how you feel! And don't ever feel ashamed of wanting to lose some weight. A lot of people go through the same thing and that's ok. My piece of advice; just try to find healthy choices for your meals, but make them interesting. Healthy food doesn't have to be boring. When i started eating healthier, i realised that i love a bunch of fruits that i thought i didn't like before. That completely changed my life! You can enjoy food and be healthy at the same time. Eating healthier will also change your mood, trust me. You will be happier! I really hope you reach your goal! You can do this! You just got to believe in yourself and invest some time in how to be healthier! Greetings from Greece!
Nouhaila Sbai (3 months ago)
If it will makes you more confident and happy than DO IT
Myates708 (3 months ago)
Try keto! You won't feel so restricted. You can keto-fy pretty much anything. You will feel SO GOOD and have so much energy! I've tried it all and keto was my saving grace <3
bidisha baruah (3 months ago)
U look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE
!? (3 months ago)
i am am emtional eater i cannot control it. every time i feel strees or anguish i eat whatever is in the fridge. that is why i try to eat healthy as much as i can while feeling good because i know it would be nightmare afteward.
Nicoleinseoul (3 months ago)
you are so beautiful your makeup is f l a w l e s s omg
cecilia aladore (3 months ago)
Girl your makeup skills are fire! 🔥 like....omg so pretty, I can’t do makeup to save my BEING, slayyyyy
Luísa Magalhães (3 months ago)
I know this video is about weight but can we take a minute to look at your face? You're gorgeous omg!!
Norin Mosharraf (3 months ago)
You are very brave for sharing this video! It takes a lot of courage to do this and for that, much respect to you! Stay happy girl =)
Kaylynn Du Preez (3 months ago)
You are beautiful! Never change who you are.
Nicole Vignola (3 months ago)
I couldnt comment on your other video and i really felt i had to! Im over weight also and i understand where your coming from but this woman is a doctor she is supposed to be concerned with your health? And your weight can be directly related to all types of things including your skin.. she didnt say you werent trying, she didnt say you werent aware, and shes not just someone shes a doctor who wants you to have the best care. So dont be too upset.
Gizem Yılmazer (3 months ago)
This is an older video but I wanted to say, you come across as so sincere in front of your viewers. I just opened this video, you speaking in the background and I'm reading something on another page :) I wish we could chat in real life. I'm following your videos from now on :))
Rasha Al Dirawi (3 months ago)
💖May God be with you
Withlove, Sara (3 months ago)
A beautiful face
baby tesfaye (3 months ago)
Wow she looks stunning
Sam 30 (3 months ago)
Me too😫
Sam Waters (4 months ago)
You are so gorgeous!!!!
ThisMomsTale (4 months ago)
you're so pretty, I love your videos. Where did you buy your sweater, I love it?
indighoul (4 months ago)
Upenda Sana (4 months ago)
Just looking through your comments and seeing the ones about body image/weight and mental health.This is so true,the way we feel about our bodies no matter what size has so much to do with how we feel about ourselves as a whole,our whole self image.Self love is key and so often from my experience weight can be there for all sorts of defensive reasons,it can strangely make us feel safe in certain ways for instance.I have never been "plus size"as such,whatever that is, but I have always had body issues since childhood and it has so much more to do with how I was made to feel about myself and how lovable I felt as a whole.My focus on my body was just one way of trying to become more lovable and worthy,for instance "if I was thinner"way of thinking then I would be more popular,more lovable etc.I think focusing on health and fitness is a great way to go.Wishing you all the best in your continued self empowerment.You are a strong woman.
Lucian Marian (4 months ago)
Try to lose weight you are very beautiful girl. Dont waste that
Dawnandlo (4 months ago)
On a non body note, i once had a neighbor play the same song, super loud for 10 HOURS!!! He was sitting in his garage with the door open and blowing everyone away with the same house music song over and over. At 10 pm i finally found my inner old lady and called the police.
lct7192000 (4 months ago)
The foods you eat and the exercise we do affects everything: hormones, mood, aches and lack of pains, skin, nails, vision....everything. Everyone should have a regime and there should not be a limit of weight and how we feel about ourselves. Keep up with the good work!
