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Furious World Tour | Biggest, Best and Most Famous Eats in NYC, Vegas and LA | Furious Pete

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Biggest, Best and Most Famous Eating Food Tour of NYC, Vegas & LA! ➢Merch: http://FuriousApparel.com | GOKU GAINS Pre: http://FuriousFormulations.com ➢Click HERE To Subscribe! http://bit.ly/Sub2FuriousPete  ➢Watch More World Tour Episodes Here: http://bit.ly/FuriousWorldTour In this Furious World Tour episode we go across America to NYC, Vegas and LA. We eat the biggest pizza in the world, a 120oz steak, some fantastic burgers, lobster from a food truck and much more! MY CAMERA GEAR & MORE: http://www.amazon.com/shop/furiouspete ➢My Camera Gear: http://bit.ly/WhatIShootWith ➢Subscribe to my second channel: http://bit.ly/MyDailyVlogs Click that 'Like' button if you enjoyed this video More World Tour Videos Here: Hawaii ► https://youtu.be/yEVo7erhIUU Seoul/Korea ►https://youtu.be/ixAePROGiFc Vienna/Austria ►https://youtu.be/fBb-BNX7xY0 Germany ►https://youtu.be/w7UDGVo6Glg My Supplements ► http://furiousformulations.com My Social Media: Facebook! ► http://www.facebook.com/Furiouspete123 Google+ http://gplus.to/furiouspete YouNow - http://www.younow.com/users/furiouspete Tumblr - http://furiouspete.tumblr.com/ Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/furiouspete Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/furiouspete MY PO BOX: Furious Pete 1801 Lakeshore Rd W Unit 6 PO Box 52559 Turtle Creek Mississauga, ON, L5J 4S6 Canada INTERESTED IN BITCOIN? Get $10 For Free To Start! Find out more on my blog at http://www.furiouspete.com/blogs/news/bitcoin Check out my other Channels: Vlogs - http://www.youtube.com/furioustalks Supplement Reviews - http://www.youtube.com/suppsreviews The Furious Dog - http://www.youtube.com/thefuriousdog Furious Eats - http://www.youtube.com/furiouspete Furious GamePlay - http://www.youtube.com/FuriousGamePlay Thanks for subscribing! For Business and Bookings Inquires - events [at] furiouspete.com
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Text Comments (31908)
Jonathebeast 457 (2 hours ago)
Ronaldo soccer player
Ethan Garrett (9 hours ago)
Those little shit took slices from his pizza
Rino 6357 (9 hours ago)
Chaseplayz 101 (11 hours ago)
When his sister is in the bathroom next day Pete:c'mon I gotta go Sis:hold on I'm doing my hair 7000 more strokes Pete:oops its cooming 💩💩💩💩 Sis:oh sh** u gotta go Pete:😱 yes Toiliet:I'm gonna die ____________________ 2 seconds later ____________________ Toiliot:dead💀💀
سهيل فيصل (12 hours ago)
كأنه أول مره شاف بيتزا ناويدجل موسوعات جنس لاارقام القيسيه
Alex Bechian (12 hours ago)
I subscribed
Refinercoc Gamma (18 hours ago)
Im hungry for the pizza
ツSxmeX (19 hours ago)
Irgendwelche Deutsche 🇩🇪?
Ishrat Shahra (19 hours ago)
How does he eat that pizza in the park what about the bathroom
Wuft Chan (1 day ago)
that's a hulk pizza mini size
Kenneth Ramirez (1 day ago)
Good marketing stunt to order something no one can eat alone and then share it by passing it off like you ate it ALL by yourself! You suck cock, oh i forgot “ Get Laid”?! Lame
2pros4life (1 day ago)
Demonic Samurai92 (1 day ago)
I would feel so awkward eating that hotdog like that in front of her
Yahli Shaked (1 day ago)
9:14 zuckerberg approved
Kenneth Corby (1 day ago)
Anyone 2018
pussy destroyer (1 day ago)
I feel bad for the camera man
GodOfFortnite (1 day ago)
No one is trying to take any of the food off you pete slow down😂
Raven Rock (1 day ago)
Jairo Alvarez (2 days ago)
The answer to life Just put it in your mouth
Mad Life (2 days ago)
if you are skinny and wants to gain weight.. watch furious pete videos...
Tony Stank (2 days ago)
6:11 Challenge:Turn up the volume in front of your parents...I Dare You!
Sweetish Gaming (3 days ago)
2:53 the bug went under pizza..........
Ruben Wu (3 days ago)
I watch this video all the time just for starve myself
Clorox Bleach (3 days ago)
Almost 50M views... damn.
David Chan (3 days ago)
Why do u remind me of man v food
Renz Miguel Japay (4 days ago)
wth is this guy
It's Erblin (3 days ago)
Renz Miguel Japay man
Sunee Vijitsrikamol (4 days ago)
Imagine what would happen if the waiter dropped the steak
Danny Cabral (4 days ago)
Man your the master eater bro!!!!
Yusuf Demir (4 days ago)
Ive watched this video like 30 times
Hoxy Soul (4 days ago)
Franklin and Micheal...
My friend says lobster wrong so if wanted lobster roll he would say can I have 1 woser roll
Hammad Al-subaie (4 days ago)
2012 !!!!
Darkness Extreme (4 days ago)
I want to be like you Do a food Show See Whats bettee but...the pizza...tho.....Delicious
Zachary Vernon (4 days ago)
i cuold of saved some of the pizza and eat the other half the next day and i would order it to my house but i live in god damn america hawaii.
