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Michael Phelps 12,000+cal Diet Challenge

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Link to Main Channel (This one is dead!) --- http://www.youtube.com/megatoadstonie For those wondering/ don't believe this is possible, I am a Professional Competitive Eater, currently ranked #2 in the world. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Stonie) My belly is the size of your house. This is the Michael Phelps Diet Challenge. The challenge is to eat what Michael Phelps claimed to have eaten on his days of training for the Olympics in one sitting. The Challenge consists of.... BREAKFAST - 5 Egg Omlet - 3-Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwiches - 3 Chocolate Chip Pancakes - 3 French Toast w/ Powdered Sugar - Large (4cups) Oatmeal w/ Blueberries LUNCH - 1+lbs of Pasta w/ Sause - 2 Large Ham & Cheese Sandwiches w/ Extra Mayo DINNER - 1+lbs of Pasta w/ Sause - 16" XL Pepperoni Pizza PLUS - Lots (5) Energy Drinks The whole Diet clocks in at over 12,000 Calories!!! OMG Can the Megatoad finish the entire meal (guessing 16lbs)?!?!?!?!?! Also, the challenge was originally thought up by Furious Pete, so thank you for the idea! Enjoy!!!! -----------Professional Eating + Extras Channel------------- http://www.youtube.com/user/MattStonie37 ------------Facebook--------------- http://www.facebook.com/megatoad -----------Twitter------------- http://twitter.com/MattStonie ------------Megatoad Tee's------------- Send me a Message on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter!
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Text Comments (32477)
Nam Vu (17 hours ago)
this chanel's fake
Yo estoy aqui por doc tops
74_Alexz z (1 day ago)
I know, Im really late. But, only one thing to say..... YOU ARE THE BEST DUDE! YOU ARE LIKE A GOD.
Arisleydy Garcia (1 day ago)
Ese va a morir de una jartura
TisdagR GT (1 day ago)
His not real
Ali Saeed (1 day ago)
that's not good for your health take small bites for Bette digrstion
Ali Saeed (1 day ago)
how can you eat to much
saging MODE (1 day ago)
parang si son goku
Sansy Boi (2 days ago)
Jeez man chill no one is going to take it away from you
Stephen Conroy (2 days ago)
He must of done a shit the size of Michael phelps after that xx
Panda’s Life (2 days ago)
In 30 mins, I eat two pizza slices and I think Im a champ lol
djrosmag (2 days ago)
когда заехал к бабушке на обед
XoXo ReiNNN (2 days ago)
How is possible that he never gets fat 😨😨
Ryan Colon (3 days ago)
I watch this one I’m hungry
Aaron Medina Canelo (3 days ago)
I Would Be Intrested In The Ham And Cheese Sams And The Pasta And Pizza
Joshua Martinez (3 days ago)
Broooo! That was sick!
William Wallitsch (3 days ago)
How did he not get hicups
diego 927 (3 days ago)
Le ganaste. A esstik
flashdawnX (4 days ago)
The current Matt will probably eat all of this in 1 second since he’s way more trained now
Natalie Suzanne (4 days ago)
I'm surprised that rock star don't kill him
Cat Dog (4 days ago)
How the hell are you skinny?
Aruzhan Rouse (4 days ago)
Осы тамақты жеу ушын 20 кун аштыкта жургенго😂😂😂😂😂OMG
Zeeshan Sajeed (4 days ago)
am i only hungry
Joseph Thom (5 days ago)
This is the only video on this channel with more than a million views... and it has 22 million.
Mirko Sotoarriola (5 days ago)
Goku in real life
XDGrim Human (5 days ago)
Some might say, he's still swimming today (:
Sergio Ochoa (5 days ago)
K y donde la cabe tanta comida
7XxxSavage GamerxxX7 (5 days ago)
0:47 it is Wednesday my dudes
Andres Cubillos (5 days ago)
I feel bad when he has to shit
Noob Nubz (5 days ago)
1:32 thank me later
Egecem Guardian (5 days ago)
Allahsız piç
Corbin Ellis (6 days ago)
I could eat the sandwich that’s it
Marisol Avelar (6 days ago)
You can dice because you era ro much food
Drama Llama (6 days ago)
Why fake?
Jeon Jungkook (7 days ago)
He should stop talking
Col sugo teneva a fa la scarpetta no che lo lasciava a così
Ma come l'ha cucina la pasta, like per chi è italiano
riki Vegasgal (7 days ago)
Matt.. How do you do it dude!
