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Michael Phelps 12,000+cal Diet Challenge

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Link to Main Channel (This one is dead!) --- http://www.youtube.com/megatoadstonie For those wondering/ don't believe this is possible, I am a Professional Competitive Eater, currently ranked #2 in the world. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Stonie) My belly is the size of your house. This is the Michael Phelps Diet Challenge. The challenge is to eat what Michael Phelps claimed to have eaten on his days of training for the Olympics in one sitting. The Challenge consists of.... BREAKFAST - 5 Egg Omlet - 3-Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwiches - 3 Chocolate Chip Pancakes - 3 French Toast w/ Powdered Sugar - Large (4cups) Oatmeal w/ Blueberries LUNCH - 1+lbs of Pasta w/ Sause - 2 Large Ham & Cheese Sandwiches w/ Extra Mayo DINNER - 1+lbs of Pasta w/ Sause - 16" XL Pepperoni Pizza PLUS - Lots (5) Energy Drinks The whole Diet clocks in at over 12,000 Calories!!! OMG Can the Megatoad finish the entire meal (guessing 16lbs)?!?!?!?!?! Also, the challenge was originally thought up by Furious Pete, so thank you for the idea! Enjoy!!!! -----------Professional Eating + Extras Channel------------- http://www.youtube.com/user/MattStonie37 ------------Facebook--------------- http://www.facebook.com/megatoad -----------Twitter------------- http://twitter.com/MattStonie ------------Megatoad Tee's------------- Send me a Message on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter!
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Text Comments (35706)
MMJ X (7 hours ago)
Это сколькож он позже срёт...?
de9_ pro (7 hours ago)
Please you tell me შენ შიგ ხოარგაქ??
xss 12 (8 hours ago)
Morgan:oh cmon mr phelps LOL
sunnyztmoney (9 hours ago)
Rockstar energy is fuckin gross, shit smells like Robitussin
Mvp dz (13 hours ago)
Matt stonie Similar to Jess no limit
Nicholas C. (14 hours ago)
Nicholas C. (14 hours ago)
1:33 BURP
MeLoveUlongtime (23 hours ago)
Holy shit! 5 rockstars??? 😱😱😱
Righteous HD (23 hours ago)
This is still the most unbelievable thing he has done, that's just so much damn food.
Shane Davies (1 day ago)
Mowgli benf (1 day ago)
2019?? ❤
Brandon Falcon (1 day ago)
This kid is ridiculous
Matheus Liima (1 day ago)
Corbucci Eats
Dalila Nakicevic (1 day ago)
Syntora (1 day ago)
bro...is your heart okay after that shit?
Ноw doesn't he vomit after all this challenges? Shoked. That's amazing.
Shahnaz Akhtar (1 day ago)
Chris graf (1 day ago)
Diet :-)
superdragonheroes (1 day ago)
Тигр Тигр (1 day ago)
You will not live long
DogePlays (1 day ago)
How can a human do that in 15 mins?
Your boy Xpert gamer (2 days ago)
Why you gotta copy Matt
Mkhi to Auba (2 days ago)
If anyone is wondering why the video stopped so abruptly, it’s because he started eating the cameraman.
Diane Contreras (2 days ago)
That's enough to feed my whole family damn....
BenAbby (2 days ago)
You do this kind of stuff for youtube🤭
jd brunette (2 days ago)
to make these food eating vids legit, you should also, at the end, have a one minute video montage showing you sitting one the shitter cramped, howling, tears watering out of our eyes the next day, as ou magically push a huge, dry, mas of undigested crap out of your bowels, covered in blood from all the intestinals ripping which occurs, then these videos would show the sad reality of competitive eating
Leo Bullis (2 days ago)
Is eating so much so fast even fun and pleasurable anymore ? I seriously wonder.
Rathnavel (2 days ago)
This is the food for a week for me! 🤣🤣🤣
Nexhmedin Reka (2 days ago)
You suck
Memes for Life (2 days ago)
I could honestly do this challenge in one day if I was on steroids
XxStingxX mater (2 days ago)
It is Wednesday my dudes?
