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When You Lose Weight

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Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
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s f (1 hour ago)
Whats this anime called
Cue stick (6 hours ago)
Where can I sign up?
ipadgirl (7 hours ago)
Lol why is every one so pressed? Its an anime. Its supposed to be unrealistic lmao, like with every other anime- maid sama ,naruto, fairy tail. People are really pressed shes got a nose and better eyesight .
St. Haborym (9 hours ago)
Cause losing weight will magically give you a cute anime girl's voice, instead of that ridiculous "stererotypical fat person" voice
Ayrie Spence (10 hours ago)
me when an anime character die but i dont loose the weight igainit.
sabikunnahar Saba (11 hours ago)
Cartoon name????
Mystery Mask (11 hours ago)
Red Rainbow Kitty Mew (12 hours ago)
4:06 reallllll smooth buddy
Silent Savvy (12 hours ago)
I've actually seen this anime before
Hyejin blue (14 hours ago)
Wtf is the name of this shit
Blablatoc Milo (14 hours ago)
Overnight subliminal like
Celty (14 hours ago)
I fucking wish.
Citi3 lovenz (17 hours ago)
What’s the name of the anime 😭😭
*Cosmic Neko* (4 hours ago)
The name is: watashi ga motete dousunda
Derp Chan (17 hours ago)
Moral of the story: *don't eat.*
Mystery Wings (19 hours ago)
Your kindness hasn‘t changed👌🏼 that‘s so nice
Tiia Mannix (23 hours ago)
Depression does wonders for you, kids
Kurae (23 hours ago)
Her fat has gone mysteriously in one night, that's scared me a lot
1-her lips got bigger and redder 2- her eyes drastically change 3- she got better vision 4- her hair change to dark violet to almost pink 5- she lose weight and measures in the perfect places 6- she looks more healty 7- her fucking voice *H O W ?*
Its Blu (1 day ago)
*Loses weight.... Magically gets taller.*
Aestheticz Panda (1 day ago)
I love this anime
Sana Sakura (1 day ago)
Dammit, why does Imposter Togami and Togami always comes into my mind without permission
oSKUNKo (1 day ago)
2:36 why the hell is Hermione Granger in a muggle school?
oSKUNKo (1 day ago)
Apparently when you lose weight your voice totally changes, who knew!? 😑
Melissa L (1 day ago)
When u lose weight u get all the bois 😱😱😱😱😱 AMAZING MAGIC 😮
Julie P. (1 day ago)
Ok bro ima lose weight now😂
Anime Aishi (1 day ago)
So, if I lose weight, almost every boy in my class will have a CRUSH on me?! Hmm, like the whole idea
Anais Ecliserio (1 day ago)
Anime logic
*Fatty doo doo*
Pho Phi (1 day ago)
Ok emm acavo de ver este hermoso anime y me enamore ahre, pero a lo que venia, antes yo no era notada por nadie era tipo: que simple!. Entonces un dia adelgase (o como se escriba) bastante, y todos me decian: que linda eres. Me identifico con este anime xd
Emmi Kookies (1 day ago)
lmao but she’s like a giant fujoshi
pk omega clover (1 day ago)
Dont kiss me kiss him? Is that the anime
dapperfrog (19 hours ago)
pk omega clover kiss him not me
Stiri Syrene (1 day ago)
2:04 “Mom! The mirror's broken!” That just cracked me up lol I wish my mirror was that broken 😂
UnknownGamer Jay (1 day ago)
She went from *THICC* To *Slick*
Freja Bekamp (1 day ago)
Si is byutyfoll
maraderchik xD (1 day ago)
[ShindoL] Metamorphosis.
Pink Pluto (1 day ago)
Gah, I remember watching this anime *Brings back memories*
Shiro :3 (1 day ago)
Wish Jordanne (1 day ago)
Lol she didn’t eat for so long that she probs starved and lost all her weight. It’s not magic, it’s starving. Girl needs to eat.
Ingrid Martinez (1 day ago)
“kiss him not me” is such a good anime. the ending was expected too but it’s k
I wish this was real..
Calya Irawan (2 days ago)
It would've been more funny if she had her original voice
Samantha p (2 days ago)
The episode when she gained back the weight oof that was when you could tell who actually liked her
Rage KitFR (2 days ago)
*I like the Senpai guy the most.*
TreLaNiRas (2 days ago)
Dont judge a book by its cover! Or even think that they dont belong to this world... But nobody talked to me on that day...
児嶋 (2 days ago)
児嶋 (2 days ago)
Azalia Baekhyun (2 days ago)
Anime ?
Softy :3 (2 days ago)
You lose weight - and your animation style changes
BabyDoll NightmareLL (2 days ago)
Lena DeathBlossom (2 days ago)
Before when I was obese I was like: “Can’t relate, too unrealistic.” However, after losing weight and wearing clothes that compliment my figure, I can say I’m leading my own mini reverse harem. Now I can proudly say “Yes I can relate” Note: I didn’t starve myself, I maintained a healthy diet and did rigorous exercises as well as taking up fencing.