Señor Racoon (7 days ago)
Fake matt stonie
Thanos K (7 days ago)
U call this a challenge... I call this a Sunday
sunny Tomar (7 days ago)
fart fart fart all i can here
vaja seferguli (7 days ago)
i am so houngry when im waching it
FadelPlay Канал (8 days ago)
Typical Ramadan day 💯💯💯
sunil saini (9 days ago)
Karl francis Kong (9 days ago)
Blade Gamer (9 days ago)
Meanwhile in Africa
Gamer Adam (9 days ago)
R.I.P toilet :(
Happeneds GT (9 days ago)
He likes A monster
Zach Blair (9 days ago)
Dude with all the energy drinks he just drunk I bet he felt like he was on meth
Xxx Legend of Zeda (9 days ago)
WOW BRo I'm not seeing this Right Your a Legend At Eating I've never seen anyone Out Eat you Your so Fast Has anyone out eatin u No WOW incredible 😯😃
Bizmo Trizmo (10 days ago)
Me : please do face reveal :) Matt : but you already see my face Me : not u,but the cameraman Matt : *didnt make any videos for a long time
david dovsky (10 days ago)
He def puked after this
King Mo (10 days ago)
He went to town with that egg
Cr7 Footy challenges (10 days ago)
How does he have more likes than subs
William Yuan (10 days ago)
Why is this on YouTube
Carlos GarPov (11 days ago)
I was hungry before watching the video, then suddenly got full just by staring
lil Savage (11 days ago)
this guy is a savage
Mark Van popering (11 days ago)
I never thought I'd see the day it took Matt Stonie 2:20 to eat one slice of pizza.
Quishanty Coffy (11 days ago)
I will eat that whole pizza by myself😊
Mohi Mohammed (11 days ago)
That's just matt stone
food is my PlayStation (11 days ago)
I love it
Killer Instinct (12 days ago)
Pobre wey cuando fue a cagar!😂😂💀
Adam Adam (12 days ago)
Laura Wirtz (12 days ago)
He doesn’t eat that type of food. He probably eats that amount of calories though
Abigail Humby (12 days ago)
You can get a good idea of what I want to say about this project but I am not your friend and love Eeyoer t shirt up for the. Make sure you don't want to have a good time with you Billy
Abigail Humby (12 days ago)
You will be sick and I will be there pag is you going to be able to make the change in the next week or so much time and time again for the next few months and get a better idea of how you can get a job in their own place and
GT Rur (12 days ago)
Matt Stonie: eats so much but doesnt become fat Me: eats 1 pound of pasta(is it correct)and become very fat
thenacho clash royale (13 days ago)
minuto 0:00 asta 0:36 se pasa al chancho
Vincent M. (13 days ago)
Yuck you were ugly as balls. Your just hitting puberty moustache and the swim cap that reminds me of fetish wear.
Jose Jose Funez Funez (14 days ago)
Hello are People see this video in 2018,,,,,2019
Marcelo Melgaço (14 days ago)
This is sick and offensive to the tens of millions who starve around the world.
Vincent M. (13 days ago)
Fuck you
MrREDVANS (15 days ago)
Lamborgatti -47 (15 days ago)
Why does he talk like his mouth is full or at least sound like it
GrGiannhs 132 (15 days ago)
Wow men here i dont eat my souvlaki in 10 min. And You eat this foods how did You do that Men!!!!
sky #warriors (15 days ago)
Yaa dinlene dinlene yedi yaaa benim diyette burda ne işim var
Rayo Rayo (15 days ago)
الله يعين بطنك
CammyMuffin (15 days ago)
there is now no more food
T.E.M. 4491 (16 days ago)
The goggles and swimming cap are hilarious. Your heart wants to stop because of all the fat and cholesterol but the energy drinks prevented it.
Este no es el canal de Matt 😡😡
Luciano Da Silva Mello (16 days ago)
se mira la panza, he say, i feel like a champion right now, jajajaj xD
gab _je (16 days ago)
Its wensday my dudes
Christopher Ferrell (16 days ago)
3178 anyone
VIE Spotting (16 days ago)
Why are you not fat?
Halpa (16 days ago)
when i watch this video i always hungry :v'
Пиздец.. Кааааак????
jesus lopez (17 days ago)
harry king (17 days ago)
Fake Fake
harry king (17 days ago)
Is this fake
SAIYAJIN WARRIOR (17 days ago)
I know everyone reading this comment isn't stupid..... But why does this say diet challenge cuz it isnt
SAIYAJIN WARRIOR (17 days ago)
If I tried to do this challenge in one sitting them i wouldn't be hungry for 1 month BTW what was the reason he put goggles on?Someone plz tell me
Sachin Mittal (14 days ago)
attilio ciucci (17 days ago)
mi piacerebbe essere un mangiatore professionista,sei incredibile e tra le altre cose riesci a tenere anche una linea perfetta.potresti mettere anche qualche consiglio utile per le grandi abbuffate?
Liena Wahyu (17 days ago)
Rip toiler
jhon vivero (18 days ago)
Pudo morir
Jonix maac (18 days ago)
Y 2 años antes que Sttik xD
Jonix maac (18 days ago)
Y este man sí lo logró
brave killer (18 days ago)
I was lowkey wondering if he gonna eat the plate too
games_player_YT 2007 (18 days ago)
I live in the bathroom bc I have a bad stomic bug ):
Mansoor Tohfafarosh (18 days ago)
Bro he is a fucking clone Matt stonie doesn't eat like that
Danibles 1 (19 days ago)
multiple energy drinks can dangerous
M (19 days ago)

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