Carson Slaughter (2 days ago)
with those goggles he looks like the "it's wednesday my dudes" guy
Random lamp (2 days ago)
How are you not 600 pounds
Random lamp (2 days ago)
Not trying to be mean, just jealous is all lmao
IloveFNAF (3 days ago)
2lbs of pasta? OMG
White Walter (3 days ago)
You're definitly a monster!!!! Great job
Tomas Buriani (3 days ago)
Dopo avrà ragliato come un asino
Antonio Carlos Matta (3 days ago)
Deli mi Ne Fan (3 days ago)
Amina koyim
zJoeyUS (3 days ago)
Oh Gosh
Luan Silva (3 days ago)
O cara e um monstro ta pior que o corbut eats
master gamer 013 (3 days ago)
Wait nevera mind he look a little fat
master gamer 013 (3 days ago)
How is he not fat does have powers to keep him no fat
Us Or Merica (4 days ago)
Diet more like guy that sits on a computer all day and shits for an hour
BaronJackOfBurritos (4 days ago)
Drinking that many energy drinks in one go could kill you
[GD] Star (4 days ago)
I love pasta with that sauce
alpal (4 days ago)
Now you should do that challenge again except for breakfast lunch and dinner
Handreas Youtube (4 days ago)
Why are you using energi drinks
Saleh Abdullayev (4 days ago)
Keavano Harris (5 days ago)
how does he it this much
יבן זונה
Yue Long (5 days ago)
how to die 101
monkeyoncrackftw (5 days ago)
I have heard of people having heart attacks after drinking 3 energy drinks some I'm curious as to how fast your heart was racing after drinking 5
KingLz._ (5 days ago)
Gary Jones (6 days ago)
Another .. Pound , of pasta . 😂😂😂😂
Zilla 2014 Ceja (6 days ago)
What are you doing to your self 😮😮
ibrahim bey (6 days ago)
Matthew Hollis (6 days ago)
Rockstars are killing everyone Stonie.
sellout eclipse (6 days ago)
Fake Matt stonie
Buddy Bong (6 days ago)
Rockstars would make me puke
Emilio Garcia (7 days ago)
4:53 cameraman face reveal on mirror
Spooder (7 days ago)
I feel bad for his toilet
Link (7 days ago)
never actually ate a 1 pound pizza, but if its anything like cosco, i would probably be dead at 3 slices
Mahtab Jabin (7 days ago)
Try something new...plz
doğukan yıldız (7 days ago)
Alexandru Uzum (7 days ago)
don t worry bro i will call the ambulance
T0X1C (8 days ago)
Yo the pasta had to be so hard
Matthew Robert (8 days ago)
If you get a girlfriend show this to her then I bet she says “let’s get in bed”
PhantomGod (8 days ago)
Does he ever enjoy food😂😂
Dogebama (8 days ago)
5 freaking rockstars. Start your day off with tons of sugar.
Waqar Shaozab (8 days ago)
It’s Wednesday my dudes
Alex DeRoche (4 hours ago)
I'm glad I'm not the only who saw the similarity lmao
joecookieee (8 days ago)
where does it go? jesus christ, i dont believe this shit, /edit nvm his belly look like it gona pop
Ron Yeahright (8 days ago)
I thought something like this, especially with all those energy drinks, would kill a person.
Bach Hiechman (8 days ago)
Toilet is gonna be crying for help like in spongebob
MARC TASTIC (8 days ago)
This channel just re uploaded this vid, it's not the real Matt stonie
Stefan Ratiu (8 days ago)
You're the man , awesome!
Otto Toto (9 days ago)
So, when exactly did this kid die and what was he eating?
LiL PiMpY (9 days ago)
That was exactly 6 years ago
jonathan cherry (9 days ago)
How do eat so much
Aquaman (9 days ago)
Man. . . this dude really just ate Michael Phelps's daily meal plan in 43 minutes. . . fucking wild
Lefty (9 days ago)
0:46 It is Wensday my dudes.
Squengy Channel TM (9 days ago)
Gira quella cazzo di pasta porcodio, il condimento in metá pasta ma gesù crocifisso
Squengy Channel TM In america la pasta la mangiano profanata così purtroppo
Muntaha Watson (9 days ago)
Bro. r u from a different planet
Joey G (10 days ago)
How is this possible to do lmao. My stomach would explode!!!!
Peter McFarland (10 days ago)
This one might be my favorite.
lintu pelaa hnnu (10 days ago)
If you think that your matt no your wrong and your fake im sorry if im wrong
Omar Marwan (10 days ago)
Your stomach is not supposed to consume that much food but OK.
Vibinwith. Asia (10 days ago)
he went straight to sleep
Ronaldo the Great (10 days ago)
R.I.P his toilet☠☠☠
I think im gonna be sick 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😷😷😷😷
I think im gonna be sick 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😷😷😷😷
Yo Za (11 days ago)
All that flour, yet you never bloated, kudos
Heng Vloger (11 days ago)
can you speak khmer
WAFFLEZZ (11 days ago)
The food he ate in 5 mins i couldn't eat in an hour
Brian von Suskil (11 days ago)
How do u not have heart disease
Daniel Kelly (11 days ago)
Darren Volex (11 days ago)
a pregnant womans dream meal.
Hải Nguyễn Quốc (11 days ago)
30000 or 40000 Calories Please
Rubina Akther (11 days ago)
Christian Rosales (11 days ago)
to the african kiiids THIS IS FOR YOUUUU!! - in LeBron James voice.

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