Sylphadora (4 months ago)
You are so lovely. You are very beatiful as you are and I love your positivity <3 I've been where you are, though. Weight loss/maintenance is so personal! What worked for me was keto + intermittent fasting, with the occasional extended fast here and there. My problem is that I have sugar addiction and binge eating disorder. I would eat healthy for a while and then cave in and start eating sugar (more like gorging on it), and my weight would balloon up. With keto I'm never hungry (seriously, I have fasted for up to ten days and never once did I feel hungry) and I have no cravings whatsoever. My BED is more controlled too. It's more difficult to overeat on keto because you are constantly satiated. Keto has been a lifesaver for me. It consists on eating a low-carb high-fat diet. The high-fat part is VERY IMPORTANT! Fat is the body's preferred fuel and it doesn't spike insulin. Insulin is responsible for fat storage, and carbs are what spike insulin the most
Jason Mance (4 months ago)
You are very beautiful - and if you have decided to change your body size good on you - you’ll succeed
Saaimah Masud (4 months ago)
You are beautiful love, with or without the weight, when I look at u I don’t look at the weight I only see this amaizing real person that I can relate to❤️ I know people say horrible things but I just say own it and take ur time
Eshter Maria (4 months ago)
you are very pretty!
Devon Marie (4 months ago)
You are beautiful ♥️
Jacinta Boudreau (4 months ago)
You are so beautiful <3 I am one of those "body positive IS about being healthy" people as well. I love your channel! It really resonates with me... <3 God bless!
K G (4 months ago)
Go vegan sister! It will change your life and you are helping the animals. You are beautiful and you can do it. 😘
Kelly Martinez (4 months ago)
Hey girl!! I’m such an advocate for 80 day obsession, ive done one round of it, and I absolutely love it. It’s a different workout everyday using strength slides, resistance loops and weights. It is intense but you can modify y’all of the moves. I feel so strong and confident in myself and I feel so healthy! It keeps me on track because the days are numbered so it’s like a set schedule. Nothing at all wrong with you wanting to better yourself and be HEALTHY! Shame on any “group of people” who look at it as negative when you might want to loose a couple pounds. Absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of yourself 😀 wish you the best!
TheGpugh1976 (4 months ago)
Keep going to the gym .. it changes your mindset with food.. your a gorgeous girl x
Jasmine Foster (4 months ago)
Your beautiful Keep being an inspiration not only to yourself but others
Zoe Pineau (4 months ago)
I lost 150 lbs - look up the eating clean books they legit changed my life. I just happened to come across one at a drug store and I never thought about food the same again. It goes up and down but I’ve managed to keep most of the weight off for over 6 years
Belinda Ginete (4 months ago)
Good luck on your journey! Loving yourself also means being a better version of yourself. 👍 ❤️
Gina M (4 months ago)
Your beautiful inside and out 💜
ga de (4 months ago)
personal trainer
Iasmin Ricartte (4 months ago)
So glad you are trying to live a healthier life! You can't even breathe properly while talking.
Kat S (4 months ago)
Doing weight watchers does not teach you about nutrition. These 0 point foods actually have an impact, and weight watchers really promotes eating any of those in amounts you want to, not should. Yes, we ca get caught up in calorie counting, wtc, but, by actually reading nutritional labels you learn so much. But, if it is what helps you, you do you, girl! Because proper nutrition and eating habits is hard. So, this is your way to stay on track, don't worry about the haters, please!
Don Fernando (4 months ago)
sydney x (4 months ago)
you’re so beautiful it frustrates me 😭😭
horses life (4 months ago)
youre so beautyfull, and i love you youre my inspiration for my life💕💕 thank you so much
AlexusCatherine (4 months ago)
You go girl
Richa Kalra (4 months ago)
You look beautiful lady. However, I can relate. ❣️ Even family keeps telling what you dont want to hear.! So just cant run anywhere!
Ebony Crandle (4 months ago)
You are a beautiful women. Just to let you know 😊😊
Je De (4 months ago)
Oh my kot me too! We are so same I want you for my friend
Maria Juanita (4 months ago)
i feel you! always think that someones ready to give you an arm to lean on ... CHEERS TO YOUR JOURNEY :)
Light the way (4 months ago)
You are beautiful and don't forget that! Just a suggestion if you are really serious about your health...did you ever try a personal trainer or a nutritional person. I think they would be very beneficial in helping you reach your fitness and health goals. 😊

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