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When You Lose Weight

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Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
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Just A Weirdo (1 hour ago)
If only it were that easy😒
So, you get bigger eyes, redder lips and bigger eye lashes? oh, and screw glasses, don’t need em!
Thu Zar (3 hours ago)
Dilini Rathnayake (4 hours ago)
If loosing weight is that much easier........
The Watcher (6 hours ago)
So, this is man really want huh? -_-
PONYHOX - (6 hours ago)
When you lose weight its an eye popping experience pun intended
Glorious Mornings (7 hours ago)
( after watching it a little more) Kae: Mutsumi senpai~ Me:..... NO MY SHIP!!!! I know it’s different but I WILL NEVER SHIP MUTSUMI AND KAE TOGETHER YOU HEAR ME
Glorious Mornings (8 hours ago)
Igarashi x Kae❤️❤️:3
Little Accel (8 hours ago)
Try this at home! You will lose weight with this wonder technique!
Pixel Pudding (10 hours ago)
5:31 I’ve watched the show and I fell like even if she didn’t loose weight, he would’ve still talked to her
Pixel Pudding (10 hours ago)
What I except to look like after working out for 5 minutes
Super8 Dover (10 hours ago)
Fatties. From not to hot *or as us guys call it... T H I C C*
ice crow2005 (13 hours ago)
I wish that happened to me
TheGamingRuby (14 hours ago)
If you don't like me at: 0:04 Then you don't deserve me at my: 2:28
Albert Castro (15 hours ago)
When a girl losses weight then all handsome will turn on her It also happens in reality in the end it explains that if you turn into a beautiful girl then boys will start turning on you. Harsh reality
Rex Redfield (15 hours ago)
Give. Me. A. *exhales heavily* BREEAK
Rebecca Xu (16 hours ago)
Well I mean I wouldn’t know.
Dark Light (16 hours ago)
Paul Smith (17 hours ago)
She went from fat and delicious too skinny and delicious this is what happens when she lose weight her eyes do get bigger and that booty gets plumper.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.
The tea is nice My dude (17 hours ago)
I like the tall dude because he was nice to her before.
Delfina Delfina (18 hours ago)
I wonder How she did that for one week you’ll be dead
Plum Edits (21 hours ago)
Mina- Rose (22 hours ago)
Eddy Payet2 (22 hours ago)
What's the name of the anime
ZoeyDragonite (20 hours ago)
"Kiss him, not me"
Eddy Payet2 (22 hours ago)
She's so pretty now
rainbowbird (22 hours ago)
Alia Ahmed (22 hours ago)
Anime name ?
GAMER_GALAX (1 day ago)
0:01 me singing the intro of my favourite anime.
The Codetalker S (1 day ago)
Fat people be like...
SparksFly (1 day ago)
This is like the equivalent of “Fatist”. As if being skinny suddenly makes you a better person.
SparksFly (1 day ago)
Why is this in my recommended?
Hato Yin (1 day ago)
ZoeyDragonite (20 hours ago)
+Hato Yin Not really once you watch the full anime. :v
Hato Yin (1 day ago)
TBH the show is kinda dark
Hina Tanaka (1 day ago)
痩せてこんだけ変わるんだったら人生苦労しねぇよ! 羨ましすぎるぞ
Ape (1 day ago)
See fat people?! its this easy!
ZoeyDragonite (20 hours ago)
yEaH sO sImPlE gUyS
Ferdaous Bouzaiane (1 day ago)
sweetie.... no
YOUR G GATCHA (1 day ago)
Hi I forgot what does animes called anyone wanna tell me thx xD All I know is that I used to watch as a kid and I was obsessed with it and I really found this
ZoeyDragonite (18 hours ago)
YOUR G GATCHA (18 hours ago)
ZoeyDragonite tysm
ZoeyDragonite (20 hours ago)
"Kiss him, not me"
Pineapple (1 day ago)
Oml my dreaaaaam!!
yan chan (1 day ago)
What anime is this I want to watch it plz someone tell me!
ッAnubisYamato (1 day ago)
So this scene is about an Anime Girl watching her Favorite Anime character die. Wait what? Another anime about an anime character watching anime? *NANI*
Dems (1 day ago)
Anime logic: be anorexic for a week and you'll lose 100 pounds, works like a charm
lare jabar (1 day ago)
I wanna gain weight 😂
Love and Peace (1 day ago)
All her fat went to her boobs
ZoeyDragonite (20 hours ago)
Thats so true
Margaret Lin (1 day ago)
What’s the name of this anime?
Fullmetal Shenron (1 day ago)
Kirishima I know you see this,I want to talk to you about a plan I have for Sasuke...
Chisanabe CHan (1 day ago)
Just sleep in your room for week no eat no bath to be a hot girl hehe ~ it do not make any sense!!!
LambSauce (1 day ago)
Time to lay in beed for 1 week
Ruben Conde Magar (1 day ago)
BrooklynWorldGames (1 day ago)
Kiss him not me
Angelica_ Heart123 (1 day ago)
I swear to god people like pretty girls
AroN Aaron (2 days ago)
What tittle of this anime??