Futaba Sakura (11 hours ago)
Lena DeathBlossom how’s it going?
Lena DeathBlossom (13 hours ago)
@Futaba Sakura Hecc yeah I did!
Futaba Sakura (15 hours ago)
Lena DeathBlossom You picked one of the boys yet?
Lena DeathBlossom (1 day ago)
All good 😎👍
Futaba Sakura (1 day ago)
Lena DeathBlossom How’s your harem going?
Anime Fuck you (2 days ago)
When her losing weight, Owner: start from this moments, *WE MUST DRAW HER FACE SERIOUSLY!!!!!*
Dragon Da Silva (2 days ago)
Anime trash 😂👌👌
OrangePresidents (2 days ago)
This just proves that U NIGGAS ARE FAKES!!!
Eyuan Alata (2 days ago)
Man I need to start working out I'm still the Omega chubbs
Ashlayia (2 days ago)
its funny how in anime their voices get higher-pitched (if that makes sense)
Alex Silva (2 days ago)
Golden Fall (2 days ago)
Super Saiyan blue??? What is this magic?
Golden Fall (2 days ago)
When you lose weight,you become another person.
Toasted Cheese (2 days ago)
If you lose weight, people will be nicer. If you gain weight, you'll get free offers at the grocery shop. No but, really. If you lose weight people are nicer and its pretty cruel.
Summer Runner (2 days ago)
I wish anime girls existed irl
Anna Sullivan (2 days ago)
Yeah cause you just become beautiful just like that
Vixen Draws (2 days ago)
How to have lots of boys after you 1. Watch anime 2. Watch your fav character die 3. Get depressed 4. Your skinny and pretty now 5. Have fun
ItsxX_ POTATO (2 days ago)
ItsxX_ POTATO (12 hours ago)
bean bean •3• (12 hours ago)
ItsxX_ POTATO kiss him not me
this gave us a bad message
this give us a bad message
Ivy Gutierrez (2 days ago)
In a week tho?
Sieger (2 days ago)
When you lose weight and magically get cute because you're the protagonist.
catherine msp (2 days ago)
*If you lose weight your hair color changes*
hit or missgender (2 days ago)
Blue Neko (2 days ago)
I had a moment where I couldnt eat well for months because anxiety has joined the chat and when I lost a lot of weight I looked great I gained weight but still looked like a twig that was over summer now I'm in the 7nth grade anxiety is still in the chat tho....
CascadePlays (3 days ago)
Kae are my **cough** friends **cough**
Hanabi (3 days ago)
actually this led me to the anime i was been obsessed with for like months lmao
Riya Singh (3 days ago)
What is the name of this anime please let me know
Nora Silva (3 days ago)
Mutsumi-senpai ~ ♡♡♡♡♡
sunwoo (3 days ago)
she turned into visual and cutie
Ally Corn (3 days ago)
3:27 Adrian... 🤣 omg lmao
Derpy Nerwhal // Twig (3 days ago)
How to lose weight: Witness the death of your favorite anime character
MayIexposeyou (3 days ago)
So Pheaktra Lucifer (3 days ago)
This is Masamune-kun no Revenge but in a reverse way.
Sabrina Rich (3 days ago)
Example of anorexia right here.
Daizy _Playz (3 days ago)
What anime is this! I WANT TO KNOW!!
Créme (3 days ago)
When you lose weight, your eyesight gets better
Uhm Okay (3 days ago)
Can't relate.
Woofy _ Wolf (3 days ago)
2:03 idk what to put.
Katelyn Heart (3 days ago)
What anime is this??????
Ericka Gabrielle (3 days ago)
what anime is dis
Llama Lover Playz (3 days ago)
4:07 is the best N-nani?!?!
aa aa (3 days ago)
when you lose weight your tits get bigger?
Caitlin Jarrett (3 days ago)
Why does this happen in anime but not real life. Something like this needs to happen to me like yesterday.
Master of Puppets (3 days ago)
This is so real and stupid . Like the boys dont watch the personality but the look of the girl . Tho I am the same as those boys ( cuz I am stupid and cant talk to anything breathing )
Tan Wolfe (3 days ago)
If your wondering what this is called it’s called kiss him not me type up dubbed
Galaxy_ Dream (3 days ago)
What anime is this
Emily Couturière (3 days ago)
What anime is this from
Onixthe goodboy (3 days ago)
i liked her better when she was fat, she has an annoying voice. that voice that kinda screams PORNO
Stonevessel11_YT (3 days ago)
What’s this anime called
P0tat0e (3 days ago)
Leo & Lay for life (3 days ago)
0:02 song/ost plz🤗
Irma Rivas (3 days ago)
that looks like my sister

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