Sandra Vera (5 days ago)
If i was at las vagas can i have that bacon
Dbzlover!! 12345 (5 days ago)
My family's steak is really good it looks like the steak the he got it's so tender so I really know how he feels
Achraf gamer IV (5 days ago)
I Wante pizza🍰😲😲
Robert_6- _ (5 days ago)
U remind me of chris pratt alittle
Shadi MK (5 days ago)
Oh..... My god😥😥🤘😆😧😧😨😨😱😱😱😖😫😫🙌
star sanchez (5 days ago)
Met funneh
Dat GAS (6 days ago)
7:53 *That looks like a miniature train model.*
FRAMETM (6 days ago)
thats my dream🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡
Seamanater6 (6 days ago)
The waiter in Las Vegas certainly got her tip and a half
Rick Cruz (6 days ago)
The gigantic porterhouse you didn't eat the fat & gristle there's at least 1 1/2 to 2lbs left on the bone/plate !
Rick Cruz (6 days ago)
It's too bad you won't be able to digest any of that awesome world famous food!
21312 2131231 (6 days ago)
16.26 for one lobster roll the fuck out my face
Triggered Potato (6 days ago)
8:58 eats half of it in 1 one bit yum so tasty 5 second later eats it with one more bite like savor the food
xPhantomBear V (7 days ago)
Imagine the massive shits this guy takes
Jaka Timi Figek (7 days ago)
Redi se kot pravo prase
Noel_1704 (7 days ago)
Who is this german Guy
Elisha Williams (7 days ago)
Elisha Williams (7 days ago)
😑😑😦 yum
Brad Reyes (7 days ago)
Oh my goshhhhh you garette 😉😉😉
Brett Stanton (7 days ago)
16$ for that shitty little lobster roll ! Fk that guy.
Zundranei (7 days ago)
You’re really slow at chugging water
AnimeMasterRyan 123 (8 days ago)
When pete used to be guy fieri
Bhanu Tez (8 days ago)
the reason I like America is because of their experimentative nature ...
Anisha H (8 days ago)
19:21 triple x XXXTENTACION Rip x Love you
Rokib hasan (8 days ago)
how situation have..after done this?
NOOBISH SODA (8 days ago)
16.96 JUST FOR A ROLL I shock
Billy Farmer (8 days ago)
6:56 listen with your eyes closed
Almighty Zom (8 days ago)
You gonna be shitting bricks when you get home 😂😂
Jester_ GT (8 days ago)
Tha was awesome your like an eating machine
Marco Witteman (8 days ago)
60-70 people? Thats 10-15 normal eaters... Or 5 big eaters...
Corey Chandler (9 days ago)
That a big pizza its looks so good
CrazyMessyGamer S (9 days ago)
Watching him eat makes me hungry 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Ityz PvP (9 days ago)
Cyka Blyat (9 days ago)
I remember when I watched this in Ramadan.
Carlos Oculam (9 days ago)
AllOut Everything (9 days ago)
This is the best gaming video ever!!!!
patricia leal (9 days ago)
Robert Ambrose (10 days ago)
You remember how old this is when you see the phone
Carlos Craigito (10 days ago)
I eat my steak well done. I just don’t trust meat that is completely red
Carlos Craigito (8 days ago)
Simple Cloudz U know what’s really raw?
Simple Cloudz (8 days ago)
Carlos Craigito then that's raw my friend
Khizar Hayat (10 days ago)
My cousin ate a bigger donout than u
Khizar Hayat (10 days ago)
You just eat like me
Gigi Kidary (10 days ago)
Watching this video is making me crave all this food. I think I’m going to get some
shawn burnham (10 days ago)
I feel bad for his toilet 1 like = 1 prayer 🙏 for his toilet
Julian Barajas (11 days ago)
2018 who's watch it
K Me (11 days ago)
how much cals when you eat somthing food pete
Zeba Khatun (11 days ago)
I love watching this and making myself hungry... WHY DO I TORTURE MYSELF?!? 😩
Matthew foot (11 days ago)
Pete you’re a monster
YX_Diablo (11 days ago)
Rip lil kids that wants to be on dem monkey bars
Huỳnh Nhân Ái (11 days ago)
Làm như ai dành ăn hết của cha nó
Badboy 316 (11 days ago)
dude you make me hungry
Adnan Qadir (11 days ago)
how much poo you have in toilet
Jhon Gamer (11 days ago)
RaZe Cooper cx (11 days ago)
He could choke and die I'm scared for him
Miles Berry (11 days ago)
The guy who made the lobster role is edbassmaster
Syndicatewolf XD (12 days ago)
Btw I want your fucking life to just get paid for eating big food
Syndicatewolf XD (12 days ago)
How many calories was that Goliath of a pizza you should be on the treadmill for 12days non-stop to burn that off
Doing EveryThing (12 days ago)
You should contact man vs food
Senór Irish (12 days ago)
16 dollars for a shit tiny lobster roll go fuck yoursef
cln 97 (12 days ago)
U could feed the entire Africa with that pizza
TheDeniableToast (12 days ago)
Those shake shack fries look amazing
EZ3 (12 days ago)
What was the cost on that thing? Lol
Owen Warmerdam (13 days ago)
I remember I used to watch this video so much 😁
CozzaMachine (13 days ago)
This is like the 10th time watching this video, just love food, thats all (relate)
Anderson Pyaban (13 days ago)
holy shit bro

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