ZoeyDragonite (20 hours ago)
"Kiss him, not me"
Chloe Mcholoe (2 days ago)
I wish this happened to me. I'm not fat I'm just garbage :3
This is amazing XD when I saw the glowing light I thought she was naked ; - ;
Virginimes YT (2 days ago)
3:56 Why is Kirito Here?
Pliss Puertos (2 days ago)
what is the title of this movie I really want to watch it
Pliss Puertos (2 days ago)
thank you so much!!!
bri bri (2 days ago)
The anime is called "kiss him not me"
Asuna Yuuki (2 days ago)
bri bri (2 days ago)
It's "kiss him not me"
Purple Chan27 (2 days ago)
Meghan Mosume (2 days ago)
This made me offended Like 4 guys liking the girl just bc she lost alot of weight *god damn boys these days*
Jacy Bear (2 days ago)
How. Does. The. Show. End??!
Cross The Narcissist (2 days ago)
I wish that was true ;-; ......
Alyssa Spicer (2 days ago)
Please kill son Goku too so I can loose weight also hehehe
CatMan (2 days ago)
What is this anime
bri bri (2 days ago)
Kiss him not me
Waldemar Deri (2 days ago)
thats some reverse harem D:
Maria (2 days ago)
New way to lose weight: cry straight for days and don’t eat done
Maria (2 days ago)
Is that easy
nada abdalla (2 days ago)
What the name of this anime pls.
Maura_The_Mango (2 days ago)
Yes, bc when you loose weight your hair changes, your eyes get bigger and your voice gets more high-pitched. Also, are they fr trying to make eating disorders look okay?
THE QUEENNN (2 days ago)
What is this anime called
BrooklynWorldGames (1 day ago)
Kiss him not me
poptartgenuis Ruiz (2 days ago)
I liked her more when she was cubby lol she still looked cute to me.
KRYTWAL. (2 days ago)
Top 10 best anime transformations
lancespice (2 days ago)
SpyDragon (2 days ago)
Me: i wish i could lose my weight like this. Oh wait i dont Even get weight Mom:Fuck off!
Mirolan (2 days ago)
what is the name of this anime?
BrooklynWorldGames (1 day ago)
Kiss him not me
Lilli Winkler (3 days ago)
Anime name?
BrooklynWorldGames (1 day ago)
Kiss him not me
esterlita enolpe (3 days ago)
can anyone tell me what is the title? pls
VeeCee CRZ (3 days ago)
What anime?
Zoe S. (3 days ago)
I actually love this anime
Lupe Cruz (3 days ago)
Anime Logic: You lose weight this happens : Your hair magically gets an ombré effect Your eyes magically get bigger Your eyelashes get longer You magically get this pink rosy aura around you Makes total sense right?!?
Wade Willson (3 days ago)
What is the anime name
icedwhite mocha (3 days ago)
I want to watch this series.
icedwhite mocha (3 days ago)
This was written by a woman. Not men.
nanami joy uchiha (3 days ago)
i subscribe!!!!
emy chavez (3 days ago)
Amanda Schultz (3 days ago)
Sub Just Because (3 days ago)
4:55 a little?....
Jack Rodgers (3 days ago)
I’m just going to stay in my room asleep for a week
Meme God (3 days ago)
and here goes the biggest gay lover otaku in the entireity of history to the point of making boys that like her kiss each other and not her............pretty good summary if i do say so may self
Doing Normal Things (3 days ago)
My metabolism is too low to lose weight
Luna Alberte Holm (3 days ago)
Wow. My favorite anime character should die.
Felix White (3 days ago)
Damn, I need to lose some weight
Squishholland (3 days ago)
Omg I’ve seen this anime. It’s “kiss him not me”. ITS AMAZING. I RECOMMEND
Diyar Ali (3 days ago)
What is the anime name
jak jak (3 days ago)
ExpressoツGacha (3 days ago)
How can I be her Tellll meeee please
Gamer2000 (3 days ago)
Yeah when women hear a guy say your fat and ugly then the guy is bad but when a guy is told by a girl that he is fat and ugly then it is true and the guy needs to change I love this anime simple do to the fact that it is funny. :D Guys and Girls need to work just as hard as the other person is working if you are a 1 then stay in your line :D And I kind of know how she feels :D going from a 8 to a 5 sucks but at least no more work outs and exercise just relaxing and having fun but in anime there is a thing like magic just starve for a week and you will be a perfect 10
EmoX Doggo (4 days ago)
I die why on earth did you touch dis... hmmm or maybe why did you hit dat reply to comment button hmmm.... bye
that one person (4 days ago)
So she basically didn't eat for 2 weeks and lost 70lbs
I wanna Die (4 days ago)
I was kind of fat in kindergarten and Im now like...... 31.5 or 32.3
Donnie Napoleao (4 days ago)
why is everybody so pressed it's jUST AN ANIME. IT'S ANIMATED FICTION.

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