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Kate Middleton Casual Style

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Based on her recent track record, it may be hard to believe Kate ever donned something that could raise eyebrows, but every once in a while we've caught her ditching her sophisticated brand of dressing for something a little more casual. From outings in lazy-day hoodies to laid-back blue jeans, we love seeing proof that sometimes Kate can mix it up. While we may love Kate's foray into casualwear, we have a feeling the Queen wouldn't approve of these not-so-princessy pieces. Just try to imagine Queen Elizabeth donning the same sporty separates, sneakers, or funky hats — we all know, it just wouldn't happen. So while we're under the impression that it's basically impossible for Kate to wear a bad outfit, it's fun to imagine how the royals really felt when they saw these, ahem, nontraditional styles.
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Ivonne Villagra (4 months ago)
preciosa KATE!!! todas las mujeres son guatonaaassss
Ivonne Villagra (4 months ago)
she is so stunning classy and elegant!!!!! nice and slender!!!!!!!!Beautiful body and shape!!!!!!!
brak slow (3 months ago)
looong torso, short legs, no hips... she should have more consciousness about her body type. as she is constatntly wearing clothes that do not suit her body shape at all.
Andrea Gulasova (6 months ago)
So skiny
mark duncan (1 year ago)
What's with the revealing jeans?? Too much!

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